Energy Saving Tips To Reduce Business Energy Costs

Smart Ways to Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

As a business owner, you must learn how to reduce energy cost and maximize profits. And one of the business costs you must learn to reduce is your business energy cost. This is because business energy cost can be very expensive.

Do you know how to reduce energy consumption in business? By business energy cost, I mean the money you spend on energy sources like electricity usage, water, and fuel for transportation that is used in running your business. Learning how to reduce the cost of all these in your business will help your business financially.


Simple and  Easy Ways to Reduce Business Energy Bills

Take the Audit of the Energy your Business is Using

In order to efficiently reduce the energy cost of your business, the first thing to do is to take an audit of the energy your business is using.  It is by doing this that you can know the areas where you are using too much energy and how you can reduce the usage and the cost. You can do this by yourself or by employing the service of an energy audit company.

Use Energy Efficient Bulb

Make sure the electric bulbs that you are using in your business premises are energy efficient and not the ones that consume too much power. Energy efficient light bulbs reduce electricity usage in business and they include, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) and (LED). Doing this will go a long way in reducing your business energy cost.

Unplug Appliances and Equipment When not in Use

You don’t have to keep your appliances and office equipment on all the time. This is because electrical appliances consume power energy whether you are using them or not and in the long run, this will increase your electricity tariff.

So, it is wise to unplug electrical appliances and equipment such as a printer, scanner, air conditioners, computers, fans etc. when you are not making use of them since they cannot draw power when they are not plugged in.

Make Use of the Daylight during the Day

There is no point keeping all the light bulbs in your business premises on during the day when there is natural light to see clearly. Make sure you make it a habit to put off the light bulbs during the day and enjoy the natural daylight.

Also, make sure to put off all the light bulbs when you are leaving the office in the evening. Leaving them on serves no purpose, it is just consuming energy unnecessarily. But it is good to leave some lights like the outside light on for security reasons.

Air Conditioner Might not be in use During Rainy Season

Another business energy saving tip is by trying as much as possible not to use the air conditioner during the rainy season. The weather is always cold during rainy season so, there is really no need to put on the air condition since the environment already has a cool effect by the cold.

If you really want to reduce your business energy cost, then you should use the air conditioner only when the weather is hot.

Print only when Necessary

You don’t have to print out everything. There is some information that you can pass across to your employees without having to type it and print it out. You can pass across information through phone calls, text messages, emails or orally by disseminating the information directly to the person. Print only when it is really necessary.

Doing this will not only reduce the energy consumed by the printer, it will also reduce the usage of papers. And this will help in reducing your business expenditure.

Install Solar Panel

Though solar panel is quite expensive, if you can afford it, try to install a solar panel. Installing a solar panel for your business is one of the best investment decisions you can ever make.

This is because through the solar panel, you generate your own electricity and you might not need to make use of the public electricity supply again and pay electricity tariff.  This will go a long way in reducing your business energy cost.

Reduce One on One Business Meetings

One on one business meetings can increase your business energy cost. This is because whatever means you used in transporting yourself to these meetings will cost you money. If you go to these meetings by your car, you will need to spend money on fuel and if you take public transport or flight as the case may be, you will still have to spend money.

But you can reduce this cost by having virtual meetings online through Skype or Zoom. You can also discuss things over the phone instead of wasting money to meet with people one on one. Only arrange for one on one meetings that are very important and inevitable.

There are little, little things that actually count but we often overlook them especially in business. Though you may think that most of the tips that I shared above are too insignificant to reduce your business energy cost, I advise you to try and adopt them. They will go a long way in helping you to reduce the expenditure of your business.

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