How Much Does a Car Detailing Service Cost?


Do you know how much it cost for detailing a car? Mobile Car detailing is getting quite more popular than before. Just as the name implies, it is a detailed work being performed on your car, most times, while you are away. It involves the thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior aspects of your car.

The aim of detailing a car is to restore the car’s body paintwork through the elimination of scratches in order to make the car look so new as when it was just purchased.

It is quite important to note that there is a difference between a car was and a car detailing. A car wash will only get the dirt off your car on the outside, and if you decide to clean the interior, it is not certain that you will get the entire dirt out, even with a vacuum. But a car detailing will take the cleaning further than that.


An average car detailing will include one of the following processes:

  1. Clay treatment which is carried out to remove all imperfections
  2. Manual car wash and car waxing
  3. Inside and outside cleaning of the window
  4. Application of UV protectant
  5. Deodorization and shampooing of the rugs, which will include the hatch and trunk, cloth seat and floor mats
  6. Leather conditioning and cleaning to prevent UV damage and drying
  7. The chrome trim will be polished and cleaned
  8. The door jambs and thresholds will be cleaned
  9. The vehicle interior will be vacuumed as well as the trunk area
  10. Application of choice fragrance


How much does it cost to detail a car exterior and interior? Research made by The Auto Detail Centre reports that most detailers will charge between $200 to about $250 for cost of car detailing. That is if you take your car to be detailed at an independent car wash. But if you decide to get your car detailed at a car lot with high volume of cars, you can get a car detailing price within the range of $70 to about $150.

To get a perfect job done on your car, a good auto detailer should take nothing less than 3 hours to work on your car, irrespective of where you take it to for detailing.


The price you pay for car detailing will depend on the level of education and training of the detailer. Detailers that have standard training will charge you higher car detailing prices. The price also depends on your location within the United States. If you reside in a resort town or on the West Coast, you should expect to pay more.

Car detailing prices at these locations might be as high as $800 for the jobs to be done perfectly. If you are on the East Coast, you are very much likely to get a more reason car detailing price, which might be within the range of $300 and $400. In the Midwest, you will be charged a pricing that stands between the two locations.


TYPE OF SERVICE                         PRICE RANGE

Custom manual wash                                                $30 to $60

Mini Detail                                                                     $40 to $50

Deluxe wash and tires                                               $45 to $65

Express Wax                                                                 $55 to $75

Engine Steam                                                               $250 to $300

Scotchguard                                                                  $160 to $190

Complete Exterior and Interior                             $250 to $300

Polymer wax                                                                  $100 to $150

Leather clean                                                                $95 to $130

Ozonation                                                                       $55 to $80

Please note that the price stated above will be determined by the type and size of your vehicle. For instance, trucks, SUV and minivans will be charged a higher pricing.


You might be incurring additional costs of car detailing if you desire additional services on your car. Detailed additional services will include the usage of quality products on your car, extraordinary attention and care for vintage cars, motorcycles and boats. Other services may include removal of dent, cleaning of the engine, wheel detailing and so on.


  1. GET DISCOUNTS MATERIALS: If you have decided to get your car detailed at home, you will save yourself a lot of money by looking for products that have been discounted right from the shelf. Car wax, cleaners, polishers and a whole lot of other materials can be purchased at a well discounted rate.

You can also contact local dealers to know about where they source for their car detailing materials to help you get good car detailing prices and discounts. The newspaper and the internet are also good media to source for discounts on car detailing materials.

  1. WISE USE OF AVAILABLE MATERIALS: Most of the materials you buy to get your car detailed can be used sparingly over and over if you truly understand what needs to be done on the vehicle.

It is well advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the materials to be used before making any attempt to use it on your vehicle. Most of these solutions will require that they are diluted in water. Watch out for the appropriate dilution rate. Diluting the solutions will also ensure that you are able to use them over time and save some money.

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