Best Place to Buy Gold Bullion – Coins, Ingots and Bars

How and Where to Buy Gold Bullion

Do you know where to buy gold bullion? Should you buy gold bullion from banks?

Gold bullion is a general term that is used to describe any gold product that is 99% pure. Gold bullion can be classified into two, namely: gold bullion coins and gold bullion bar. Gold bullion bars are metallic gold that are made in form of bar shape.

Gold bullion coins on the other hand, are metallic that are cast in the shape of a coin. You can choose to buy either gold bullion coins or gold bullion bars. Gold bullion coins are best suitable for those who don’t have much capital to invest.

If you are on a low budget, you can still become a gold owner by buying gold bullion coins in a small quantity that you can afford. And the good thing is that, you can easily liquidate your gold bullion coins. However, gold bullion coins are usually more expensive on the long run.

Gold bullion bars require more financial investment. However, you can get it at a cheaper rate when you buy it in a large quantity. On the long run, gold bullion bars are actually cheaper than gold bullion coins. Gold bullion bars are also easy to liquidate if they come in smaller bars. Larger gold bullion bars though cheaper than smaller bars, are difficult and costly to liquate.

You can see that both gold bullion coins and gold bullion bars have their pros and cons. So, it before you buy any of them, it is good to weigh the different option and decide on the one that best suit you.

By now, I am sure that you have known the different categories of gold bullion and decided on the one you want to buy. The next information you will need is where to buy gold bullion coins and bars and this is what this article is all about. In this article, you will not only be informed about where to buy gold bullion coins and bars, you will also learn how to verify the authenticity of the gold dealers you want to buy your gold bullion from.

Buying gold bullion is one of the best investment decisions you can ever make. This is because of the benefits of best buy gold bullion outweighs that of many other investments. However, even if something is beneficial, if you don’t do it the right way, you will not get the right results.

Though, investing in gold bullion is very beneficial, if you don’t know the best place to buy physical gold bullion online that are genuine and affordable, then you will not get any benefit from it. This is why I wrote this article; it contains list of the best place to buy gold bullion. I am sure you will find it helpful.

There are different kinds of gold bullion available that you can buy. Some of the most popular gold bullion include Canadian Maple Leafs, American Eagles, Chinese Pandas, South African Kruggerands, etc. It is essential for you to research about them so that you will be able to make the right choice and buy the one that suit you.

You can buy gold bullion either offline in local stores or through online stores. Here is the list of the best place to buy gold bullion.


Here are the lists of where to buy gold bullion coins and bars:

  • Silver Doctors Bullion

Silver Doctors Bullion is an online marketplace where you can buy gold bullions like Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars, Gold Krugerrands, OPM Gold Bars, Gold Philharmonics, and Gold Chinese Pandas.

Though Silver Doctors Bullion started barely 5 years ago, it has quickly risen to become one of the popular online gold dealers. Compare to the prices of other dealers, the prices of their gold bullion is relatively cheaper. Silver Doctors Bullion does not require any minimum order.

This means that if you have a low, budget, you can still be able to buy small quantity of gold bullion. Their website is, you can visit it to get more information.

  • Buy Gold and Silver Coins (BGASC)

Buy Gold and Silver is an online platform with large varieties of gold and silver bullion coins and bars such as United States Mint, Gold Eagle, Gold Buffaloes, American Silver Eagles Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver Bars, etc. It is recognized as the largest, fastest and the most trusted online metal dealers in the United States.

BGASC offers their gold bars at affordable prices and they also offer free shipping if you buy gold bullion that worth over $250. Their website address is

  • Golden Eagle Coins

Golden Eagle Coins started as a physical store in 1974 by Bob Mangels. It is one of the oldest major gold bullion dealers. As the name implies, Golden Eagle Coins deals majorly with the sales of gold coins. Though they also sell gold bars, their major focus is gold coins.

Some of the gold coins they sell are, Perth Mint Gold Coins, American Gold Buffalo Coins, Mexican Gold Coins, Chinese Gold Pandas, etc. Despite being one of the oldest in business, Golden Eagle Coins has been able to maintain an honest reputation and a clean state. This show that they are trustworthy.

If you want to buy gold bullion coins and bar from them, you can visit their website or call their toll free line 1-800-735-1311. They also have a physical store where you can buy gold bullion in Maryland, United States.

  • Modern Coin Mart

Modern Coin Mart which was established in 2014, is an online bullion coins dealer that offers a good variety of gold bullion like, Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Gold Maple Leafs, Gold Lunar Coin, etc.

Modern Coin Mart gold bullion is very affordable and they offer discounts when you are making a bulk purchase. They also make available free shipping to those who buy gold bullions within the United States. You can check them out at their website

  • Gold Money

Gold Money is a publicly listed corporation and their financial statements are audited by a Big Four accounting firm (KPMG). The mission of Gold Money is “to make it easy and possible for people to buy gold, silver, platinum at an affordable price while offering high security standards and multiple storage location for your metal”. For more information about Gold Money, you can visit their website

  • Bullion Vault

Bullion Vault is one of the largest online investment gold services where you can buy, sell, and store gold bullion at a cost that is very close to wholesale price. More than 65,000 people from over 175 countries make use of the Billion Vault online platform to buy their gold bullion. And about 2.1 billion worth of gold bullion is entrusted in their care by their buyers who are over 36,700.

They help people that buy gold bullion from them store their bullion in the world’s secure bullion storage facilities that charge low storage fee.


APMEX is the leading Precious Metal Retailers in the United States with about 15 years in business. It is one the best place you can buy gold bullion and other precious metals. The good thing about them is that they give buyers the option to diversify their portfolios with gold, silver, platinum and palladium for less money. You can learn more about APMEX through their website

  • Hard Assets Alliance

Hard Assets Alliance is an alliance of reputable firms in the gold bullion industry that came together to help people buy, sell and store precious metals including gold bullion through a platform called the Smart Metals Platform(SMP). There is at least four suppliers from Hard Asset Alliance platform that attend to the buyers when they want to buy gold bullion. This gives buyers the opportunity to compare prices and make the best choice.

HAA can make delivery of any gold bullion you buy from them. They can also help you to store the gold bullion you buy from them in a secured vault at a low fee of 0.5%-0.8 per year.

  • Anglo Far East

Anglo Far East has been providing rock solid and uninterrupted services of handling private purchase of gold and silver bullion. Over the past 20 years that Anglo Far East has been in business, they have developed a credibility over the past 20 years that have made them to be internationally recognized for their integrity in the market place and for the quality products and services they provide their clients.

So, if you are looking for the best place to buy a gold bullion, you can check out Anglo Far East on their website,

  • Gold Silver

Gold Silver is owned by Mike Maloney, a renowned advisor, author and an expert in the industry whose book- Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver is the number 1 selling precious investment book of all time. Mike is a precious metal advisor to Robert Kiyosaki. All these credentials show that Gold Silver is a credible place to buy gold bullion.

There are still many more places where you can buy gold bullion bars and coins. So, if you are not satisfied with the ones listed here, you can go online to get more information.

Whichever place you eventually decide to buy your gold bullion, make sure you verify whether it is authentic by checking their reviews on Better Business Bureau website;

The list of the best place to buy gold bullion is cannot be exhausted in this article. You can make further research to find out other best places to buy gold bullion. Also, in order to make the best choice out of the various gold bullion buyers that you now know, make sure you check out their reviews, ratings, customers’ complaints and how the complaints were handled. You can do this through Better Business Bureau (their website is and Trust Pilot (their website is

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