Starting a Concrete Block Making Business

Interested in small block industry business ideas? If YES, here is how to open a concrete block making company with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Concrete Block Making Company

One of the basic need of humanity is shelter. Every human being sees it as a necessity to have a roof over their head. This explain why there is always a demand for shelter. In order to meet this demand you will need to build houses, in order to build houses, you will need concrete blocks.  The point I am driving at is that concrete block making business is a very lucrative business that you can consider doing.

However, as profitable as concrete block making business is, if you don’t know the right steps you need to take when you are starting it, you might not be able to profit from it. This is why it is essential to have a good knowledge of the business.

You need to know about the basic requirements, the equipment and the materials you will need, the risks involved and the right way to go about it. All of these and even more will be duly addressed in this article. Take your time to go through it.



Conducting a marketing research is a very important step to take before starting your concrete block making business. You should not start your business based on assumption, rather, you should do a thorough research of what the business entails to determine if you have the capacity to handle it.

Market research will help you to uncover the problems in the concrete block industry that others are overlooking. You can then proffer solutions to these problems and use the solutions as your unique selling proposition. This will give you an edge over your competitors.

Market research will also help you to understand your potential clients’ personae, their needs, and their preferences. This will help you to know the right services to offer your clients that will make them come for more and even refer you to others.


Money is not all that is needed to build a successful business. If you have money but lack the skills required for the business, you will not be able to manage the business properly and that can lead to its failure. This is why you need to get some essential skills before you get started with your concrete block making business.  Some of skills you will need to get are:

  • Knowing how to source for quality materials at cheap prices,
  • Knowing how to fix the price of your concrete blocks,
  • Knowing the right proportion of ingredients to mix together to get solid concrete block,
  • Knowing how to source for clients and
  • Knowing how to find and keep competent workers

You can get these skills by volunteering to work for an established concrete block business. As you work, make sure you keep your eyes and ears opened. Be observant and alert. Ask necessary questions. If you do this, in no time, you will acquire the necessary skills.

Another way to get the skills needed is to find someone who is already vast in the business of making concrete block to mentor you. If you approach the person in a right way and also offer him value, I am sure that he will not turn down your offer


It is true that concrete block is always in constant demand but this truth is relative. The real truth is that concrete block is only constant demanded in the areas where there is constant need for it. This is why you must make sure that you get a suitable location where there is a high demand of concrete block for your business.

You must also make sure that the location you want to site your concrete block making business has the needed facilities like portable water, motor able road, constant electricity and access to cheap labour.


If you want your concrete block industry to be standard and professional, then you will have to register it. This in a way will help people to trust your business. It will also be helpful when you want to apply for loans, grants or bid contracts from government agencies.


You will need a business plan for your concrete block making business. A concrete block making business plan will help you to rightly plan ahead of the future. It will also serve as a compass to guide your business to the right direction.

Also, if you need investors to help you the startup capital, a business plan will be required when you are pitching to them. So, creating a cement block business plan is non-negotiable if you desire the long term success of your business.


After taking all the necessary step listed above, the next requirement you will need to start your concrete block making business is capital. So, you must find means to raise the capital. When you have the capital, you can then get a suitable location and purchase the necessary equipment and materials you will need.

Some of the equipment you will need are concrete block molder, concrete mixer, and concrete block mixing machine, a stand by generator, block carriers, a borehole for water supply, a delivery vehicle, wheel barrows, and head pans. You will also need some materials like cement, and sharp sand. After getting all these, the next thing is to employ competent and highly skilled workers to use the block making machine and then set the ball rolling.

If you take this necessary steps, especially the step that involved getting the needed skill, there is a high possibility that your concrete block making business will succeed. So please, don’t ignore any of the steps I talked about. In fact, I will suggest that you even do a further research to learn more about the concrete block making business as there is more to it than what I have written.

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