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Have you heard about Care Transitions Franchise but don’t really know what it entails? Do you have an idea of what Care Transitions Franchise is but you don’t know what to do to get started?

This post will show you everything you need to know about Care Transitions Franchise. You will learn what Caring Transition Franchise is all about, its benefits, the required startup costs, and how to start a Care Transition Franchise.


Care Transition Inc. is a company that provide older adults and their families with the help and support they need to transition to a new living location. In recent years, there has been increase in the need for older adults to relocate from one area to another. The processes involved in relocation are often very stressful for them especially when their children who are consumed with their own day to day busy schedule are not available to help them.

However, Care Transitions Company saw an opportunity in this problem and rise to the challenge by assisting older adults (and others who need it) with the tedious relocation processes while making money in return.

The Care Transitions Company was founded by John Salomone and Leigh Schaeffer. The company was founded not just with the motive of making money but out of genuine interest in caring for others. It was born out of the compassion of reliving people especially the older adults of the stress of relocation and resettling. The company offer the following services:

The company has been highly successful since its inception and the demand for its services has been on rapid increase. Because of this, Care Transitions Company decide to spread its wings and reach more people with their services by introducing franchising in 2006. The franchise is available throughout United States and Canada and has over 160 locations.


The benefits of Care Transitions Franchise include the following:

  • Care Transitions Franchise is a reputable brand which has over 20 years of experience in franchising. And they are willingly to put their wealth of experience to use in helping their franchisees succeed. So, starting a Care Transitions Franchise helps to fast-track the success of your business.
  • As a Care Transitions Franchisee, you can work from home. The implication of this is that you save some money that you would have incurred in getting office space, and office equipment. It also makes your work flexible and easier.
  • Care Transitions Franchise provide their franchisees with all the support they need to run and grow their businesses.
  • Care Transitions Franchise gives their franchisees comprehensive trainings that will help them understands the operations of the business such as sales techniques, service procedures, and marketing methods.
  • Care Transitions Franchise provides a variety of online and offline marketing materials suitable for their franchisees need.
  • Care Transitions Franchise lead referral system helps franchisees to reach new customers


Care Transitions Franchise offers their franchisees a comprehensive training program which entails the following processes:

Jump Start One

This is the first phase of the training where the franchisees are provided with the necessary information they need to understand the business,

Jump Start Two

This is the second phase of the training in which the franchisees are prepared for onsite training.

Onsite Training

The next phase of the training is an onsite training at the company’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Field Training

The last phase of the training is a field training that the intending franchisee will have with an existing franchisee.


Though money always constitute one of the major requirements to start any business, however Care Transitions Franchise has a major requirement that transcend money. And the requirement is that an intending franchisee must be hardworking, highly motivated and most importantly, caring, compassionate and genuinely interested in the service of others. These are the necessary qualities that will give you the drive needed in running the business successfully.


How much is a care transitions franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a care transitions?
  • Is care transitions a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average care transitions franchise price and fee?

The total investment required to start a care transition franchise ranges from $58,112 to $85,812 with an initial franchise fee that ranges from $36,900 to $42,900.

Franchisee is also required to pay:

5% of their gross revenue monthly as royalty fee.

2% of their gross revenue as national branding fee.

3% of their gross revenue for local advertising.


If you want to start a care transition franchise, the first thing to do is to make an honest assessment of yourself to see if you meet all the requirements stated above. The next step to take is log on to their website to fill a free franchise advice form and also download their digital brochure that will give you all the necessary information you need to get started.

If you still need more clarification, you can call them on 1-800-647-0766 for free consultation. If you are satisfied with the information you got, you can then take a step further by paying the initial investment fee and going through Care Transitions franchise trainings.

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