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Profitable Work From Home Jobs For Nigerians

It’s high time we discuss the kinds of work you can actually do in the corner of your room and in the next minutes you hear your phone beep, read the text and confirm your pay.

Someday, somewhere, sometimes ago, I was delivering a speech and one of my respectable and distinguish audience poised this question to me,’ can someone work directly from home in Nigeria and yet be successful?’ Do you know my response? Yes and I’m ready to unravel the mystery behind it for you.

That honorable audience of mine was agape, wondering on how is it possible and what precisely will you be selling in your house, despite the economy situation of this country of ours.

Just like that precious audience of mine, I will explain in details those business you can really venture into and make sales, from your bedroom if not bathroom.

Though majority of people if not almost believes that the only business or work you can actually do from home is basically on the internet. Yes! accepted, but I won’t limit myself to internet only, take a sit dear and let’s explore together.

After reading this post, you can go on and tell your friend to tell is friend whose husband had denied her from working but has passion for work that she can now enjoy the glamour of working at home comfortably.

Are you under doctor’s prescription not to do hard labor? Are you a student that really want to make money before graduation? Are you a teacher that needs some things to support the service you are rendering so as to make enormous income? Are you an office worker who would love to garner additional money after work inside your room?

Then I’m happy to inform you that it’s really possible but you need to make a sacrifice, yes, as it sound, it’s just asking you to read this post very carefully and digest what you have read.

I need more time so as to expand my wing on this topic of our discussion- work from home in Nigeria, it’s the most simplest business idea I can ever advise one to venture into as it’s so flexible and simple, comforting and interesting, no harsh treatment so far you do the right thing, just name it,  Let’s do what we have to do and close the chapter for today.


Work from home in Nigeria!

Graphic Designer: Are surprise seeing this at the top my list of work from home business? You mustn’t, for I will never put anything relating to web as my number 1 work from home options, why? Oh! That’s topic to discuss another time.

Who is a graphic designer? He is a person who does any form of artistic drawing or decoration on the system using a software called Corel draw. To do this business from your home is not something tideous. My current room mate and course mate is a graphics designer, he designs right before my face and send the project to his client when he is done, he is an undergraduate, he resides in school hostel and he is making wave in this field.

Can you now see that you can truly work from home in Nigeria rather from any comfortable places you can think of?

Freelance Writing:- Writing very well on a specific niche with a great intent and passion is another cause to rejoice if actually you really want to work from home.

Freelance writing is now becoming an household trend in Nigeria as we are having different bloggers that are ready to utilize your contents. As a writer, you need possess the ability to portray your point in a way your readers will surely assimilate, you must be vast and very conversant when it comes to choice of word.

A Freelance writer, as far as I’m concerned must be able to write atleast five to ten contents or article a week and not less than 800+ words, I mean non plagiarize contents. If you can do this, surf the net and look for who will need you to write for his blog and by so doing, you can work from the comfort of your house.

This is no more a news, lots of writers are making cool cash writing from the comfort of their homes. You can! There is no limit to what you can achieve.

Bead Making:- You can seat down comfortably on the sofa in your leaving room weaving bead and customers will come inside to pack them all so far your packaging is beyond what others can easily ward off in the market.

You need just creativity on which style to weave and make your own stuffs in similitude in market by so doing people will patronize you, and at the same time you can send out delivery van’s if you think like enlarging your coast despite being indoor. Isn’t this a work from home?

Artist:- Are you really skillful in sending colours an errand? You can use your mental faculty by painting different aesthetic looking materials in the corner of your home, you just need to take the pictures of your paint and upload them online for sells, just add your contact and you shall see the greatness of God!

Online Tutor:- I want to believe this is not your first time hearing this, if  you have the potential of teaching you can make it this way, it doesn’t require you to be a genius before you can be an online tutor. Take one up on different social networks we are having out there, and give lecture to your students directly from your home.

There are many social apps that can allow you to teach right from an internet enable device.

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