Best Business Ideas to Start in Kentucky


Are there good business ideas to start in Kentucky State? Do you reside in Kentucky and you are currently looking for business opportunities to invest in? Have you been wondering what business idea to invest in, in Kentucky? Do you work in Kentucky and you are looking for a little side business to go into? Have you been wondering what business idea in Kentucky would take you to the next level? If your answer to any of the above is a yes, then this article is just for you.

Kentucky, located in the east south central region of the United States is one place that supports and encourages the growth of both large and small booming businesses in Lexington KY. Interested in small viable business in Kentucky?

Elizabethtown, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Lexington, Meads, Covington, Richmond, Louisville, Florence, Hopkinsville, Georgetown, Lexington Fayette, Ironville

Due to the rise in standard of living, doing a side business is one of the ways of meeting one’s needs. Kentucky favors new businesses and the climatic condition is good. Discussed below are 20 businesses that thrives in Kentucky;

So how do I start a business in this state? Here are some viable business ideas in Kentucky exploit that would thrive in the friendly business climate in Kentucky.


1. Dry Cleaning Service
One great and profitable business idea you could exploit in Kentucky is opening a laundry and dry cleaning business. Most of the residents in Kentucky spend their whole week working, with little or no time left to do their laundry and this is where the dry-cleaners come in.

People who venture into such a business idea never and will never run out of customers because, let’s face the fact, no one likes doing laundry, especially when you know you could get it done in a better way and end up spending just a little amount of money.

Although putting this Kentucky franchise business opportunity to work might be a little challenging and labor intensive at the beginning, with careful planning and good customer relationship, you could make it work. One amazing thing about this business idea in Kentucky is the fact that as soon as you get it right, it only gets better from there.

2. Event Planning Service
Event planning which involves the process of planning and organizing events is another low cost business idea to go into in Kentucky. It involves choosing the right location for events, budgeting, decoration (if needed), catering and coordination of technical aspects of an event.

With the hundreds of events held in Kentucky weekly, event planning is ever in need. Event planners rescue people who have issues with putting things together in place and save them the worry of stressing over planning events. Event planners practically take your worries away which is the dream of everyone hosting or planning an event.

3. Pet Care 
Another great business idea that would yield great success in Kentucky is Pet care. The pet care industry is one of the most lucrative businesses for men and women in Kentucky. The average American is a pet lover.

Taking care of pets is one agricultural based business idea that is very profitable to those who go into it because most people in Kentucky own a pet or two and this has led to high demand for pet care products. You could open up a pet care company which offers services such as veterinary services, food and medications for pets, pet walking and sitting services and sale of pet related products.

4. Day Care Services
Opening a day care in Kentucky is also a good business idea with good returns. Every working mother is always in need of day care services especially mothers with tight schedules and other circumstances which makes it difficult to attend to their little ones 24/7.

Also, children are given birth to every day, so it is not as if you would ever run out of customers. This business idea is wonderful because you do not even need capital to start, as you could start up at home, and all you need is to be good with children and love them.

Mothers come in with everything the child would need throughout the number of hours you will spend with the children and since most children even end up “taking care of themselves” it is not a business idea that is labor intensive.

5. Hair Care Services
Everyone loves a good hair on their head and the people in Kentucky are no different. Sale of hair-care products, or opening up a salon is one great business idea that will thrive in Kentucky.

Hair care service is one business idea that has remained relatively resilient over the years and it will continue to, this is because the hair is usually the first thing noticed by most people on a person’s appearance and people are always concerned with taking care of their hair.

You could also combine pedicure and manicure to the services you offer. Starting such a business might cost a lot but you could start up with running a mobile business and making house calls until you have enough to open up a salon.

6. Fitness Center
With the never ending concern about gaining weight, opening up a fitness center in Kentucky is one great business idea that would thrive in Kentucky. With the increase in obesity and weight-related problems, Americans are always concerned with their weight.



