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Search engine marketing is a form of online internet marketing that entails the promotion of websites to increase the visibility and presence in search engine results pages, which is mostly achieved through paid advertising.

Search engine marketing utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the adjustment done to websites contents and its layout to achieve a higher ranking in search engine result pages.


In the mid 1990s, the number of websites available on the internet increased drastically and this sprang up the birth of search engines to assist people in their quest to get information on the internet in various topics of life. The search engines developed business models to finance their programs as well as developing concepts to generate revenues for their seo optimization companies.
In 1996, was founded and it offered programs such as the Pay-per-click program for advertisers. later changed their name to overture in the year 2001, which was later acquired by Yahoo in 2003 and then offered paid search opportunities through the Yahoo! Search engine.

Google also began to offer advertisements on search engine result pages in the year 2000 through their Google Adword program. By the year 2007, pay-per-click programs proved to be the primary means of revenue generation for search engines.


Benefits of seo for small businesses
In the year 2015, about $60 billion was spent in the United States on search engine marketing. In the world of advertisement, search engine marketing is growing faster than the traditional advertising methods and even other medium of online marketing.

The search engine marketing industry is dominated by Google and Yahoo, especially in the United States. Google alone account for close to 73.7% of the total amount spent on SEM, while Yahoo account for 20% and others take the rest.

search engine optimization companies for small business


At WebiMax, they offer a large range of marketing services which include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web designing and social media marketing services. What makes WebiMax stand out is their strategic plans for progress and their stand in maintain success. This top seo company for small business has a strong reputation among clients and they have won several awards and recognized for their outstanding business techniques and strategies.

At Webimax, they don’t just help you to get started, the company takes their full time to assist you and also ensure that you have the required training and knowledge needed to keep your websites running at full force.

2. WEB.COM is a very unique search engine marketing company in the sense that they have monthly local business seo packages and plans that allow you as a small business owner to utilize their platform without any hitch. They have well interactive tools that will assist you in handling your own online marketing plans.

They do not only specialize in search engine marketing, they also provide website designing services and as well involved in content creation. They are also a web hosting company that you can utilize to host your websites on the internet at a very affordable rates with options of getting the best available services out to their clients.

The strategy they utilize at is to provide a medium for small and medium-sized businesses to have varying seo marketing tips for small business.

3. WEBMETRO is strictly a search engine optimization company for small business unlike most of their counterparts that offer other services. They focus mainly on advertising and also offer grand affordable seo services for small business, PPC campaigns and affiliate marketing.

They are one of the pioneers of search engine marketing companies. They have been in existent since 1995. Their services incorporate a steady in-depth descriptions of each step of their clients’ marketing plans.

They have superb customer support resources through their phone lines and emails response system which is almost second to none.


Intrapromote is a search engine marketing company with offices all across the United States, they have a large client base which include top brands and they also have quality search engine marketing services that they render to all their clients irrespective of their size.

They are into integrated search marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing. The integrated search marketing service they render is highly comprehensive and through this, they attack search engine marketing from all angles, and concurrently working on organic SEO help for small business websites is adequately optimized for the right key words.

They also get themselves involved in site auditing and can assist in optimizing site contents (texts) for relevant, profitable keywords, but they do not develop websites from the scratch

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