Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Best Strategies and Opportunities

Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing For Dummies? Affiliate marketing for dummies is the big thing as far making money on the internet is concerned. Other options such as PPC Ad Networks will fetch you crumbs, when compared to a successful affiliate network. Compared to PPC Ad Networks, you don’t actually need tons of traffic to make huge money.

Technology had enabled things to be run smoothly. People now prefer buying products and goods from the comfort of their homes with just a click or two. That is the power of the internet, and that had created more opportunities for beginner affiliate marketers. People will always want to be sure the product they want to buy is one they won’t regret buying, thus will seek for reviews about the product(s). And when an affiliate marketer convinced them that the product is right, they will be eager to purchase it with the link provided by the affiliate marketer.

Do you want to know some of the things top affiliate marketers are doing that enable them make big money? Here are some successful 
affiliate marketing for dummies ideas.


The mistake many newbies in choosing affiliate marketing programs for dummies make is this: trying to dominate as many as fifty niches in their first few years. They make the success stories of others to make them lose focus. When they hear about people they know in other niches making lots of money, they begin losing faith in the niche they are working on, and begin going into other niches.

When that happened, they won’t be able to turn any of their websites into an authority one; and won’t be able to make anything reasonable from any of them.

But the right thing you should do is to concentrate on building a brand that adds value to your visitors. The internet affiliate marketing industry is getting fiercer and fiercer by the day. Therefore, it will soon be difficult to succeed as a newbie affiliate marketer if you don’t have a brand that users can trust. You just look at the different successful affiliate sites on the internet today- they are strong brands.

So, before going into other things, ensure you’ve achieved a level of success with one.


Content is king. And to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to take content very serious. If you can’t create one or doesn’t have the time, don’t hurriedly prepare it- pay someone to do it for you.

An affiliate marketer is the middleman in the value chain, so you need to prove your value if you want to be taken serious. Create contents that adds value to consumer; and even Google will rank you higher than your competitors.


There was a time when many successful affiliate marketers were relying solely on Google search. And all of a sudden, Google introduced other factors for ranking, and they entered into trouble. The same apply with those who rely solely on their facebook page (I’m sure you know what’s presently happening with Facebook Page Organic reach). That is the world evolving

You should never rely on a single traffic source, but should diversify your traffic sources. Ensure you have your own audience, and don’t rents them out or make them leave you.


Things are changing quite fast, and affiliate marketers also need to move with the tide. Formerly, all attention is fixed on computers- but not so today. Even in 2014, it was reported that mobile accounted for 46% of all affiliate clicks. That is, many buyers purchases with their mobile phones. And that means, if you keep directing traffic to your affiliate site that isn’t mobile friendly, you are losing lots of commissions.

And to outrank your competitors in search engine, as far as Google is concerned, Google want you to have a mobile-friendly site.


There are different types of affiliate products that offer different types of commissions. Some offers commissions as low as $0.15, while others offer commissions as high as $100. And though having a large volume of low commission sales can actually create a solid foundation for our affiliate revenue, the fact remains that true growth comes from high commission sales.

Success is morale boasting in affiliate marketing for dummies. When you make good money from your affiliate website, you will be encouraged to serve your readers better by being committed to taking your time to do more researches that will add more value to them.

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