Due to the rise in standard of living, doing a side business is one of the ways of meeting one’s needs. Kentucky favors new businesses and the climatic condition is good. Discussed below are 20 businesses that thrives in Kentucky;

1. Dry Cleaning Services:

This business idea will thrive in the commercial nerve-center of the Kentucky State. This is due to the fact that there are several busy professionals that are ready to pay one or two bucks to look classy and neat in their official outfits. One advantage of this business idea is that it can be done from the comfort of your home. You however need to invest in necessary equipment for the services. Also, you can offer pick-up and delivery services for your clients while you get additional payment. You can kick-start this business with little capital.

2. Sales of Fitness Products:

It is a known fact that most Americans have issues with obesity. It is a common weight problem in the United States. Thus, country people including the Kentuckians engage in several weight loss activities. They also place high demand for fitness products. This makes the sale of fitness products a viable business idea in Kentucky. You can start this business with small capital. Anyone can also venture into this business.

3. Pet Industry:

This industry records boom each year. This is because the Americans including the Kentuckians love pets. Most pet owners creates expenditure for pet care services. Venturing into this bus8ness will always generate good income. Thus, you can go into pet grooming, pet-sitting, pet food sales, veterinary services amongst others. Invest in work tools for any aspect of pet care you want to venture into. The pet care business type determines the startup capital for the business.

4. Internet Advertising:

The world has gone digital, as most people are either connected to one media platform or the other. Thus, the use of internet space for marketing and advertising is a viable business opportunity. You can earn additional income in Kentucky with the use of various online business and marketing techniques. Also, you need to be knowledgeable on social media marketing, search engine optimization and other forms of paid advertising techniques. This business can be done from the comfort of your home. However, an internet-enabled laptop or computer device are necessary work tools for this business.

4. E-Commerce:

The act of buying and selling has changed momentum from the usual practice, whereby services are rendered with physical interaction between the buyer and the seller. The use of virtual interface for these activities is now the order of the day. People now shop online and from the comfort of their homes. These buttresses why the e-Commerce business will continue to boom in Kentucky. You can sell your products and services on any of the numerous e-Commerce sites in the State. On larger scale, you can also create an e-commerce platform where buyers meet sellers. This would however generate higher income, as you get a commission when transaction occurs via your platform.

5. Salon:

Taking care of the hair is a tradition that is common to most Americans. This is because the hair is one of the obvious part of the body which gets noticed at the first point of contact. A lot of people usually set aside some money for hair care services. Thus, setting up a salon is a good business idea that will thrive in Kentucky. For additional income generation, you can also offer manicure and pedicure services to your clients. One advantage of this business idea is that, you can start with small capital and also offer mobile services to your clients. It is important to invest in work tools and equipment to function effectively.

6. Transportation Business:

The importance of vehicles for mobility can not be over-emphasized. People tend to use commercial means of transportation from one place to the other. In a State like Kentucky, one can earn good money from transportation business. However, you need to have good knowledge of road network. Invest in a local taxi or inter-city bus to start this business.

7. Child Minding Services:

This is another business venture that thrives in Kentucky. Child Minding services has been in existence from time immemorial and it is brilliant way to earn money. A lot of working parents have busy schedules and as a result, they drop their babies at day care centres. Set up a conducive environment for the children and get started. You might need to register with appropriate bodies before starting this business in Kentucky.

8. Handyman Services:

You need to get trained on how to fix minor equipment and furniture in the house. The services of handymen are always required in Kentucky. Advertise your business within your locality and in newspapers. Also, you can work with Estate Managers. You pay them a commission while they refer a client to you. It is important to invest in simple tools before starting this business. Although this business is mostly suitable for men, women can also venture in the handyman business.

9. Events Promotion:

No special skill is required for this business and it is one of the easiest ways to make money in Kentucky. Simply convince and ensure people attends a certain events, seminars, conferences amongst others, while you pocket some cash in return. Also, you can help events organizers set-up a location and source for speakers. All these additional services implies additional income. You do not need an office space for this business and no startup capital is required.

10. Mobile Food Business:

Food Selling is a business that will always enjoy patronage, as long as the seller observes hood hygiene and offers good customer services. The working class Kentuckians patronizes food vendors because of tight work schedules. You can offer better services by delivering food orders at the doorstep of your customers. The startup capital depends on the projected size of the business.

