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Do you want to sell online? Well, you are not alone. Many people ask questions about selling online stemming from various challenges they face in internet marketing. Most bloggers after looking beyond making money from PPC sites, package their personal information products and try to sell them online.

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And then the story change. No traffic, no sale, poor conversion.

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How to start selling your own product

Many people ask me questions on how to sell online through email and I’m going to be publishing some answers here.

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Have you been looking for a hot information product to sell online? Do you have a product you want to sell online but you don’t know what step to take? Some of these questions will expose you to some of the right skills and mindset to develop the art of successful selling.

Do I need to set up a squeeze page to collect emails and a sales page to offer the product for sale online separately?

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For optimal conversion, the sales page and sqeezepage should be on separate pages. The squeeze page helps you to collate leads which you can then send follow-up emails. The sales page however carry information about the products, benefits and why people should buy them. Leads of interested people captured through the squeeze page is redirected to the sales page through follow-up and sales emails repeatedly.

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Which of these two pages do I need to drive traffic to? If I choose to direct my traffic to my squeeze page, what can I offer to make visitors give their email easily?

It is recommended that drive traffic to both pages. Traffic to the squeeze page will later be useful for the sales page as the two have been connected.

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Depending on the nature of the main product, to get emails easily offer the following incentives on your squeeze page:

—–» E-book – First few pages or first chapter download free
—–» Video/audio – Short version free download
—–» Software – Trial version download
—–» Membership Site – 1 week free trial

The most important thing is to offer your visitors something that is valuable and closely related to the main product you are trying to sell.

How do you offer bonuses as incentives to improve the sales of your products? What platform do you use for selling such product? How do you link your Nigerian account to receive payment?

This is what I do. I create a squeeze page using simple html and then include a subscription box from Madmini which I use to collect leads (follow-up emails). These can be used to continue sharing freebies or send sales email. WordPress is the best platform for selling products and installing squeeze pages.

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To receive payment here in Nigeria, I use Voguepay. Their service is fast and reliable. They process any type of credit card be it MasterCard, VisaCard or Verve and then credit your Nigerian bank account. Alternatively, you can receive payment directly into your Nigerian savings or current account.

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Selling product online business opportunity
I hope I have been able to answer common questions that may come up in your course of trying to get product ideas to sell online. Subscribe to my blog for more updates on this series. Sharing is caring.

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