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4 Profitable Internet Jobs For Nigerian Students

Making money as a student in Nigeria is easy. There are many people who have been looking for one occupation to venture in because of lack of sufficient funds to run their education. If you are one, then, this article is for you. If on the other hand, you think you are self sufficient, and you don’t need any extra income, I think you are making a mistake because it is wise to have an extra legitimate source of income in case of unforeseen circumstances.

There are numerous legitimate ways of making money as a student in Nigeria without committing internet fraud. Unfortunately, many students look for small work big pay jobs thereby falling into the hands of scammers and end up becoming scammers. The best type of job for a student in Nigeria is that type that not just brings income but also compliments your study and enhances your academic ability.
There are many online jobs waiting to be taken in different online job websites. Get in line, take the job and start doing something.
One way to maintain your lifestyle in school and have financial freedom is making money online. There are other ways to make money as a student in Nigeria apart from online jobs, either way, just make that money legitimately and be financially free. If you want to start an online job, you can post a notification that you are looking for an online job using your facebook, twitter and other social media.

Sitting in your house alone thinking, your book in your hand, your account overdrawn, your mind is away from your book to where it has traveled thinking of how to make money. I tell you, you can come out of this condition while smiling to the bank.
Follow these online jobs I am about to share with you now and chose wisely the one that fits you the most then embark upon it with zealousness, then you are guaranteed to come out of that terrible condition.

Below are some legitimate online jobs that can be done as a student in Nigeria.


Being an online tutor is a very good way to make that cook legitimate cash. If you are excelling in that subject or course you are studying, then, you should put it into business, start making tutoring and start making your money. One may be confused on how this works, don’t be. I’ll enlighten you. You can begin by setting up an online tutoring service and charging a fee for the service, say per hour. This can be done by the use of skype chat.


Being an online freelancer is another easy way for a student to make money online. If you write well or if you are a major in English, then this is for you. Despite the numerous number of online freelancers, there are still vacant spaces for new ones. There have been an increase in the demand for online freelancers for various reasons such as writing of blogposts, business plans, blogposts, press release, articles, newsletters, ebooks, proposals, and so on. You can be a part time freelance writerso a s not to consume your time for academics.

There are many blogs that can be written. One who is a science major can take up a scientific or technical blog, one who is a business major can take up a business blog, one who is a nutrition major can take up a health blog. One very good thing about this type of online job is that it can be done from one’s abode. If you think this is for you but do not know how to go about it, I will assist.

There are different websites you can register as a freelance writer such as, yahoo voices, e.t.c.. Yahoo pays according to how far and popular your article gets. You don’t just start writing for them, you have to be approved first. After you sign up, you submit your first article for approval, you will then be welcomed to become a yahoo contributor after the article has been approved. Currently, they have more than 600,000 contributors, and if you are work hard, you can be one or even the best.


Are you a talented web designer or developer? If yes, there are online jobs waiting for you. All you need do is to register in any online web designing website and offer your service to anyone who shows interest and willing to pay. Being good at what you do is one of the key, nobody wants a green horn. Although there might be people who are in dire need of a web designer and may be willing to gamble on. You just have to impress to get the job.


This is a not too known way of making money online. If you are a photographer or you own a canon digital camera or a nicon then this is for you. Cash in on the advantage of this by capturing nice and beautiful images and selling them to stock photography sites like,,,,e.t.c.

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