Starting a Cake Business

Interested in setting up a cake business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a cake business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Cake Business

Do you love cake baking and would love to start a cake baking business? Do you know that this type of bakery business does not require much startup capital, resources and tools? To succeed in the cake baking business, it involves lots of creativity, time and hard work.

A good business skill is also needed to manage a cake business as you will be dealing with people and need to be customer friendly while also making profit. It is your experience with past customers that will want to make them refer you to their friends and family members.

Here are some steps you need in starting a cake business and grow it into something big in the future:

You Need a Cake Business Plan

Don’t think because you may be starting small and the cake business does not involve too much resources so you won’t be needing a business plan. There is no business that became successful without a business plan whether big or small.

You will need to draw out a bakery business plan for your cake business. This is the first thing you need to do when starting a cake business. Your business plan doesn’t need to be those dictionary size of plan, a 2-3 page of how you wish to operate the business would do.

It must contain everything from the startup cost, operational expenses. to how you intend marketing the business etc.

Create A Website/Fliers

To attract more customers to your cake business, you need to create a colorful website containing cake design pictures with prices for your cake business. Ensure you create a menu on your website that includes all categories of cakes and your pricing, include email address and phone number, live instruction for placing orders at the bottom.

You also will need a business card and fliers for your cake business. It also need to be colorful as your website. Include your website URL to your business card and fliers as well.

Use them to promote your cake business to potential customers and let them know your services and the benefits of them patronizing your services. Partner with event planners as they can also be a source of customers for your cake business. Be ready to give them some cash for any referrer though.

Secure Permits and Regulations

Any business that involves the stomach is regarded as a health business. So, the business need to secure permits from the ministry of health or any regulatory body assigned for this kind of business in your city or state.

Use a memorable and creative name that will attract the attention of your target market for registration, apply for any necessary licenses and make sure you look into all other legalities such as insurance, a business bank account, safety and health requirement.

Have a Good Location

For a business to be successful, you need a good strategic location, an area that attract pedestrian and should be easily located by your client. Rent a store that is spacious because you need a lot of space to bake and also decorate baby shower cake, cupcakes for friends and family, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Think about the number of orders you can execute successfully in your work space; your client should be able to move around freely too.

Search for Suppliers

Another thing you need to secure before starting a cake business is suppliers for your cake ingredients. Search for supplies, ingredients, equipment to get your cake business started. Buy ingredient in large quantity if you have a large amount of supply or order.

It is not good to give excuses to your customers that you are short of ingredients for cake baking. It kills the business without you knowing.

You May Need Additional Help

As your cake business grows, you may need to hire additional hand to help in either baking of the cake or decoration of the cake. The helper will also help with other things like delivery of the cake to customers if needed.

Stock Up with Equipment and Be Organized

You need to ensure your kitchen is well stocked up with equipment and with all the baking and decorating tools. This will make your work easier, faster and finer with little or no stress, there should be ventilation and enough space for the equipment, ensure you keep a good diary system, set up a book keeping system on paper or software, and also a general admin/filling system for invoices and client record.

Have Good Resources

Starting a cake business is not really cheap but u can start small, you to have a resources to start the business and stay in business, building a successful business is a lot like building a beautiful cake, you need to consider how much you will be able to make as profit in a week so that u can cover up expenses otherwise you will run ragged in no time with little or nothing to show for it.

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