Best Business Ideas to Start in Idaho

Most Profitable Small Business Opportunities in Idaho

This article highlights 20 highly profitable business ideas in Idaho. Starting a business in Idaho of the United States of America is relatively easy, as the climatic condition of the state favors most businesses. However, you need to offer good services to encourage repeat demand for your goods and services.

The business ideas discussed above will thrive in any part of Idaho. It is however important to meet the necessary requirements and do feasibility studies before starting these businesses. Listed below are 20 biggest cities in Idaho according to population;

Boise City, Nampa, Meridian, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Twin Falls, Lewiston, Post Falls, Rexburg, Moscow, Eagle, Kuna,  Mountain Home, Chubbuck, Ammon, Hayden, Blackfoot, Garden City.

List of Thriving Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Idaho

1. Events Promotion:
One of the ways to generate side income in Idaho is to promote events like seminars, exhibitions, launcheons amongst others. This business idea is easy and does not require a startup capital. You need to be persuasive to function effectively as an event promoter. Payment for events promotion job can be a fixed amount or subject to the number of people you bring to the event. This business can be done by men or women with spare time.

2. Office Support:
Yes, you can offer office support services to busy professionals. The services of a support staff is also required in situations whereby a member of staff goes for sick, study or maternal leave. Filing documents, entering data, sorting mails, typing are usually the tasks for office support staff. It is important to have the basic knowledge of computer usage. This business idea does not require any startup capital and it will thrive in Idaho.

3. Food Delivery:
Adding delivery services to a restaurant business ensures customer satisfaction. You can generate income by offering food delivery services for restaurant operators. A vehicle is needed to ensure quick deliveries to customers. It is time-saving to deliver food to customers within the same location clusters. Anyone can venture into this business. It does not require any startup capital.

4. Foreclosed Home Cleaning:
Contact foreclosure agents in your locality and notify them about the  services you render. The state of many foreclosed home is so bad that it requires thorough cleaning before it can be put up for sale. The market for this business idea is not saturated. Thus, one can generate good income from the foreclosed home cleaning services in Idaho. No capital is required to start this business. However, you need to invest in basic cleaning tools.

5. Instagram Marketing:
Marketing is the soul of business. Advertising and marketing products and services has gone beyond physical activities. Due to technological advancement and the continuous rising of social media networks, many organizations now display their good and services on social media platforms. Instagram is one of the platforms where you can showcase your goods and services to people. You can start generating income through instagram if you have thousands of followers on the platform. Post about brands and organizations on your page and get paid.

6. IT Support Services:
The importance of IT services cannot be over-emphasized. If you have good technical skills or knowledge of hardware and software services, then you are on your way to financial freedom in Idaho. These services can be rendered to clients through the telephone or online medium. The IT support services is one of the highly lucrative stay-at-home jobs. No startup capital is required for this business.

7. Pet Care:
Americans love pets and they spend a fortune in caring for these animals. The pet care service is one of the lucrative businesses in the United States of America. The pet care can include grooming, bathing, food supplies amongst others. Acquire the pet care skills and start generating income. This business does not require any startup capital.

8. Debt Recovery Service:
A lot of individuals or organization are always too busy to track down delinquent debtors. Your main aim is to ensure these debtors pays back the money they owe your clients. Basic knowledge of debt recovery process is a requisite to starting this business. No office space or startup capital is required for this business.

9. Website Design:
The art of website designing has been simplified with the advent of specialized softwares for creating websites easily. With basic technical and graphic skills, you can develop a good website. Contact business owners in Idaho and get paid while you design websites for their businesses. It is important to know that this business is saturated. Thus, you need to offer good services to encourage patronage.

10. Personal Shopper:
As an image consultant, you advise clients about brands, style or color combinations. Another duty of a personal shopper is to help the client make good wardrobe choices during shopping. The consultant can also do the shopping on behalf of the client. Venturing into this business is a good way to generate side income. You do not need any startup capital for this business.

