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Executive Summary for a Bakery Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your bread bakery business? The bakery business sector continues to witness a continuous influx of investors who all want to gain a fair share of the market. Although so much interest has been shown, the same cannot be said for their level of preparedness for the challenges that lie ahead. Such challenges may come from setting up of adequate structures which can be beneficial to the business. One of such requirements for any business enterprise of worth is the business plan. One section of the business plan which is vital to its success is the executive summary.

Our aim is to shed more light on the executive summary section due to its importance to the success of the entire business plan document. This article will provide a bakery business plan executive summary sample, with the aim of providing critical guide to entrepreneurs and investors alike. The success of any business starts from its executive summary found in the business plan document. How well this part is written and arranged will determine if a business will succeed or not.

At the end of this article, the tips and insight provided can be used as a model or guide to write your own unique bakery business plan executive summary. Let’s delve into the details of the executive summary shall we?

The Executive Summary

Tasty Foods is a bakery located within the ever busy central business district of Indiana. Among our extensive range of bakery and delivery services, our clients can either choose to enjoy our products in the comfort of our cosy outdoor/indoor lounges. Our services are driven by excellence as we always seek to provide nothing short of the very best to our customers. This is also enhanced by our innovative services developed to build customer loyalty and trust.

Among a wide range of Tasty Food’s products are baguettes, leavened breads, cakes, biscuits, bread rolls, bagel, and buns. Others include muffins, brownies, cookies, crackers and several other products. These would be prepared under high hygienic conditions, therefore taking the health of our customers in high regard. We have a futuristic outlook, and plan on expanding our business to include restaurants and a bar. This would be replicated in every Tasty Foods outlet across the country.

Our Business outlet is located in the heart of Indiana’s pedestrian traffic, making it an ideal relaxation spot for pedestrians and tourists who will find the location a fascinating spot due to the presence of historic buildings and sculptures found around our business outlet. Our formative years will be focused on building financial stability and winning the trust of our new clients.

Founded by Mr. Graham Paine and his Wife Doris, the start-up funding will come from two main sources; from a savings meant for this purpose which has so far raised the sum of $80,000, and also from debt financing from a reputable financial institution where a balance of $150,000 will be sourced. The funding will cover the purchase of equipment, renting as well as the payment of the wages of our employees.

Our Objectives

At Tasty Foods, we have set targets for ourselves which we wish to attain during our first year of the commencement of business. With the aggressive marketing campaign we intend to engage in to attract patronage, we have a target of attaining a sales threshold of $120,000 during our first year of operations. Also, we would use this opportunity to also increase sales significantly during the second by over 40% while also expanding our operations through the opening of new outlets across Indiana and beyond. This would enable us realize enough income to pay off our loan obligations.

Our Mission

Our mission at tasty foods to is build a business brand which will stand the test of time. Currently, there are competitors within the Indiana area who also offer good services. A business strategy we will employ is to hire the best hands for the job. These would be persons with vast experience in the bakery industry and who have worked with major brands. Our remuneration will be attractive enough to encourage them work with us.

Also, the weaknesses of our competitors would be improved upon to give us an edge over them. We would be investing a substantial part of our funding into research where there would be a continuous improvement on the provision of innovative services.

Our Keys to Success

To measure up to the stiff competition within the industry, we will conduct a continuous training program for our entire workforce to enable them adopt industry best practices which will spur us to growth. Considerable time and effort will be committed to marketing and the advertisement of our products and services. This is a way of increasing our sales and patronage across our entire outlets. A good part of our profits will be ploughed back into expanding our operations across the United States.

Our host communities will not be neglected as we would carry out our corporate social responsibilities through encouraging community development projects as well as donating to charity among several other community development projects.

This is a bakery business plan executive summary sample which can be used by you to write your own unique executive summary. All the necessary tips and guidelines have been provided, and all you need do is to use this as a guide while brainstorming on what is unique to your business. Doing this will enable you come up with a sound marketing plan for your business.

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