Best Business Ideas to Start in Connecticut

Most Profitable Small Business Opportunities in Connecticut

Are there some really good business ideas in Connecticut? If you stay in Connecticut or would love to go there and do business, I have good news for you. Unfortunately, people tends to believe that setting up a business in a state like Connecticut can be as hard and risky as hell, whereas, that isn’t the problem; the problem is which business would you capitalize on? it is very simple more than you dream.

Although, you can think it’s not, but I can guarantee you that after catching a sight of this business ideas in Connecticut, you will surely be convinced.

It depends on the kind of business you want to dive into, you can venture into any, albeit, it also depends on the materials, amount or talent you have at hand. But I will segment this write-up into small and large scale business ideas.

So, here are lucrative business ideas in the Southern part of United State of America; the state of Hartford, Connecticut.

List of Some Lucrative Small Scale Businesses and Investments in Connecticut

1. Real Estate
Talking about business ideas in Connecticut, the first thing that would strike the mind is real estate business. This is as a result of the vast development that the state is experiencing these days.

According to the America bureau of statistics; the whooping amount of money real estate are generating is jaw dropping, even the US Census bureau attest to this by stating that the real estate industries has 15% impact in contributing to the economic progress of the country.

So, to get started in real estate in Connecticut, you need to go for the necessary paper documentation and accrue the required license, having done this, you are good to go into real estate in the state of Connecticut.

2. Dry Cleaning Service
This is a priceless business idea and opportunity you shouldn’t loss in Connecticut if you ain’t that financially strong to capitalize on large scale project. This business idea would generate and fetch you money, plus make life easier, simpler and comfortable for you.

Here, you only need equipment like a dry cleaning machine, a pressing iron (which you might already have), hangers, and nylon bags just for a start. You can be using your home as your office till you can gather enough fund to get a good place. With a banner with the inscription of “LAUNDRY SERVICE HERE” you are fit and ready to go.

This business idea requires that you are dedicated and friendly with your customers so they can continue to patronize your service. Instead of sitting down idle doing nothing why don’t you start this business for the now.

3. Agriculture
This business idea in Connecticut could be tagged as a large, medium or small scale business base on the level of your capabilities and abilities to handle it both economically and energetically. This is another great business idea in Connecticut that should never be over emphasized.

To venture into agriculture as a business in Connecticut, you would need to defined your niche or area to specialized on. Areas like poultry rearing, diary production, catfish and/or shellfish business, oyster farming, tobacco and fruit are the profitable, reliable, comfortable and successful agriculture based business ideas in Connecticut that you can capitalize on and build a financial freedom for yourself.

4. Sales of Equipment
Sales of equipment is another business idea and opportunity that you can kick start on your own in the state of Connecticut and earn steady income with little or no problem at all.

The Manufacturing industry has the third biggest economy in Connecticut which means starting a business of sales of varieties of manufacturing equipment in Connecticut is a surefire business idea.

You have the constructions equipment there, electrician, plumbing, boat manufacturing, Helicopter and other aerospace equipment or parts, and other vocational tools are all there for you to venture into in Connecticut. Try this and you shall see the magic.

5. Hotel, Recreation and Casino Business
This is another large scale business idea in Connecticut. A result reported on culture and tourism in Connecticut in the year 2006 suggested that the area of film, art, culture and tourism generated $14 billion to the economic activities and $9 billion as a personal income, 170,000 labor force and so on.

This means that heterogeneous mass audience do visit Connecticut on a daily basis maybe to film, for excursion, holiday and what have you. So, if you endeavor to set up a well-furnished hotel and suits, recreation and casino center in Connecticut; you wouldn’t regret capitalizing on such project.

You don’t need to be an expert before you could do this, all you are required to do is to get an experience real estate to get you a nice and commercial location to set up the business, plus an expert in hospitality management who is very versatile in term of hotel and suits management, casino upbringing and recreational center.

With these people and permission from the government through acquisition of the required paperwork and license, my dear you are good to go with this business idea in Connecticut.


