Cartoonize Yourself: Best Online Services To Cartoonify Yourself Free


Do you know how to turn your image into a cartoon version? The internet, apart from the vast business and social media resources it provides, also serves as a source for relaxation and entertainment. One of the ways by which people employ the internet for fun purposes includes the use of software to cartoonify themselves i.e. turn their picture portraits into amusing versions of them.

It is a trend that is catching up around the world, feeding a demand that has berthed web application and software cartooning firms. Cartooned pictures are enjoying tremendous levels of popularity.

In utilizing the power of information technology technology, there are a number of services that offer the ability to self cartoonize. Desktop software also exist that produce the cartoonized images with a click of the button but they go for a fee.

However more web online services now offer cartooning services for free. All that is needed is the opening of an account with on the firm’s portal. The following websites are setting the pace in creating colourful and creative cartoon anime and images, in an easy-to-use format, so that you are basically in charge of the process, from start to finish.

They are as follows:


The BeFunky web service uses a photo Editor that permits the application of photo effects, the editing of images/photos and the creation of photo collages using collage maker. A major appeal of this service can be traced to powerful versatility. BeFunky serves not only as a cartoon picture maker tool, but also has a full complement of the Photoshop suite, built into the cartoonify yourself software application.

Also, it helps you to make collages of your photos with a single click. One can also produce collages of pictures with the single click. The ability to produce amazing cartoonized photographs, with captivating designs employing easy-to-use photo editing and design tools.

How to make yourself cartoon on BeFunky:

1. Upload photographs.
2. Open Navigation Menu, go to Artsy, positioned on the 5th section in the menu.
3. Click on Cartoonizer (secondary option).
4. Pick any one of the five cartoonizing effects on display. Give some time for the process to reach completion. is an online web service that cartoonifies photos, while giving you the ability to input thematic expressions of choice to the photos. A special feature of this tool is filtering enabler. Photos can be cartoonized similar to the ones available in comics, giving one the comical feel of cartoon characters.

How to create a cartoon character of yourself using

1. Upload photographs.
2. Choose the desired cartoonizing effect.


Cartoonify serves as a vector editor that actually permits one to choose from an array of choices to cartoonify photographs. It is more or less a self service cartooning portal. The web service has in its inventory, more than 300 vectors of different shades and hues of faces, eyes, nose, hair, iris, eyebrows, glasses, apparel etc, which are combined in various forms allowing you to create a perfect cartoonified image.

Cartoonify engenders the user to stretch the limits of his/her creativity, in order to make yourself a cartoon. A major attraction of Cartoonify can be seen through its simplicity. From start to finish, the user can make a cartoon whilst adjusting body parts and clothing.

How to Make a cartoon of yourself with Cartoonify:

1. Choose your gender.
2. Keep tweaking the mix of body parts and associated clothing until the desired cartoon image is achieved.


Cartoonize is a web based service that cartoonizes photos within a short time. It makes available over a 100 engaging cartoonizing effects to transform photographs to cartoons. Cartoonize also offers custom desktop softwares, which permits the cartoonizing of innumerable photos without any watermarks and with a click of the button.

How to change yourself into a cartoon using

1. Upload your photograph.
2. Pick any cartoonizing effect.

Kuso Cartoon

This is a free online service, providing users with the ability to choose from 6 styles of effects to create the desired cartoon image. A major drawback with Kuso Cartoon is that users can only upload only files such as JPEG or PNG. Also the picture size should be less than 500kb.

How to draw a cartoon of yourself with Kuso Cartoon:

1. Choose the desired style for the cartoon.
2. Upload the photograph .
3. Give some time for cartoon conversion.
4. View and give the cartoon optimization.
5. Download the cartoon image.

Portrait Illustration Maker

This is another vector service, permitting users to cartoonify their photographs. It provides all the tools required to get started. Users can choose from an array of a variety of faces and features.

How to cartoonize with Portrait Illustration Maker:

1. Pick a mask.
2. Select from the available choices of body parts.

3. Extra elements can then be added to the cartoon.

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