Best Private and Government Hospitals in Nigeria

Top Private and Most equipped Government Hospitals in Lagos Nigeria

Which are the best hospitals in Nigeria? Are you looking for the best hospital for delivery in Lagos to cater for your pregnancy and maternity need? Healthcare delivery is crucial to the overall well being of the citizens. It also serves as one of the indices by which societies are classified as either developed, developing or underdeveloped. Several countries in the world boast of qualitative and accessible healthcare delivery systems.

These nations include U.S.A, The United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada amongst others. In these societies, the citizens enjoy longevity and display greater levels of productivity. In Nigeria, health care delivery is still largely inadequate; Government still largely provides healthcare for millions of Nigerians, while private medical care is pricey and beyond the reach of the majority.

How many private hospitals are in Nigeria? Many. However, there are a number of private and government hospitals that are blazing the trail in delivering quality medical/healthcare to Nigerians. These medical facilities earn pass marks in areas such as employing well-trained medical personnel, modern medical equipment and tools, well furnished patient quarters, as well as other facilities. The hospitals are as follows:



Situated in the city of Lagos, Lagoon Hospitals is among the top 10 best hospitals in Nigeria, at present. The hospital provides comprehensive medical services and specialist attention in several areas of medical practice such as Internal medicine, pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, hematology, cardiology as well as thoracic surgery.

At its Headquarter, the Lagoon Hospitals provides 52 in-patient rooms, two operating theatres, 6 equipped Intensive Care Units, a 24-hour laboratory service, an adequately stocked  Pharmacy, a spacious outpatient department,  a Radiology department comprising MRI and CT scan machines as well as other specialist services.


Reddington Hospital is on the list of the best private hospitals in Lagos Nigeria and offers a number of specialist medical services; it is more renowned for its cardiovascular services, as it boasts of state-of-the art facilities for the treatment and management of heart related conditions. It also offers comprehensive health care services in other areas such as radiology, general surgery, urology, ante-natal care, diabetes management amongst others.

Its facilities boast of modern in-patient rooms, general surgery theaters, a well-stocked Pharmacy as well other essential medical amenities.


The Eko Hospital was established on the ideals of providing excellent medical care at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.  In addition to being staffed by well trained medical personnel, the hospital boasts of modern specialization units and facilities that cover medical areas such as Paediatrics, Obstetrics  and  Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Ophthalmology, Electro Encephalography (EEG), Endoscopy, CT-Scanning, Radio-diagnosis, Radiotherapy and Effective Investigative Laboratory.

It operates a 130-bed inpatient facility at its headquarters in Ikeja, a 40-bed facility at Surulere and an Ambulatory Clinic in Ikoyi. The Eko Hospital also holds the singular honour of being quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


Situated in Victoria Island, Lagos, St. Nicholas Hospital has been the medical center of choice, for the well-to-do and the very busy corporate executive; who desire premium care and treatment. St Nicholas boasts of modern medical equipment that permits the diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer amongst others. It has specialist units such as MRI and CT scan units, Effective Investigative Laboratory and Radiotherapy.


First Consultants Hospital is another top notch institution providing excellent medical services. Aside from being staffed by well trained medical personnel, First Consultant boasts of modern medical facilities for specialist care in pediatrics and obstetrics. This is one top private hospital in Nigeria has also won a lot of accolades over its professional handling of the first case of the Ebola virus.


This leading public hospital in Nigeria was established by the Central Government to carry out a number of functions that include the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases, as well as to serve as school for the training of medical personnel in various fields of medicine and surgery.

The hospital is one of the best teaching hospitals in Nigeria and is staffed by well trained medical professionals that include Consultant, Senior Registrar, Junior Registrar, House Officer, as well as medical students. The caregivers comprise nurses who are graduates from reputable schools of nursing.

These professionals are some of the most knowledgeable in their respective fields of medical practice and offer consultancy and specialized medical diagnosis for a wide range of medical conditions.

Additionally, The Lagos University Teaching hospital is on the list of the best federal hospitals in Nigeria and can boast of facilities such as Intensive Care Units(ICUs), Radiology department, Blood and Hematology  amongst others.


This specialist hospital is located at Surulere, Lagos. It boasts of a functional and well equipped labour ward and an operating theatre, from where most kinds of surgeries can be performed. Parklande Hospital avails her patients the following facilities: Laparoscopy, diathermy machine, anaesthetic machine, Hysteroscopy and colposcopy.

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