11. Rug Cleaning:

In Kentucky, one can earn a quick income with this business idea. Simply get your cleaning tools ready and start this business. Market your services to commercial organizations, residential buildings in your locality and earn some bucks. You do not need any special skill to start this business.

12. Pet Food Store:

The pet industry is a lucrative one. This is because most Americans usually devote a certain percentage of their income to pet care. Starting this business in Kentucky will generate good returns on investment. You can start this business with little capital. This business can be done by anyone in Kentucky.

13. Bar and Wine Store:

Relaxing after a hard day or week job is common among working professionals in Kentucky. Make money from the sale of assorted wines and bar services. Ensure your bar is safe and good hygiene is maintained. The capital for this business is dependent on the projected size of the business.

14. Commission-Based Sales:

If you can sell ice to the eskimos, then you can make money from commission-based sales and marketing job. Work for new business owners that needs to increase or improve their deposit and customer base. You get paid for every purchase a client makes due to your referral. You can earn sustainable income from this business idea if you are hardworking. You do not need any startup capital for this business. With the advent of internet and social media platforms, you can get this business done from the comfort of your home.

15. Building Inspection:

Most buyers these days engage the services of building inspectors to conduct check-ups on their dream homes and edifices. Carry out complete structural evaluation and engage the services of handymen to fix bad equipment or furniture. It is important to have good knowledge of building codes and construction services. You can understudy an expert before venturing into the business.

16. Graphic Designing:

This is another business idea that generates good income in Kentucky. It is however important to get trained on the art of graphic designing. Learn how to use various softwares to make your work easier. Creativity is an important attribute expected of a graphic designer. You should be able to use your graphics to communicate. Develop a good portfolio and market your services to small businesses and organizations. Anyone can venture into this business. However, you need to invest in computer device as your work tool.

17. Medical Transcription:

As a transcriptionist, you can work as a member of a medical team from the comfort of your home. Many medical facilities 8n Kentucky require the services of a medical transcriptionist to work on patient’ss medical records. It is important to get necessary trainings in linguistic and medical terminologies. This business idea is lucrative and you can work to several clients at a time. A laptop or computer with internet access is a requisite for this business.

18. Personal Chef:

Help busy professionals, the sick or the senior citizens to prepare their delicacies, while you pocket some money as a renumeration. Also, you can prepare various cuisines for families on their special days. Usually, cleaning the kitchen after-use is an added service. This business idea is viable in Kentucky. You do not need a startup capital for the personal chef business. Men and women living that enjoys cooking can venture into the business.

19. Online Tutor:

If you reside in Kentucky, you can generate an income from online teaching. If you are versed at a particular area of study and you reside in Kentucky, you can start teaching people for a fee. This business idea is viable because of the advancement in technology, which helps people to acquire knowledge from the comfort of their home.

An internet-enabled laptop or desktop computer is a necessary work tool for this business thrive. Stay-at-home-moms can venture into this viable business.

20. Recruitment Agency:

Starting an Human Resource recruiting firm is a business idea that is viable in Kentucky. This is pertinent to the high rate of unemployment in the United States of America. Recruit the right candidates for organizations and earn an income.

Also, you can link job seekers to employers and charge for the service. A well equipped office space is needed for this business. It is important to get familiar with Human Resource best practices before venturing into this business. You can start this business with medium capital.

Although Kentucky State supports new businesses, it is also important to do feasibility studies on any business you want to venture into. Advertise your products and services to the appropriate demographic and record good sales. Listed below are 20 biggest cities in Kentucky;

Adair County, Columbia, Balance of Adair County, Allen County, Scottsville, Balance of Allen County, Anderson County, Lawrenceburg, Balance of Anderson County, Ballard County, Barlow, Kevil, La Center, Wickliffe, Balance of Ballard County, Barren County, Cave City, Glasgow, Park City, Balance of Barren County.

Venturing into any of these business ideas in Kentucky is a good way to start earning some good cash.

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