11. Assorted Wine and Liquor Bar:
After a hectic day/week, most people relax by taking wine or liquor at a conducive bar. This business is highly profitable in Idaho. You need to get a good location to always encourage patronage. The required startup capital is dependent on the size of the business.

12. Mobile Phone Repair:
Due to technological advancement, many people have deviated from using computer systems to mobile phones for most of their online activities. Thus, the acquisition of these devices are always on the increase. This makes mobile phone repair services a business opportunity which is equally viable in Idaho. You need to acquire mobile phone repair skills and invest in work tools before starting this business. Men and women can venture into this lucrative business.

13. Rent / Sale of Party Items:
One can generate extra income with this business idea. Invest in different party items and sell or rent them out. You can start this business from home and acquire an office space later. More income can be generated from rent timeline defaulters. These business idea is suitable for men and women living in Idaho.

14. Commission-Based Sales:
Offer commission-based services to new and existing business in Idaho. This is another way of generating income if you are good at marketing products and services to people. This business can also be done from the comfort of your home, depending on the marketing and sales strategy adopted. How well you negotiate also determines your profit / income. No startup capital is required for this business.

15. Gym and Fitness Center:
Keeping fit and healthy has always been paramount to the Americans. They carry out different gym activities to reduces the chances of terminal diseases. They also do various exercises to help them get their desired body shape. Therefore, you can make money by venturing into gym and fitness business in Idaho. Medium to large capital is required to start this business. Anyone can venture into this business.

16. Pizza Restaurant:
Yes! The Americans love pizzas. They love to try out different cuisines. Thus, a pizza restaurant business will definitely thrive in Idaho. You can generate good income from this business if you offer top-notch services to your customers.

Also, you need to be creative with food for increased patronage. Ensure you have varieties of pizzas at any point in time. Hawaiian pizzas, barbecue pizzas, Italian Susage pizzas, harmbuger pizzas amongst others, are types of pizzas you can add to your menu list. Medium to large capital is required to start this business.

There are different tourist business ideas one can start in Idaho. You can work as tourist guide were you provide tourists and visitors with information on food, accommodation, attraction sites amongst others. You can also offer language translation services to visitors and tourists. These business can be done both on full-time and part-time basis.

Also, you need to set-up an office location. You can start this business with little or no capital.

18. Adult Care Services:
Many working professionals have busy schedules and engage the services of a caregiver for their aged parents. Taking care of the senior citizens is a growing industry with many opportunities. You work as a companion to these old people in their house or organize social gatherings constantly.

Tolerance is an important attribute needed by anyone who considers rendering adult care services. You do not need any startup capital for this business.

19. Potato Cultivation:
This is one of the businesses that thrives in Idaho due to the favorable climatic conditions. Also, there are huge demands for potatoes in Idaho due to its varieties. You can cultivate different species of potatoes in the State and process them into snacks.

The startup capital is dependent on the size of the business. Potatoes farming can be done alongside other business. It is also a good business idea for stay-at-home-moms.

20. Manicure and Pedicure Services:
Gone are the days where manicure and pedicure services are luxuries for the rich. Nowadays people of different class, strata and demographics request for these services. These implies that the demand for manicure and pedicure services has increased.

You can key into this business opportunity and generate sustainable income. You can set up an office, engage in mobile services or offer home services to your clients.

However, you need to understudy an expert in the business for a short period before setting up your own business. The manicure and pedicure business can be done by both men and women. You can also start with little capital.


Are there good self employment business ideas in Idaho? Idaho is a state in North-western America. It is the 19th largest by size and the 39th largest by population, in the United States of America. Idaho plays host to a number of large energy companies and has an array of natural endowments.

Coeur d’Alene, Blackfoot, Lewiston, Meridian, Post Falls, Jerome,Boise, Pocatello, Ammon, Garden City, Kuna, Rexburg, Lewiston Orchards, Moscow, Burley, Hayden, Chubbuck, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Mountain Home, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle

How to start a small business in Idaho State

The small business investor can take advantage of the following unique startup business ideas for men and women to start in the state of Idaho:


1. Paper and Pulp production

The state of Idaho is endowed with acres of woodland and forests. These areas are home to some of the most notable species of wood that are in great demand by wood processing and milling concerns.

