Blogging Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Blogging Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

As a blogger, and especially if you are starting out on your journey, or you have a fairly popular blog, there is always the desire to reach a wider audience.

For others, it is the desire to identify with a community of bloggers so as to interact, share ideas, and learn about best practices in the world of blogging. Guest posting gives you these benefits and much more.

Below are 10 blogs that are popular, have a large reader base and community of bloggers, and also accept contributions from guest authors.

Top Ranked Blogging Blogs that Accept Guest Posts


The Huffington Post covers business, politics, entertainment, local news, technology, comedy, healthy living, and other categories. The Huffington Post has received numerous awards some of which include; Pulitzer price in the national reporting category in 2012, named second out of 25 best blogs in 2009 by Time Magazine.

You are free to pitch any topic of choice to the Huffington Post as long as it is unique and is something everyone can relate to. Go to


With over 200,000 unique customers on board and over 334,000 subscribers, Copy Blogger is one of the most popular content marketing and writing blog in the world. The blog teaches people how to create exceptional content and valuable information that can attract people’s attention and drive traffic to your site and business.

If you are smart and would wish to write for Copy Blogger, then your article should be valuable, relevant, and well written. If these requirements are met, then send an e-mail to Copy Blogger via the contact form at


Daniel Scocco founded Daily Blog Tips in 2006 to share tips and tricks he had learnt about blogging. The blog has posts that caters for both newbies in the blogging scene and experienced bloggers.

Daily Blog Tips is a blog that focuses on those who are either into blogging to support their business, or those that blogging with the aim of making money.

Guest posts to Daily Blog Tips should be original and exclusive to Daily Blog Tips and should be related to blogging, internet marketing, and could be from personal experience. For general, formatting, and submission guidelines, see the page at


Shout Me Loud was started in December 2008 by Harsh Agrawal and has become a very popular blog with over a million subscribers. Shout Me Loud offers practical tips on how to make from your blog, online marketing tips for entrepreneurs and businesses, and has a forum dedicated to bloggers.

Anyone passionate about writing and seeking to make enough money via blogging to escape 9-5 jobs will find a home at Shout Me Loud.

The blog has over 650 bloggers that have sent in guest posts to a wide audience of over 654,000 people on different platforms, and over 25,000 daily views. Go to to join the list of guest bloggers.


The blog covers topics on blogging, social media, internet, technology, and WordPress. Posts on Hell Bound Bloggers are contributed by over 600 bloggers and techies all over the world.

Hell Bound Bloggers allows you to use 2 backlinks in your post, and promotes your post on social media to promote your brand. To contribute a guest post, register as a guest author on the blog. See for more details.


Successful Blogging is owned by Sue Donlevie to help people make money with their blog, sell products and services without being pushy about it, persuade people to work with them, and grow their audience.

Guest posts on Successful Blogging are required to be original, between 1000-2000 words in length, well formatted, proof-read, and have never been used anywhere else on the internet.

So, if you have a post that meets these requirements and you would like it to be featured on Successful Blogging, send an email to The mail should include the headline of your suggested post, a link to your blog, and a two-sentence bio.


The Write Life was created basically to help writers create, connect, and earn. The Write Life does not just focus on one aspect of a writer’s career, rather it takes a holistic approach, covering everything in the journey-fiction, production, promotion-name it.

The Write Life gives you tips and tools on how to succeed as a writer in the world today and make a living as a writer which is a goal many dream of.
Guest posts should be between 600-900 word and shared as a Google Doc with contribute@the See for more details


The over 90,000 member community was founded in 2008 and is an arm of the Sway Group Company. The Secret Is In The Sauce (SITS) and Sway Group is managed by a group of women with a passion for blogging, and providing online resources with which people can become media proficient.

The Sits Girls is especially interested in guest posts that are related to blogging and social media. Get guidelines on guest post at


Pro Blogger was started in September 2004 by Darren Rowse and has over 8000 articles, tips, tutorials, case studies, and podcasts. Pro Blogger has the mission of helping bloggers learn how to blog, share their experiences, and promote blogging as a medium. The community has over 300,000 members. Send your guest post pitch to Darren Rowse via the e-mail at


Blog Go Down is a blogging resource website with that covers blog marketing, design, and social media. It also teaches readers how to create a blog from scratch and how to improve their blogging skills.

It has over 886 subscribers to its feed and over 11,246 followers on Twitter. To send in a guest post, register for an account and submit your post pitch via the contact form on the contact page. Guidelines are available at the write-for-us page of the blog.

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