Ways Promotional Products Work For Business

Effective Promotional Products that Boost Small Business Sales

Do promotional products work? When it comes to promoting a business, many of us look to the traditional avenues of advertising and other marketing techniques. But there is a distinctive advantage in thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing, as it is a sign of your business’s innovation and creativity, and will really help to capture the attention and imagination of your customers.


Why promotional products are important
Many people work from home selling promotional products like pens and bags on behalf of companies. Promotional products such as HIT and NorWood products are a great way to market your business and engage your customers, providing a personalized discount item that is not only valuable to the customer, but promotes and enhances the image of your business. Marketing using premium promotional products has several advantages for your business.

Here we look at 5 ways promotional products really work for your business, promoting a positive business image and leading to enhanced growth.


Top 5 Benefits of Promotional Products

Here are the best reasons customizeable promotional products work well:

Appealing to Customers
Learning how to use promotional products effectively is important. One of the greatest benefits of promotional products is how desirable, attractive and useful they are to customers. This makes promotional products marketing ideas naturally appealing and more likely to be successful as marketing tools, as they are items the customer is draw to organically. A great example of promotional product supplier is promotional hats, whose customers value because of the style or usefulness (protection from the sun), while at the same time your business name, image or logo gets excellent exposure by being displayed on the hat. This is a great example of how promotional products are appealing to both customers, and businesses.

Relatively Low Cost
When it comes to advertising campaigns and marketing, wholesale promotional products are one of the most economical and cost effective options when it comes to cost per impression (CPI). Many customers use and display social work promotional products, which research suggesting that 80% of people own at least 1 cheap promotional product, and others up to 10. Promotional products cost just $0.004 per impression, making them a much more beneficial marketing approach as they provide a more favorable return on investment from advertising than nearly any other popular advertising media.

Engaging High Recall
The best promotional marketing products are not only good to see and good to use, they also facilitate engagement with a brand and recall when that brand is mentioned again. 84% of customers who receive promotional products remember or recall the brand that provided the effective promotional items. This provides a distinct advantage, because when customers are presented with a brand they know, versus one they don’t, they are more likely to select the brand they have a familiarity with.

Promoting Positive Images
A business that provides unique promotional products to their customers is more likely to be associated with positive images and attitudes from their customers. Research has shown that 59% of people have a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a customized product. Many receivers of business promotional products use or wear them regularly, helping to further promote your business over many months and years. This can really help to encourage business growth, increased sales and a better business image, all through the use of custom promotional products that really work well.

Changing Behaviour
Buying and sharing corporate promotional products have been shown to not only change customer perception of the business and brand, but to change behaviour as well. 85% of people did business with an advertiser as the result of receiving a cool item, showing a clear link between the benefits of receiving an advertising promotional product, and that turning into actual, quantifiable sales. Branded promotional products not only improve trust and business opportunities with those who receive them, but those who see them being worn or used as well.

Positive associations, better brand images and trust in the business, along with proper promotional techniques, have inevitably been shown to lead to better sales and profits. One study showed an incredible 51.3% increase of quarterly sales due to the distribution of company promotional products earlier in that year. This shows that the use of imprinted promotional products does directly translate to better results for businesses and even social works.

So which promotional products work best? The use of pen promotional products for business is a fun, different and impressive way to reach your customers and promote your business image like never before. With excellent returns on investment and proven success, ordered promotional products are one of the advertising tools of choice for businesses who want to grow, develop and flourish.

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