Bakery Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Bakery Marketing Plan Executive Summary

A business will never be able to achieve meaningful impact if it is done haphazardly and more so if there is no clear plan in place. We are more interested in the marketing plan as every business exists to meet a need through the provision of products and services.

Without effectively marketing these products and services, it will be unable to achieve meaningful sales of these products and services. Our focus is on the bakery marketing plan executive summary. We seek to provide a sample marketing plan executive summary for the bakery business for the benefit of the reader who may have little or no knowledge of how to write one.

The importance of the marketing plan executive summary cannot be overstated as it is very crucial to getting the necessary support which may include funding from investors or financial institutions. The executive summary of the marketing plan is always the first place investors are interested in going through. From the executive summary, they are able to decide if the business has the potential of succeeding or not. As earlier stated, marketing forms an important aspect of a business. Therefore, for the business to get the funding it needs, the executive summary section has to be viable.

Executive Summary
Tasty Foods is a bakery business located in the densely populated neighborhood of San Jose which will be involved in the production of several baked products that include bread, muffin and cupcakes, pies, chocolate cream pies, buns, garlic bread, cakes, and doughnuts among several other baked products. These products will be produced under the highest hygienic conditions through the adoption of highest quality standards. Our products are subjected to undergo quality control testing before they are certified as safe for consumption.

We seek to be a bakery business with a difference as we continually research on new ways of making our products better and more acceptable to our customers. This process will be headed by a research department where experts continually develop innovative methods of baking and developing new products and services. Our workforce is carefully selected with each possessing considerable experience in providing quality services either as administrative staff or in the baking line with each sharing our passion to be a force to be reckoned with in the bakery industry.

Our Mission
At Tasty Foods, we do not only seek to be the best bakery business in San Jose but to be among the top 5 bakery businesses in California. This target has a timeline, as we seek to realize this objective within an 8 year period from the date of commencement of business operations. We will not rest on our oars till our major goal is achieved.

Competitive Analysis
There are several players in the bakery industry. These have a varying degree of services which they offer. While providing their products and services, a lot of these try to provide innovative services to attract more patronage. We are not going to be left behind in this regard as we seek to establish a business which is always a step ahead of competitors. Our workforce gives us a critical advantage over other bakery business as we are prepared to invest considerable capital in hiring the services of experts in the business. Our workforce will not consist of bakers alone but will include marketing experts as well as qualified personnel who will man our quality control units.

We will be involved in an aggressive marketing campaign to attract high patronage through the use of every marketing tool available to us. These include the internet, TV and radio ads, billboards, word of mouth marketing as well as food shows in addition to more effective marketing strategies which will be developed by our marketing department.

Marketing Strategies
Our marketing strategies are broad-based and involve the use of several marketing tools consisting of the internet, the media ( which involves paid adverts in both print and electronic media), the use of the social media, word of mouth marketing as well as keeping our website always active with fresh pictures of effective products constantly uploaded. We understand that the secret to successful marketing is making highly desirable products easily available to our client. We will make it possible for clients to make an online delivery and be able to receive their orders in under 30 minutes and in fresh condition.

Financial Projections
While we seek to provide exceptional products to our customers, we have conducted a research on our potential for profits using available data as well as past market behavior. With this information, we have been able to draw up a 3-year financial projection plan which reveals considerable growth in revenue. Our findings are summarized in the chart below;

  • First Year $340,000.00
  • Second Year $580,000.00
  • Third Year $700,000.00

The information made available in this article is mainly for purposes of demonstration as we consider the bakery marketing plan executive summary. It is very important that you pay close attention to the marketing plan executive summary as the marketing plan must be viable enough to get you the funding you desire for your bakery business. This applies to other businesses as well.

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