How Much Does it Cost to Go to the Bahamas?

Bahamas Travel Costs & Prices – How Much Does Bahamas Vacation Cost In 2018?

What’s the average cost of a week trip to the Bahamas? The Bahamas is a country that is made up of about 800 islands. The country is officially known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and one of the famous Caribbean countries where there are lots of world class beaches and resorts. Apart from the beaches, the country also boasts of great wonders that are quite rare in other parts of the world. And interestingly, it is easy to find your way around the country as most of the nationals speak English.

Additionally, the country offers a wide range of fun activities for everyone, locals and tourists inclusive. It is the just the perfect holiday destination for families, friends, couples and those set of people that would love to experience one of the best vacation spots in the world. If you consider yourself an adventure seeker, you might want to place this country on your checklist because it offers a complete package, which is surely worth more than the price you pay. To enjoy all these, you might want to ask “how much does it cost to visit the Bahamas?”


How much does it cost to go on a cruise to the Bahamas? Vacation cost at the Bahamas will take in a lot of factors and so many other costs. Your budget will determine how much you will spend in this country. Remember it is a tourism destination and so items will not come on a platter of gold.

The cost of accommodation, feeding, number of persons, vacation days, flights and the season will all determine the total price you pay to vacation in the Bahamas. It is well advisable to go along with extra cashes in case of emergencies. Here is the the average cost of a Bahama trip:

When you try to make you booking on, you will get a cheap pricing that will be around $930 per individual, which is okay for 3 nights. The price is inclusive of the round ticket for flight, breakfast and hotel fees. But the scope here is that you have to leave the United States from the city of Florida, where the route to the Bahamas is shorter.

How much does it cost to fly to the Bahamas? Generally, the cost will depend on the location you are departing from and the total number of days you will be spending in the country. The farther you are from the country, the more you will be expected to pay in terms of flight ticket. However, if you are a group, then the price for an individual can slide to about $790 per head or even lesser, especially when the group goes for a travel package.

In all, you have to choose which of the packages would work for you. You also need to have it at the back of your mind that online bookings are updated every now and then and you are likely to get a good price if you check the website from time to time.


Here are some more expenses added to how much a trip to the Bahamas usually cost. It won’t really be any fun to stay on a spot while you in the Bahamas. Who would even travel to such a beautiful country and not explore the wonderful beaches that are there in? The beautiful country should be explored to the fullest, but that will mean you are spending more. You might not want to pay a visit to the Caribbean country if you are on a budget though.

With that in mind, these are some of the extra cost that you are likely to incur while on visit to the Bahamas. Some of these costs are just the additional expenses that you can’t avoid and some of the expenses are already included in the hotel package.

  1. ACCOMMODATION: Your accommodation in the country will already be covered when you make your bookings on the internet, but some people might want to check into other hotels, especially when they visit other provinces in the country. The accommodation cost in the Bahamas is on the average $63.5 per day. This will also depend on the size and class of the room you go for, so it will is advisable to do your personal research on the type of room that will fit you and your company.
  2. FOOD: If you will like to save a lot of money of feeding, you might want to check into a hotel that will offer free breakfast. Interestingly, most of the hotels in the country offer free breakfast as part of their package for their guests. With this in place, you will have some more money to spend on other special types of delicacies that you come across as you explore the country. The cost of feeding in the Bahamas will be in the range of $20 to $40 per day.
  3. TRANSPORTATION: local transportation within the country will be on the average $20.5, while you will spend more when you choose the inter city option, which is around $35.
  4. WATER ADVENTURES: The Bahamas is surrounded by water and there are a lot of water activities in the country. So you might want to try out some. Kayaking in the Bahamas will cost $70 for 4 hours, a Snorkel Trip will cost $75 for half a day, Jet Ski is about $50


These days, it is not quite hard to arrange an all inclusive vacation trip to other countries. You can even do that right from your cell phone, without any hassle. There are a lot of online portals that you can visit for this purpose. You can actually get cheap flight tickets from and offers great packages for a visit to the beautiful Caribbean country.

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