Best Business Ideas to Start in Wisconsin

Most Profitable Small Business Opportunities in Wisconsin

Are you interested in profitable business ideas in Wisconsin that you can start today? Do you reside in Wisconsin or would like to do business there? Wisconsin is a state in the US that has one of the largest GDPs at 248 billion USD, putting the state at 21st position in the country.

Wisconsin has always been known as a place to do business and be profitable, the only issue disturbing people is the kind of business to venture into.

There are numerous business ideas that you can pursue in Wisconsin. Below are lucrative business ideas in Wisconsin that any aspiring entrepreneurs that venture into for business success.

List of Self Employment Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin boasts of large swathes of arable land and holds a number of records in the agricultural field in the USA. The state leads in the production of cheese, second in butter production and third in milk production, in terms of volume and value.

The climate and soil of Wisconsin supports the cultivation of crops such as cranberries, oats, wheat, carrots, maple syrup as well as sweet corn.

You can establish a farm plantation to produce any or a combination of the crops mentioned above. Wisconsin has a number of agencies and bodies that render expert advice and consultancy in order to ensure your farm produces optimally.

The support usually comes in the form of access to improved species of plants and suggestions on more effective ways of planting.

With adequate funding, cultivatable land and competent labor, you should be able to reap handsome rewards from the sale of the proceeds of your farm.

Agric-processing Plant
Wisconsin leads the way in the processing of many crops into semi-finished and finished goods, which includes products such as milk, cheese, butter and syrups.

Newer technologies, developed infrastructure as well as the availability of manpower means that you the entrepreneur can set up a processing plant to handle one or more of the crops grown in Wisconsin.

Table Water Production
Wisconsin is blessed with natural springs that produce purified, clean drinking water. Many residents of Wisconsin now prefer to consume water from these natural sources, as opposed to tap water. You can begin a table water production and packaging plant to cater to this need.

You will need to obtain relevant permits and licensing from the relevant health and safety agencies in the state. Adequate financing for the procurement of equipment and machinery is an important consideration just as engaging competent staff.

A key element that will make or mar your investment in this business idea will be evolving a proactive distribution network that will meet the needs of your target market, in a timely manner.

Real Estate Development
Wisconsin’s growing economy is supporting an increasing number of middle to high income classes.

These groups of individuals are prone to seeking newer and even better accommodation. Especially as regards the rural to urban migration that people embark upon in search of better jobs and more opportunities. There arises a demand for real estate developments that can cater to all categories of earners.

You can tap into this business idea by starting a real estate agency. You can either commence with the development of property for various classes of earners or you could serve as a middle man in connecting people with their desired accommodation. You will need to obtain operational permits and licensing, as well engage competent staff who shall work as marketers and building contractors.

Tourism Agency
Wisconsin is home to a number of magnificent scenery and destinations such as House on the Rock near Spring Green, Circus World Museum in Baraboo, and The Dells of the Wisconsin River. The state also hosts a number of festivals that includes the Summer fest and the EAA Oshkosh Airshow.

The intricate water channels in the state are a prime attraction for several hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. You will be amazed to know that Tourism contributed almost a third to the GDP number of Wisconsin over the last couple of years.

You can take advantage of the water channels by setting up a water recreation tour for interested clients. You will need appropriate boats, competent tour guides and relevant navigational permits. Side by side with the recreational tours, you could also offer services such as visa procurement, hotel/hostel booking and reservation, and other custom services that tourist may need.

Alternative Power Provision
Wisconsin does not produce oil, gas or coal. Its power generation needs are obtained from coal fired powered plants and nuclear energy. But most of this power is imported from neighboring states like Minnesota and Iowa. Many residents of Wisconsin are now embracing the idea of obtaining power from small holding renewable sources of energy

You can step into this business idea in Wisconsin by setting up a consultancy for the provision of solar panels/installation services, energy saving bulbs, biomass fuel production among other services.

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