Good Small Business Ideas With Low Investment Startup Cost

Best New Small Business Ideas With Low Investment Capital Start Up Cost

What are the most profitable businesses with  low  investment?

Fashion Designing
Starting a fashion design outfit and training school is one of the best small business ideas with little capital which anyone who is skilled in this business can start even with low investment. It is especially suitable for moms and house wives. All that is required is a training which can span for 4-5months to understand the basics of stitching, sewing and embroidery. Fashion is dynamic so you must be currently updated with the latest trend in the world of fashion. This is one of the best business ideas with little capital start up costs.

To succeed in fashion business, you should choose a good location for your investment and create a very smooth relationship with your clients while trying to expand your customers base.

Opening A Daycare

Starting a Day care centre in Africa, America and Canada is one practical good small business ideas that require little capital. This is because the rising number of mothers and housewives who are being forced to take up day and night jobs which is on the rise has driven up demand for day care centres. Day care business is a one of the most lucrative small scale business ideas low overhead startup cost and risk even for that small budget.

Business experts are of the opinion that businesses of this nature has the potential to blossom over the next 5 years. This is one good lucrative small home business for moms and housewives.

When starting a day care centre, you need to stipulate timing of operating the business. Your business outfit should have kids infrastructure in place separating the playing area. Choose your partners careful and insist on working with business partners who are passionate about kids. I know you are wondering, can I make good money from such a small home business idea earning good money. Well you can.

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Hobbies are activities that we derive pleasure from doing. If you have a past time that can actually be converted into money, you can make money from it.

Sadly, it is not all hobbies that make money. For a hobby to make money, it must appeal to a broader group of people not just you. The skills must be monetizable and transferable.

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Examples of hobbies that can make money for people include, photography, beads and wire works, painting and artworks, piano playing, gardening etc. Many people have converted these activities into new small scale business ideas with low investment in small towns in India.

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To successful convert your hobbies into money, you should endeavor to choose a business locationwhere people know you and one that won’t give your problems when commuting. Spend more on local marketing and advertisement.

Your choice of investment from this list of small business ideas should be influenced by your amount of technical know-how, capital and sustainability of such business.

Personally, do you have other lucrative small businesses that you are currently investing in or being managed by your family? Is it a profitable idea? Do well to share your comment below.

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