Blog Topic Ideas that will Double Your Traffic

Blog Topic Ideas that Make Money for 2018

Are you looking for strategies on how to be able to always come up with blog topic ideas for your blog?

Has it finally happened to you? You have written on so many blog topics that you are absolutely out of ideas on what topic to write on next. You have been staring at your note pad for long and nothing seems to come out from your head on the next blog topic to create content on.

Coming up with blog topic ideas for webmasters can be very tiring at times. I have been there myself so I know how it feels. Sometimes you just get crowded with lots of blog topic ideas to create contents on, while other times your mind just go blank.

To run a successful blog, you need to keep producing valuable and fresh contents for your readers so they can keep coming back for more or else, your blog becomes like a grave yard.

So, what can you do to make sure you always have enough blog topic ideas to create content on for your blog?

In this post, I intend sharing with you my 5 techniques which I always use to come up with blog topic ideas. These techniques are what I use to always come up with nothing less than 50 blog topic ideas within 30 minutes.

Surprise? Let me show you.

Best Blog Niche and Post Topic Ideas That Will Increase Your Followership

  1. Quora

Have you heard of an online forum called Quora? Quora is a site that aggregates questions and answers to topics. If you are a regular visitor to Quora and you are in search for blog topic ideas, you will always get more than enough as people are always asking questions every seconds.

Whenever I want to create content for social reading and not just for organic traffic, I do pay Quora a visit to see what question is having a higher views and answers. If you are not a member to that community as a blogger, I advise that you do now.

If you also have a keyword in mind to create content on but don’t know how to structure the topic so it makes sense and look unique from similar blog topics, just login to Quora and type it in the search bar and lots of options with that keywords will appear.

This options are questions that people have asked and you can click on them to see the ones that has received answers and huge number of views.

With Quora, I bet that you will not leave that site without coming out with at least 5-10 blog topic ideas. It is the first place I visit when I need blog topic ideas for this site.

  1. Blog Comment

This is another technique I use to come up with blog topic ideas. It is very fast and effective too. If any of your readers ask a question and you know it is going to be a very long answer, kindly convert it into a blog post and drop the link as an answer to the question.

That simple!

Doing that, you have use one stone to kill two birds; you created a new blog post and also provided an answer to your reader’s question.

Another way to generate blog topic ideas is if you are following other blogs and are also looking at the comment box to see questions people are asking. From their questions, you can come up with lots of blog topic ideas for your blog.

  1. YouTube

YouTube can also be a source of blog topic ideas for you as it is for me. Look for videos in your field or an interview with an expert in your field. Often times, I just type a keyword I will like to create content around and lots of videos pops out and I pick some as blog topic ideas for my blog.

You can also look around other niches, it is also possible to come up with ideas from looking at other posts. This approach can also work with magazines and sites.

  1. Answer Common Questions

As a blogger with years of experience, people must have been asking you lots of questions and maybe you must have also be ignoring them while you give answers to some. I am also very sure that the answers you mostly give are just summary as no one enjoys typing long post with a phone.

Do me a favor, go back to some of the questions you are been asked, and see if you can create blog topic ideas from them. Most times, I do get people asking me questions and it usually comes at the wrong time when I don’t have the time to give them a detailed answer.

What I do when I am free is go back and use them as blog topic ideas as these are what users may also be typing on search engines.

  1. Share your Experience

Being a successful blogger, you must have experience both bad and good times. Why not share your story with your readers? Were you contacted for a project just from a blog post you shared and someone read it and fell in love with your work? Share it.

Was your weekend that inspiring? It is a blog topic idea, share it.

Your experience from grass to grace, from scratch to six-figure are success stories and at the same time blog topic ideas. Share them. Your experience could be very helpful to your readers reading it.

So, there you have it. Start applying the above tips into how you can come up with blog topic ideas and you will see that the process is very easy and fun too. Get started today!

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