7 Amazing Benefits of Reading Before Bed

Benefits of Reading Before Sleep

Is reading before bed good or bad?
Do you read? Are you one of those people that don’t have time to read a single book in a whole year? Do you intend doing it this year too? If you are, then please read this post to the end because this is the post that may change your whole life.

One sure way to relax before you sleep at night is by picking up a book to read. Whether you are reading a fiction or non-fiction, investing your time in reading before bedtime can promote some serious sleep health.

Do you know that there are many benefits of reading before bed if you make it your daily habit? If you are among people that read before bed then, I must pat you at your back because you are doing a great thing. Millions of people are suffering from insomnia and there are many ways to combat this problem.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some benefits you get from reading before bed and why you should continue the wholesome task every night.


1. You Sleep Better

Have you thought about why parent do read stories to their children before they sleep? Oh, you just thought about it now didn’t you? Reading before going to bed induces sleep.

Look at how children respond to bedtime stories very well, it helps them have a peaceful sleep and sleep better. If you ever find yourself wandering up and down the room because you can’t sleep, you try listening to cool blues but yet no solution, just pick up a book and you will wake up with that book on your chest not knowing when you took off.

Reading before bed helps calm the mind and you sleep better, and I pity those who miss this opportunity.

2. It Reduces Stress Level

According to research, it has been proven that reading a book before going to bed reduces 68% of your stress level. What a great way to kill stress of the day! It is more effective than other relaxation methods like drinking a hot cup of coffee, watching late night movies or listening to music.

So, whenever you find yourself stressed out for the day, just take a book and read before going to bed and you will sure be relief.

3. You will be Able to Concentrate Better

With the rise in the usage of social media these days, people hardly concentrate. Reading before bed helps you to concentrate better. It helps clear your mind from the day’s distraction.

Other benefits of reading before bed is that you will be able to concentrate better. When you concentrate, you start thinking clearly on important things that you once have thought on. Most especially when you read inspirational books, your mind’s focus.

4. You Become More Creative

Do you know that top leaders in the read books before bed? Have you asked yourself why? It is now obvious that top leaders in top brands read books before bedtime so they can become more creative and productive in making decisions that will raise their business to another level.

People that read books before going to bed has been proved by research that they are going to become more creative than people that do not. You begin to see problems and situation more creatively than before.

5. It Improve your Reading and Spelling Skills

Reading whether before bedtime or not, helps improve your spelling ability. Through reading, most times I have learnt many new words and how to spell them properly.

Reading helps you to discover and learn some vocabulary and better understanding of comprehension. If you make it a daily habit of reading before bedtime, your reading speed will increase, improve overall memory and gives you better understanding of the English language.

6. Create an Atmosphere of Peace and Tranquility

What is the best way to calm your nerves before bedtime? Certainly not through watching television I must say, it is through reading. Reading mostly fiction books take you into their world of adventure that you forget about any problem around you.

The colour light from television screen and computer won’t do you any good as a better way to have peace of mind at night before bed, reading books is the sure bet. Expert’s advice that if you choose to read eBooks instead of normal books before bed, your reading speed will decrease by 30 percent.

7. You will Become More Empathetic

Reading fiction books before bed makes you see the world from a different perspective. You start to understand why people respond in a certain way and how they will feel in a certain situation.

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