Are there viable business opportunities in Connecticut? Connecticut is a state in the United States of America with viable opportunities for new businesses to spring up and survive. This article will give an insight on 20 viable and profitable businesses in Connecticut.

The state is known for its booming activities in the finance and manufacturing industries. The climatic condition is mostly favourable for outdoor business activities.

Below are the list of big cities to set up a business in Connecticut;

New Haven, Ansonia, Norwalk, Middletown, Danbury, West Haven, New Britain, Waterbury, Meriden, Shelton, Torrington, Naugatuck borough, New London, Stamford, Derby, Milford, Hartford,Bridgeport, Bristol, Norwich

How to Start a business in Connecticut is a good buy, if feasibility study is done to determine what works best for you.

Discussed below are 20 business ideas that can generate money for you in Connecticut;

1. Antiques

Money can be made from the sale of these old objects and materials. Simply purchase antique furniture at estate auctions and flea markets at reduced cost and resell to your customers. You can get clothes, toys and  household items from the past to resell.

There are more sales opportunities when you set up booths at specific days of the week or days with special celebrations, and display your products for prospective buyers.

This business can be started with little capital. You need to know and understand your market before venturing into the antique business.

2. Computer Tutor

With the several finance, insurance and manufacturing companies that exist in the state of Connecticut, computer tutoring is definitely a viable business to venture into. If you are good with use computer software and tools, then you can render your services to these organizations by training their members of staff.

Also, you can render your services to individuals in your locality. Prior knowledge and skills in computer software usage is the only requisite to start this business. However, a computer / laptop is a useful tool for this business.

The computer tutoring business can be done with little or no capital, unless you are setting up a lecture room.

3.Custom Jewelry and Accessories

If you are creative with designing custom jewelry and accessories, you can venture into this business. A lot of people like to have their personal signatures on the items they adorn themselves with. You can work with recycled metals, sterling silver amongst others.

This business can be done with medium capital. Also, you need to constantly showcase your products during art shows, holiday boutiques or craft fairs.

4. Home Inspection

A lot of people prefer to engage the services of a home inspector to check out the state of their dream homes. The inspector would check for structural problems and give feedbacks to the client or handymen to fix them.

You need to posses good knowledge of construction to work effectively as an home inspector. This business can be started without capital.

5. Medical Transcription

This medical business can be done without leaving the comfort of your home. The demand for medical transcription experts by doctors, veterinarians, hospitals and other medical specialists is high in all states of the U.S.

Your duty is to transcribe patients’ medical records for this medical specialists on request. A good training in medical terminology and linguistics will help the business thrive.

Apart from your skills, a computer system with good internet connection are the required tools for this business.

6.Blogging About Your Passion 

Yes, blogging pays. In recent years, blogging has been recorded to generate good income for people. However, you need to have flair for writing and be an avid reader. Blogging about your passion will allows provide you with topics to write on. You can venture into fashion, entertainment, politics, sports or even gossip blogging amongst others.

To thrive as a blogger, you need to work towards generating good traffic to your blog. This is the genesis of making money as a blogger. Also, you need to study your target audience and write on what will appeal to them.

However, in a state like Connecticut with more interest in Finance, Insurance and Manufacturing, there is good market for anyone that blogs in this area. A laptop, desktop computer or mobile device with good internet connection are the only required work tool to start this business.

7.Mobile Pet Grooming

It is no longer news that Americans, including the people of Connecticut are lovers of pets and they spend lots of money to make sure their pet is healthy. Mobile pet grooming is another aspect of pet care, which involves moving from from location to the other to render pet services to pet owners. You need experience to start this business.

Thus, you can understudy an established mobile pet groomer before you start out your own business. A van and grooming tools are requisites for this business.

8. Personal Chef

Many working parents and professionals engage the services of personal chefs because of their busy schedules, while others hire them because they want to have special time with their families. As a personal chef in Connecticut, you must be a good cook with knowledge of different intercontinental dishes and delicacies.

