Starting a Cell Phone Repair Shop – Sample Business Plan Template

Interested in small cell phone repair business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a mobile phone repair company with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Mobile Cell Phone Repair Company – Ideas – Opportunities

Whatever the case, a cell phone repair business comes to the aid of phone users whose phones have developed faults and need repairs. It is already assumed that the business owner must have been adequately trained in this field of business (phone repairs).

On a daily basis, there are tons of new phones rolling out of production lines across the world, waiting to be distributed worldwide. With this comes the need for maintenance and repair.


Repairs need to be carried out on phones due to either prolonged usage which results in some parts of the phone becoming old and needing replacement or servicing, or faults from the source of manufacture, resulting in the phone either being shipped back to the manufacturer (covered by the warranty agreement) or being fixed by a local phone technician.

Which Type of Business; Franchise or Starting From Scratch?

This is essential in any worth cell phone repair business. The entrepreneur has to make a decision whether to buy into an available cell phone repair franchise or to start from scratch. Making your mind on what option to choose brings clarity to the purpose.

Start With a Business Plan

This is very crucial to any meaningful business venture. No matter the size of the business, a business plan is a highly required document for business survival and growth. This document will help in measuring business growth and progress achieved.

It can be used to reveal if a business concern has reached its target or not. Because of the importance of this document, when applying for loans, it is a major requirement. It is required because the lender wants to see if the business you intend venturing into stands a chance of survival and profitability.

The business plan reveals all of this, as it shows if an investor knows what he/she is doing. It consists of a marketing plan, a business plan, and the financial projections section which is most crucial to revealing if a business has a future or not.

Get an Operating License

This is a requirement for operation associated with all cell phone repair businesses. Before owning a cell phone repair business, it is recommended that the technician(s) is/are certified by the relevant regulatory body vested by law to regulate the activities of cell phone repair business.

This is mostly in place to protect the interest of the clients and also the interests of the business. Once this requirement is met, then the other procedures are carried out, eventually leading to the launch of the cell phone repair business.

Get All Necessary Equipment Ready

By wanting to startup a cell phone repair business, this is a necessary step in the commencement of business operations. Without the tools required for repairs, it is impossible to start anything tangible.

Among the tools needed are the digitizer separator, an anti-static brush, suction cup, heat gun, universal smart phone tool kit among other equipment which can be found on Hence, adequate preparations must have been made in purchasing the tools and equipment needed, including the office furniture and renting the shop from where the business would be located.

Following Your Business Plan

This is absolutely necessary if you are to realize meaningful growth in your cell phone repair business. Every aspect of the business as laid down in the business plan must be followed or implemented carefully.

This is especially true of the marketing, operational and management sections as they are the first areas that will need to be gotten right. All the contents of your business plan should be totally binding on your business and followed with all vigour and diligence.

Get the Services of an Accountant

This is very necessary as the accountant helps in tracking the cash flow in and out of the business and balancing same to ensure that the business is not losing out through unnecessary expenditures helping to block harmful leakages.

Through the services rendered by the accountant, the entrepreneur is able to have a wholesome look of the business operations to know if things are going right or wrong and to effect necessary changes in grey areas requiring urgent attention.

Location is Key

This is a key requirement for businesses, especially a cell phone repair business. The location of this type of business can be the difference between profits and losses. For a cell phone repair business, it should be located in areas with a lot of foot traffic such as in shopping malls or within the central business districts so as to benefit from the opportunities inherent in the population.

What is your Niche?

This is necessary to guard against the tendency for disorganization. Knowing your niche or your particular area of specialization in the cell phone repair business industry helps in giving a clearer vision and goal to the business.

There are various products or brands (such as Apple phone products, Samsung, Xiaomi amongst many others) with an attendant variety in phone repair businesses than specialize in particular brands. However, there are those who repair all phone brand types, but whatever the case, you have to know what works for you and stick by it.

Your First Clients

These are most likely to be one’s own associates, friends, family and close relatives. These set of people will help in advertising or building your client base through word of mouth marketing, until the business begins to have other loyal clientele that will only stick around if the cell phone repair services rendered to them are satisfactory.

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