Best Business Ideas to Start in South Dakota

Most Profitable Small Business Opportunities in South Dakota

Are there profitable self employment business ideas in South Dakota? South Dakota is a state in the United States of America that holds a lot of potential for the individual willing to place a stake in a place with a small but robust economy.

The following business ideas in South Dakota hold a lot of potential for any promising and aspiring entrepreneur with returns on investment:

List of High Returns Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in South Dakota

Retail or Convenience Stores
South Dakota is among the states in the USA that charge negligible or no taxes at all, for both individuals and corporate bodies/businesses. What this means is that the average South Dakota resident has more income to dispose of. South Dakotans are pre-disposed to spending extra funds on shopping for personal and everyday items in the company of friends and family, at convenience stores.

You can set-up a retail store that is not only stocked with a wide variety of goods and products, but that also gives customers discounts and promotional offers. Your strategy in this regard will be to partner with wholesalers/suppliers that you can get great deals from, in stocking up on the essentials.

You will also consider setting up an online payment platform, backed up with a delivery option for customers who may decide to shop remotely.

Baby Sitting Service and Day Care Center
South Dakota boasts of one of the lowest levels of unemployment in America. In other words, nearly every employable adult in South Dakota is employed. This means that these individuals spend most of the day away at work, leaving children/wards needing attention.

You can invest in setting up a daycare center where your clients can bring in their kids and then they return for them later. Or you could to sit in at their homes and tend the little ones. In either case, you will need to have a complement of competent staff.

Financial Consultancy Services
The business environment in South Dakota is one that encourages a free market economy. It also features low/modest tax regimes on sales, personal and corporate transactions. In addition, business revenue is also not taxed. This leaves individuals and businesses with surplus cash and in need of financial advice to make the best investment decisions.

To tap into the financial services field, you will need to have deep knowledge of investment and other financial portfolios. You will also need to have acquired a reputation/garnered proof of having grown other investments. A knowledge of the financial markets in South Dakota and even globally will serve you in good stead.

A good strategy for your financial consultancy service will be offering a mix of investment options across a number of areas, in order to lessen the risks of losses.

Tourism Agency
South Dakota boasts of a number of beautiful scenery that include the historic Deadwood, Mount Rushmore and a number of man-made parks (both State and National). It is estimated that over 1 billion USD is spent every year by the millions of tourists that visit South Dakota to enjoy the views.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by establishing a tourism agency/consultancy that will cater to the needs of the average tourists. Such services can include reservation and hotel bookings, currency exchange services, tours and excursions, history and geography lessons amongst others.

You will need to have in place necessary gear and equipment, competent staff as well good people skills.

The climate of South Dakota supports the cultivation of a number of important crops including soybeans, corn, wheat, oats, hay, flaxseed and sunflower seed. The state also leads the way in the rearing of animals like beef cattle, hogs, pigs and poultry. Much of the land is fertile and features a number of farming plantations.

As a smart entrepreneur, you can cash into the agricultural value chain by establishing a farming plantation to cultivate and rear the aforementioned crops and animals. The State of South Dakota supports farming ventures, so you can avail yourself of improved species of plant seeds and animals.

With access to startup funds, you can procure necessary farming equipment and machinery, as well as engage the services of both skilled and unskilled labor.

Agricultural Processing Plants
With her abundant agricultural potentials, South Dakota will prove to be a haven for the investor that seeks to enter the top end of her agricultural food chain.

You can set up processing and milling plants to turn the raw materials obtained from local farms into finished and semi-finished goods. Examples of the agric-processing concerns include meat packing, ethanol production, flour milling, poultry and dairy processing. The latter is finding increasing importance among South Dakotans who are embracing healthy lifestyle choices by consuming milk and related products.

To set-up any kind of agricultural processing plant, you will first of all have to obtain relevant operational permits and licensing from regulatory agencies. With appropriate building and plant lay-out designs, you could decide to situate the plant close to the source(s) of your target raw material.

It is also important that you have adequate financing and that you engage competent hands to help with the running of the business which are vital to most business ideas in South Dakota.

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