Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities – Best Franchises for Sale

Best Ice Cream Franchising Opportunities

What are the best ice cream franchise businesses to invest in? One of the major determinants of interest in ice cream is it varieties of flavors, all around us. It is mostly for enjoyable moments for families and friends. While ice cream is known by parents not to be so healthy, parents can’t help themselves but get some ice cream once in a while.  Which they get for their children at least three times a week.

At some point it was said that ice cream was losing out on customers because of health reasons, none the less, it has never stopped thriving.

So if you are thinking of joining a striving franchise to become a franchisee, I think you should consider ice cream franchise.

Below are some of the world recorded best ice cream franchises;

Rita’s Italian Ice: Rita’s Italian Ice is said to have started offering franchise in year 1987, and ever since then it has not stop till date with a record of 550 franchises in 19 states and the district of Columbia to its credit. There is a franchise fee of 35.000 dollars.

Sub Zero Ice Cream: This ice cream is said to have started off in 2004 with a total initiative investment of 160.000 dollars- 318.000 dollars, with locations existing in 49 places with an agreement length of 10 years nationwide.  As much as it is relatively young, it is very much recommended because of its fast growth, its major is uniqueness is the fact its ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen on the spot.

The freeze on the spot gives franchise owners so many advantages such as flexibility, healthy options, easier storage and it gives a worthy spectacle. despite these advantages, the fact it is made on the spot simply means it requires quite a number of staff around.

Dairy Queen Franchise: Dairy Queen franchise is said to have started off year 1940 with total initial investment of 362.4k dollars- 1.8 million, number of existing locations; 6,388 places with an agreement length of 20 years, of all the major ice cream chains, dairy queen is said to have fared the  best, they  have made way to grow up over the years by at least 25% internationally.

Between 2001 and 2011, they have had the lowest new franchise failure rate compared to all the other chains reviewed in time passed. What keeps them in the number one position by far is legacy, they were the first chain to introduce self-service ice cream in 1940. another factor that keeps them on top is innovation and consistency.

Ben and Jerry’s Franchise: This store is recorded to have started franchising in 1981.  The stores have broaden up to 460 locations in the United states and other countries 380. Their franchise fee is 32. 000 dollars . total cost to open a store will be about 173.000 dollars or more, candidates are expected to have a net worth of $350.000 for first store opening and $525.000 to have more than one. Owners are required to be physically present during operation.

The Marble Slab Creamery: This ice cream franchise is noted to have started offering franchise in 1984 which is about a year after it was started, its specialty is home based premium ice cream prepared on marble slab and served in a freshly baked waffle cone. They serve many flavours of ice cream with shakes, brownies and pie.

There are about 292 franchises in the united states and about 68 in Canada and other countries. The franchise fee is $ 25.000 and will cost between $220.000 and $381.000 to open a new store. Franchises will need a net worth of $250.000 and they may own more than just one store, owners do not need to be present during the operation.

Bruster’s ice: There stores feature over 40 flavors of real ice cream, and it is sometimes co-branded with Nathan’s hotdogs overtime. There are about 240 franchises in 20 eastern states, it is still with the intention to expand. The franchise fee is $35.000 and will cost about $1.200.000 to open a store, the franchise is free to own multiple stores and a net worth of $100.000 will be required, owner participation is required.

Dippin’ dots – This is an ice cream snack that was invented in 1987 by southern Illinois University with a total initial investment of $80k-366k, existing locations, 129, employees required,1, agreement length of 5years and located nationwide. It took a major hit in 2008 and have been pretty stable since 2011 after a lawsuit by a competitor. They began turning profit again shortly after,  dippin dots is an attractive, low cost, mobile franchise opportunity.

Others ice cream franchises include Cold Stone Creamery

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