Cooking is mostly done in the home of the client. You do not need any capital to work as a personal chef.

9. Dry-Cleaning Pickup & Delivery

As a dry cleaner in state like Connecticut, you can add pick-up and delivery to the number of services you render to clients with busy schedules. This should however attract additional service cost to the clients. Timely delivery of items would definitely give you an edge to succeed in this industry. Little capital can be used to start this business.

10. Personal Trainer

Americans, including the Connecticutians, take conscious efforts to keep  fit and healthy at all times. They often hire personal fitness coach to guide them on different fitness routines which would help in achieving their desired body structure.

Marketing your services is key to developing your business prospects. You do not need any capital to start this business, unless you want to have a gym centre.

11.Elder Care

The care for the elderly is a business with good prospects. This is because of the report that says, nearly 7 million people in the United States of America will be above the age of 85 by the 2020. The implication of this report is that there would be more demand for elder care as years roll by.

Most of the elderly people prefer to live at home, which means the services of personal elder care officer will be required. You do not need any capital to start this business. However, you must be patient, friendly and attentive to excel in this line of business.

12. Handyman

You must be skillful as an handyman. A lot senior citizens and homeowners prefer to engage the services of a handyman to fix broken or bad items in their homes. Prior knowledge of fixing basic household items is required to excel in this line of business.

Also, you need to invest in simple tools to work with. This business can be done a part-time or full-time basis.

13. IT Technical Support

Like other states in the U.S, most small organizations in Connecticut do not have special budget for IT technical support. They only contact IT specialists when their computers or network systems run into a glitch.

As an IT technical support staff, you can resolve technical complaints online or through a telephone. This business is one of the highest paying work-from-home jobs, as long as you are versed in various sub-fields in IT. A stable internet connection is required for this business.

14. Sale and Rent of Bicycle

Bicycles are mostly in high demand and use in Connecticut. A lot of people prefer to move from one location to the other on bicycles. This simply creates business opportunity for anyone living in Connecticut.

You can venture into the sale and rent of bicycles to people.  It can also be done by men and women alike. Little, medium or large capital can be used to start this business.

15. Groceries Store

Groceries store business is common in most states of the U.S and you can venture into as well. There is good market for the business but you need to be strategic to always gain new customers and retain old ones.

Ensure most of the products you have for sale are fresh and have not exceeded their expiry dates. This business can be done with small capital, while you expand it as the business grows.

16. Property Maintenance Business

As a property maintenance professional, you tend gardens, mow lawns and carry out other maintenance activities needed in a building. This business is viable in any part of the world. You can also hire cheap labor to carry out tasks for you.

There is need for you to invest in simple maintenance tools. This business can be started with little capital.

17. Pharmacy Business

This is a business that can survive anywhere in the world. Owning a pharmacy store is a good way to generate side income, especially if you are a pharmacist. It would be required for you to have a license to function before setting up the business.

Also, you need position your store in a strategic location where people can easily access the products you have for sale.

18. Virtual assistant

Working as virtual assistant is good business for stay-at-home mums, students and other people that need to generate income. The job description is to assist busy professionals to organize their tasks and schedules, check and respond to their emails, and carry out other administrative tasks.

You need good internet connection to function effectively as a virtual assistant. This business does not require a startup capital.

19. Website design

Most businesses nowadays use websites to promote their good and services. The demand for website design arises as new businesses spring up. Thus, most web designers have a large market to penetrate, although competition to get a good share of the market is also high.

You need to put proper market strategies to get more clients to request for your services. Good knowledge of website design is needed to venture into the business.

20. Auto detailing

If you enjoy keeping things sparkling clean, then the auto detailing job is for you. The business can be done alongside other jobs. Students can also do this job on part-time basis to generate income. Your main duty is to ensure that both interior and exterior parts of vehicles are thoroughly cleaned.

Little startup capital is required for this business in Connecticut.

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