Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Business blogs are always in need of fresh perspectives to business and economy, and are willing to accept analytical contributions from guest post writers. Business is defined as the exchange of monetary value or compensation for the rendering of a service or the delivery of goods.

Recent developments in economic and business strategy reveal that businesses and ventures are now adopting measures and methodologies that are customer-centric; where businesses decisions are based on the needs, wants and even demands of the final consumer in the market.

This is in addition to other competing factors such as market competitors, availability of capital, availability of appropriate manpower, infrastructure amongst others. Business blogs form an important part of the business value chain, because they play the multiple roles of industry watchdogs, business policy reviewers and markets trend predictors.

In no particular order, the following business blogs encourage the submission of guest postings:

Top Ranked Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

1. Survey monkey Blog

Survey monkey has remained one of the top business blogs for businesses that wish to engage their customers constructively, through the use of surveys and research papers. The Survey monkey blog is well structured and possesses relevant content including survey samples, examples of survey questions as well as other relevant business measurement data.

This business blog accepts guest posts from writers who will visit the guidelines for submission page on the blog and follow the instructions.


This website is gaining widespread popularity because its content, materials and articles are tailored toward the needs of small businesses. The website is well structured with columns such as business ideas, business planning, pitching, funding, starting a business as well as managing a business.

This business ideas blog requires intending guest bloggers to first send a pitch of the article to be sent. Guest writers are also advised to visit the author’s page on the website, in order to have a feel of what kinds of articles are needed.


This website dwells exclusively on the business ideas that are available for existing businesses and for others seeking to establish business ventures. The website does not have any stringent conditions for intending guest writers. However, it is advised that intending contributors go through previously published articles and send entries through the contact page of the website.


This is another website that has gained popularity for quality content, articles, insights as well as resources for the small business owner. The website accepts guest posts from intending contributors.

However, intending contributors must adhere to certain conditions for submission which includes posts having lengths of between 400-750 words, paragraphs that are 3 to 4 sentences long as well as the article being the original work of the contributor.

In addition, guest contributors will also grant the right to use and redistribute the article, as the website deems fit. The intending guest writer should visit the how to submit a guest post section, in order to receive further guidelines.


As the name suggests, this website seeks to empower the female entrepreneur of a small business, with the right resources and tools, to successfully own and run a business venture. A key requirement for guest post contributors is for articles that are useful for women in business.

The intending contributor is advised to visit the submission page, in order to have more information on the types of articles required. The guest writer is also expected to promote the accepted article on other media.


The website is an authority on business marketing strategy that can be utilized by small business owners and entrepreneurs. The articles must be relevant and must be the original work of the guest writer.

Since the article is tailored for readers, intending guest authors are advised to visit the comments left by the website’s reading audience, in order to have a feel of what consumers want. Guest writers are also required to send their ideas to the contact address, on the website.

7. is an amalgamation of several business websites and blogs and the website offers a rich resource of how-to, tips, insightful articles, business strategy and business law.
The intending guest post writer is expected to send a pitch regarding the article he/she plans to submit. After approval, the guest write submits the article via the submission page of the website.


With an Alexa ranking of 151,000,Sandiego provides a platform and rich resource for individuals and businesses seeking investment opportunities in the San Diego, Orange and Imperial County areas of the United States of America.

The intending guest post writer can send an enquiry to the email address stated on the website, in order to receive more information regarding the submission guidelines.


This business blog is unique in the sense that it advocates that businesses are better promoted by person-to-person interaction and referrals. Although the website focuses on businesses in the UK, guest writers are free to submit articles about the business climate in other parts of the world.

The intending guest post writer is expected to register as an author with the website and to thoroughly understand the submission requirements of the website.


With an Alexa score of 140,600,’s website is easily one of the most visited in the world. The site possesses a rich assemblage of materials and resources that assist newly established businesses. The guest article should be at least 600 words long and must be well structured. The intending guest post writer is advised to visit the write for us page of the website, for more information.

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