Starting a Beauty Pageant – Sample Business Plan Template

Interested in small beauty pageant business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a beauty pageant competition business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Beauty Pageant Business

Do you have passion for superficial beauty and display? If yes, you should start up a beauty pageant business. Society now demands highly of all forms of entertainment, a beauty pageant would be a very interesting and profitable business as it is a means to attract young girls who are passionate about modeling.

In starting a beauty pageant system, candidates contest for a crown or first place and they are judged according to physical attributes, charismatic traits, skills and brainpower. A pageant business is a flexible business as you would decide the rules and the theme of the pageant.

What are your reasons for organizing a beauty pageant business?


People start up beauty pageants for various reasons, it might be a source of entertainment, a means to help youths build up their social lives and dreams and it is also a source of revenue.

In this article, I want to share with you what you need to know to start a beauty pageant business.

A Beauty Pageant Business Plan

A very important part of starting up a beauty pageant business is drawing a business plan. The key to every successful business is proper planning.

Bullet out your weaknesses, strength and opportunities.

Starting up a small beauty pageant business would require less financing compared to a much larger pageant, it is very important that you draw out a budget proposal to mark your limit.

If you’ve limited source of capital, I will advise you seek assistance.

Registering your beauty pageant business and opening a corporate or business account would make it easier to gather sponsors and partners as they would financially assist in running the business.

With proper publicity, you could get sponsorship from various companies who would provide important services in your business.

You can get sponsorship from a drink company who would in turn supply drinks for free during the events. Getting sponsorship from a makeup company would relieve you of the burden of searching for makeup services.

You could also get sponsorship from individuals and groups that would provide prizes and awards and support in other areas necessary.

Another thing is, your business plan should contain a plan for profit making to serve as a guide when setting up your beauty pageant business, you must remain within your financial limit, cash coming into the business should not exceed cash going out.


You’ll need a well thought-out brand name as it would serve as your public identity.

Once you have figured out a suitable name, you should run a search on your choice to be certain that it hasn’t been chosen by another company.

Your local regional business administration authority or the Secretary of States office of your state would provide information on steps to take to fully register your business.

After this is done, decide a name for your pageant. It should be unique and should portray the theme of the pageant.


Publicity is a crucial factor in starting up a beauty pageant business and becoming successful. Decide a unique name for your pageant, register your business, set up your team, put out banners, flyers and employ other means to create awareness of your business.

After deciding a brand name, ensure you conduct sufficient searches to ensure your brand name is unique.  Your pageant cannot use existing names such as ‘Miss America’ as it already exists. Consult the Secretary of State in your area for other legal enquiries.

A beauty pageant requires a stage, a hotel would be a suitable work site as a hotel has readily available rooms for the contestants and guests, restaurants car packs and other luxuries.

Plan you event;

  • Decide a favorable year, month, date and time of the day.
  • Check factors such as the weather for the date you’ve ruled out. Make sure you have nothing planned out for the ruled out date.
  • Sell tickets.
  • Set up your runway. Set up a stage with proper lighting, stereo and a sufficient back stage.
  • Set up a panel of judges, get 3-4 people who know about pageants and fashion.
  • Set aside a dressing room.
  • Get a tiara, a sash and a trophy.
  • Contestants should walk on the walkway as the judges decide the points to award them based on listed out criterial.

Advertising your beauty pageant business will help to create awareness to the general public, mostly people that will be either interested or know someone who is. Social media, your local newspaper and posters are good tool for publicity. Make good use of them very well to your business advantage as it would be the most favorable means of public cognizance.

It will be very necessary for you to set up a website which would contain information on your pageant business as well as forms to fill out. This is good branding.

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