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Business is all about expansion and strategies, and possibly one mode of expansion you are considering is to set up your business in Dubai. Then I must say that your considerations are well directed.

With a GDP of $82.11 billion dollars as of 2008, Dubai is a promising economy to invest into without the scare of failure. So many factors have over the years culminated in tagging Dubai as a hub of intense commerce.

In less than two decades, Dubai has charted its course into becoming the commercial eye of the Middle East; it has become the chain that connects the Africa, Europe, the West and the East in terms of both culture and trading.


This is possibly as a result of the presence of the imports and exports opportunities. Asides from the commerce, it’s a huge source of tourist attraction as well. In fact, in this article, we consider a number of reasons why you should set up a business in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. The Dubai Free Zones

Dubai has a strategic approach that magnets foreign investors and that is their numerous free zones. In such zones, you get to own your business completely without having to relieve any shares to any local partners.

The free zones are poised specifically to satisfy foreign businesses as they even go as far as offering tax exemption for businesses within such zones. Imagine doing business with tax exemption that extends to even the workers, tell me what can beat that!

The idea of these free zones has indeed made Dubai a compact arena of diverse businesses and yours can also be among the number.

  1. Dubai is Well-positioned for Business

By consideration geographical location, you find that Dubai is sited in a position that keeps any business exposed to wider opportunities for success. Being between Europe and the Middle East, as well as being so close to the fast growing economy of China, and also easily accessible to Africa. The country is so located in a way to converge business opportunities.

  1. Dubai has a Friendly set of Laws on Investments

In their bid to attract more investments, Dubai sits in the front position among all the Emirates as the country that permits total ownership of establishments by foreign owners. Dubai is solidly a participant in International organizations that protect rights to own properties, as well the World Trade Organization.

Asides from the fact that Dubai offers a number of incentives to even promote ownership of properties, they have an investment-friendly legal structure.

  1. Speedy Growth of the Economy

In the last decade, nobody would claim not to have heard so much about the UAE. That’s because of the speed with which its economy has been springing up. The beautiful part of this growth is that the economy is growing independent of oil recently, its developing its other sectors from transportation to trade and logistics so much so that these sectors contribute over 58% of its GDP. So this provides businesses in diverse sectors the opportunity to thrive.

  1. Favorable Social and Political Atmosphere

Since the 70s when the UAE was created, there has been a conducive political atmosphere, and what can contribute more to foreign businesses than political stability? It is the first sign of potential economic growth by promoting tolerance to businesses and good quality of life for foreigners.

In fact, the Dubai was at the very top of the list among the Middle East countries on the Mercer’s Quality of Life index.

  1. Human Resources Are Surplus

Given the strategy the government has adopted as per hoisting liberals regulations towards foreign investments, it is also making sure there are a constant supply of human resources. It is doing this by equipping its locals with sufficient skills to take up opportunities brought in by the incoming ventures in diverse sectors.

So as for manpower and workers, you are likely not to lack any if you decide to set up your business in Dubai.

  1. There are no Security Issues

Dubai can accurately be called the safe haven of the Middle East as they offer no security challenges to investors and foreigners. This is buttressed by the fact that they do not have terrorism records compared to many other countries.

This is perhaps due to their support for diverse cultures which is a strong ingredient for ensuring that unity is fostered and not conflicts. Security is paramount for businesses to succeed, and Dubai is a store of plenty security.

  1. Dubai has Top notch Facilities

Have you heard of the Burj-Al Arab? The home of skyscrapers is also the home of the world’s best infrastructures and facilities. Dubai is endowed with the best roads, the best ports, communication channels, and social amenities including a recent proposal to construct an underground railway tunnel that would connect many business sites.

The structures in Dubai are so outstanding they are tourist attractions. With all these facilities, the joints of foreign businesses are only going to enjoy plenty economic grease.

Although the process of setting up a business in Dubai can be somewhat specialized, you can do so by securing the help of local partners or making good enquiries as to their company formation policies and making sure to meet the fundamental requirements. But be guaranteed that setting up your business in Dubai is a one-time decision you are sure to be proud of for a life-time.


Procedures Starting business Dubai – Opening New Business Dubai – Tips

Business can be very fulfilling when you trade in the international market by having huge profits despite the a competitive global platform. Starting a private business in a different country involve a lot of formalities. The going gets easier when you learn the procedures and go through the right consultants. The process for the formation of a company in Dubai bound by strict rules. The rules pertaining to the foreign companies that wants to start a business in Dubai can have their choices with respect to the type of company that they wish to form.

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Establishing a company in dubai free zone – setting up a company in dubai free zone
The advantage of starting a company in dubai free zone in Dubai is tremendous. The company is entitled to 100% of the profits, they do not pay personal income tax, import tax and are exempted from bureaucratic red tape and currencies restrictions. They are provided with all the important modern infrastructure to set up a business which involves very low operating costs. The selection of the Free Zone depends on the nature of the business that the entrepreneur wishes to start in Dubai.

Investing in dubai real estate – opening business in dubai freezone
Whether it is a real estate company, manufacturing company, eCommerce company, heavy industry company, broadcasting and publishing companies there are many Free Zones defined by the government to help the businesses grow and get good profits. Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Airport Free Zone and Internet City are some of the many Free Zones that hosts a large number of branded foreign companies.

It is not a surprise that the economy of Dubai is always known to be at its peak because of the different investment choices that are available there such as opening small restaurant food business in dubai. The success of Dubai offshore companies shows a great economic growth in the mainland and the emirate of Dubai is known to make dreams a reality.

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