So much so, that paper products manufactured in Idaho, are trusted by customers from around the world. The savvy investor can set-up a paper and pulp production facility, even on a small scale. All that will be required will be the availability of requisite manpower, financing and the establishment of the target market for the finished product.

2.  Lumbering

The savvy business investor can venture into this line of business that centers on exploiting the abundant forest reserves that the state of Idaho has to offer. This booming business startup will involve the cutting and felling of trees and transporting the logs to a wood processing plant, where they are treated.

Starting a Lumbering business in the State of Idaho requires that the entrepreneur obtains requisite permits and documentation before work can commence. The advantage of starting a lumbering business in Idaho, as compared to other states, is the ease with which this thriving business can be set-up, especially in terms of low startup capital.

3.  Agriculture Business

The state of Idaho is famously referred to as the potato belt of the United States of America. The vegetation and climate in Idaho richly supports the growth and nurturing of the potato plant. The savvy business entrepreneur can set-up a potato farming concern, where the quality of the various species of potatoes are of desirable standard.

To start a farming business, the investor can procure a parcel of land with minimal fuss and engage the requisite personnel to cultivate and tend the potatoes. The market for the produce is never scarce, as potatoes grown in Idaho is of a high quality that is sought internationally.

4. Information Technology

The state of Idaho has an economy that is partly driven by earnings amounting to over 25% of gross revenue, due to the export of the offerings of Information Technology. Companies like Hewlett Packard, Micron Technology and Clear Water Analytics are some of the technology firms that have established a major presence in Idaho.

This is as a result of the investor-friendly policies of the state. The savvy investor can offer consultancy services in IT related disciplines like Website building and development, software development, graphic design, email marketing among others.

The business owner will be required to have the necessary skills and training or to engage the services of a skilled staff, to handle customer’s orders and briefs. The business owner can also develop applications and processes that tackle a challenge and sell or retain the rights to the idea.

5.  Electronics Store/Shop

Idaho has a large number of electrical/electronics giants, with headquarters in the state. For this reason, electrical appliances such as TVs, radio sets, fans, lamps among others, are more affordable compared to the prices in other states in America.

The savvy business investor, can set-up a retail electronics store to put up these items for sale. The retail store owner can obtain these devices at discounted prices and sell to make a good return on investment.

There is also the possibility of exporting these appliances to other countries, in order to make some good profits.

6.  An outdoor Entertainment Company

The state of Idaho possesses exquisite scenery and views, that attracts a large number of visitors. The potential business owner can set up an entertainment and touring company, to cater to the needs of these individuals.

Services such as snowmobile riding, downhill and cross-country skiing as well as other engaging outdoor activities can be instituted for visitors and fees charged. The savvy investor will have to invest in adequate infrastructure and equipment.

In addition, the services of staff who are natives or have a rich knowledge of the state will be required, in order to add more excitement to the guided tours in this low cost business idea.

7. Plumbing Services

The state of Idaho has recently seen a decrease in the numbers of plumbers that service its ever increasing population. The prospective entrepreneur can tap into this opportunity by either acquiring the necessary training and conditioning to be a plumber or by engaging the services of a qualified plumber.

The owner of the plumbing service can quickly build up a decent clientele by rendering qualitative service. Satisfied customers will surely spread the word about the business to others.

8.  Wheat Farming

The climate of the state of Idaho supports the cultivation of a number of crops, including wheat. The varieties of wheat grown in Idaho include dark northern spring, hard red, and soft white. These varieties are in high demand by beverage and liquor firms; both at home and abroad.

An interested investor can procure land at a good fee, obtain requisite equipment and machinery as well as engage the services of competent hands in order to run a wheat farm. Good quality produce will ensure that the entrepreneur makes a handsome return on his/her farming business. Agriculture is one of the most profitable business ideas in Idaho State.

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