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Best CPC Affiliate Programs To Make Money Online

Looking for high paying CPC affiliate programs?
Cost Per Click (CPC), now referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) is a kind of performance based marketing campaign, in which a business entity compensates one or more of its associates or affiliates for every customer/visitor who visits the business’s site and ultimately conduct a transaction on the site, as a result of the associate’s endeavors.

Affiliate marketing is a complex structure that comprises a merchant (who can also be termed the retailer or brand), the network or web (a platform that processes the requests as well as the payments involved), the marketer ( also known as the publisher of the product or service) and the end user (or customer).

Cost Per Click (CPC) affiliate programs are often similar in scope and reach, to internet marketing, because CPC programs incorporate the various means of advertising such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), to-pay-for search engine marketing, email advertising as well as content marketing. Other less popular options for the CPC affiliates include conducting product reviews, as well as third party services.

There are several CPC Affiliate Programs that exist today. Selecting a particular program will depend on a combination of factors that include the traffic volume the CPC affiliate program generates, the number of advertisers that employ the platform- the more the advertisers, the better the odds that there will be bigger competition for one’s advert spaces.

Other factors to consider are the adverts’ rate of conversion and how much the average click costs. Overall, the most basic consideration will be which CPC Affiliate program will give the affiliate the most financial compensation, amidst the various competing factors.

The following CPC Affiliate programs are worth considering:


Infolinks continues to enjoy huge patronage as a CPC Affiliate program. It is ranked as the third largest monetization platforms at present. This CPC Affiliate program boasts of having over 200,000 advertisers, dispersed over 130 countries globally.

Infolinks possesses a number of features that make It appealing as a CPC affiliate marketing program. Firstly, it is minimally intrusive-advert links do not carry large banner space, as they are displayed in minimized hyperlinks, which visitors can access, when they move the mouse’s cursor over them.

Adverts on Infolink are free, sourced, are compatible with other advert forms and they do not disrupt the experience of the user on the platform. As a CPC Affiliate program, Infolinks approves applications based on the content to be published, and not on the traffic that is generated by the website.

Installing the Infolinks application is smooth and they platform is enhanced by an excellent customer support team. Infolinks is patronized by top brand advertisers in the world including Facebook, Amazon, Taboola, Ali Express, PizzaHut amongst others.


This CPC Affiliate program is birthed from the combined efforts of Yahoo and Microsoft. MediaNet offers website owners an array of relevant advertisers, while the platform comes with tools with which performance can be monitored in real time.

Control measures available on this CPC Affiliate program include the ability to determine the look and outlay of adverts, the ability to sieve and filter advertisers, as well as to impede ad topics.
The approval process for the CPC Affiliate program includes the website/blog having quality content and generating traffic. In addition, the language of the content must be rendered in English.


I know you were expecting to see this on my list and would have closed this page if you did not find it. This CPC Affiliate program is arguably the largest PPC network in the world at present. Google Adsense has millions of advertisers on its platform, partly because this is Google’s main source of revenue. Google Adsense provides qualitative and relevant adverts that increase the odds for better rates of conversion as well as more revenue earnings.

For website/blog owners, Google Adsense features enable you to control the look, feel and type of adverts that will appear on your site’s pages. In addition, reports and performance metrics are available to indicate how effective your website is, in attracting the needed traffic and volumes.

This CPC Affiliate program also promises higher earnings because advertisers actually bid to have their adverts placed on websites, thereby guaranteeing that the selected site earns optimally, form the bid process.


Revcontent is a CPC Affiliate program that is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in PPC marketing. For one, it boasts of serving over 100 billion recommendations a month, worldwide and this figure is supported by growth levels that have exceeded 800 percent over that last year.

RevContent pushes for quality content, rather than quantity; hence it affords its publishers higher revenue earnings, better conversion rates and access to an increasing number of faithful advertisers. Improved features on this CPC Affiliate program include transparent feedback and the ability to easily customize widgets for better performance.

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