How Much Does a Charter Bus Rental Cost?


There are a lot of amazing tourist attractions and locations across the entire United States and in every single state of the country. As a vacationer, you might have the desire to see them all. In order for you to have a smooth ride and more convenient way to tour these location, you might want to consider a mini charter bus. A luxury charter bus is perfect for clubs, groups, students and you don’t need it for tour alone, and groups can also charter a bus for camping, church activities, and so on.

So what is the cost of a charter bus rental?


A charter bus can be classified as a bus that is hired by a group of persons or organizations or clubs to transport them from one location to another location for a purpose. These buses are being managed by private companies, rather than public transport agencies and they are usually equipped with basic amenities that will offer you comfort. These amenities may include air conditioning, reclining seating, entertainment systems and so on.


When a bus is chartered, the people that chatter is may need to be a flat rate or they may be charged based on the miles they cover. The Chartered Bus usually comes with a driver that has been trained to drive and operate a bus safely and also has the license to carry passengers from one state to another.

A chartered bus does not follow a set route, just as the normal public transportation bus, the charter bus travels as directed by the organization or person that hired it. By standard, the passengers are expected to meet the bus at a public location or better still depending on the agreement reached with the company, passengers may be picked up from their various homes.


One of the reasons why a lot of people charter buses is simply because of the cost of buying a bus. Most buses are quite expensive and not affordable to a lot of people and when you need one, you might really consider chattering one instead of buying. It also seems to be time saving and more convenient for the passengers. For instance, students travelling outside of the country or state for tours will save themselves a lot of time chattering a bus than driving themselves.

Musician Charter buses also come in handy when there is the need to transport people that may not ordinarily be able to travel. These set of people can be seniors or special people with specific needs. They may need the bus for some purposes as trips fro residents in an area, getting to the polls, grocery store and a whole lot of other destinations. Charter buses can also be used for emergencies, transporting of sports teams and music bands.


  1. DELUXE MOTOR COACH: The motor coach is also most of the time referred to as a tour bus, deluxe motor coach or a charter bus. There is a wide range of motor coaches that are available for charter across the United States and popular manufactures includes Prevost, MCI, Setra and Van Hool. The range of seating of a Motor coach is between 36 to 61. The cost of renting a Deluxe Bus is within the range of $500 and $1000 per day
  2. MINIBUS: those most of the companies that list minibuses use them for shuttling, local travels and airport transfers, some are although use for over the road trips. They are most of the time cost effective than the deluxe motor, especially for smaller groups. The average seating in the minibus is 10 to 41 passengers and the cost of Minibus rental is within the range of $300 to about $800 per day
  3. SCHOOL BUS: School buses are more ideal for local and short movements with a low budget. Most of the school buses companies are contractors or school district providers. Depending on the size of the bus, an average school bus will take about 10 to 60 passengers. The cost of renting a school bus will range between $200 to about $600
  4. ENTERTAINER OR TOUR BUS: Entertainer coaches are typically rented by musical bands, celebrities or music companies to organize tours for artistes and groups. The buses usually have sleeping bunks for night travels and they are mostly rented out for about 30 days or even more. If you are renting an entertainment bus, you should note that the driver and fuel cost will also be listed in the quote.

Most entertainment buses will take between 10 to 30 passengers depending on the size. The cost of renting a tour bus is always within the range of $1000 and $2000


If you have the resources to spend on buying a charter bus, then you should be ready to expend in hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of buying a charter bus will depend on the size and the type of engine. Diesel engines are usually more expensive and they may cost between $300,000 and $600,000.

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