Archadeck Franchise Cost Price – Fee and Profit Information

Archadeck Outdoor Living and Design Franchise – Startup Cost, Fees, Price, Locations, Profit and Sale

Let me show you reasons why you should become a franchisee with Archadeck franchise. If you have found love in designing and constructing outdoor living space and you want to do it for a living, Archadeck franchise got your back. I know you must have heard of them and that is one reason you are searching and reading about.

About Archadeck Franchise – Information

Archadeck franchise is a contracting service business founded in 1980 with headquarter in Richmond, Virginia. Archadeck is specialized in customizing and designing outdoor living space by building decks, privacy fences, gazebos, benches, screened porches, outdoor kitchen structures and sunrooms.

Archadeck franchising corporation has built over 50,000 outdoor living projects across the country. Archadeck franchise has been in this business for more than 30 years and they are popularly known as North America’s largest designer and builder in building and customizing outdoor living space.

Why You Should Become a Franchisee with Archadeck Franchise

There are many reasons why franchisees invest with Archadeck franchise in pursuing their personal and business goals. At Archadeck Franchise, it is their nature to make sure their franchisees succeed because the success their franchisees is also their success.

Here are some highlighted benefits from Archadeck franchise:

  • High Personal Satisfaction

At Archadeck franchise, their support team is always on standby to support their franchisees in whatever it takes in achieving their goal as a business owner. It is guaranty to succeed as a franchisee with Archadeck franchise. Take that from me.

Running an Archadeck franchise, you are completely under your control as your working schedule is flexible and you can have an in-home office. With this kind of business, you get to meet with people of different background and culture put smile on their faces by beautifying their outdoor space for them.

  • Proven Sales Process

Archadeck franchise has a proven sales process that is of no match in the outdoor living industry.

  • Strong Market Demand

Of over the 50 million homes in the US, more than half of these homes need decks. The good thing about decks is that it will always need replacement every 10 to 20 years. And decks are just one of the many products that is built under Archadeck franchise.

So, you have the opportunity to always create new products as well as replace old ones for your customers.

  • Low Overhead Costs

With Archadeck franchise, you don’t need to house workers, building crews or design consultants. They are hired and paid on a job to job basis. This makes your overhead cost low and maximize your gain.

You don’t also need to get loan to order for materials as a down payment is needed from your client before any project can start.

How much is an Archadeck franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open an Archadeck?
  • Is archadeck a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average archadeck franchise price and fee?

Archadeck Franchise Financial Requirement

To own a Archadeck franchise, you will need to meet their financial requirement which include a startup cost of between $49,500 to $100,000. You should also have a net-worth of $100,000. A liquid cash requirement of $80,000. All these are needed of you before you can be granted the license to run a business under Archadeck franchise.

Archadeck Franchise Fees – Pricing

To become a franchisee with Archadeck franchise, you will need an initial franchise fee of $49,500. An ongoing royalty fee of 3.5%-6.5% on your gross receipt.

Archadeck Franchise Financial Assistance

Archadeck franchise offers financial assistance of up to half of the initial franchise fee if you are found qualified as an applicant. This will only be after the franchisee has signed the Promissory Note at the time they signed the franchise agreement.

Archadeck franchise do not guaranty a direct or indirect financing and they have the right to terminate its financing program at any time.

Archadeck Franchise Financing Options

For sure, Archadeck franchise offers different financing options. They offer in-house financing for the initial franchise fee. Archadeck franchise also have a relationship with third-party source that can help with financing to cover startup costs and inventories.

Archadeck Franchise Training and Assistance

As a matter of fact, Archadeck franchise provide outstanding mentoring and coaching to help their franchisees achieve their business goal as a business owner. The training is mandatory before any franchisee can open the business.

It is a 15 days training program. The best part about Archadeck franchise training program is that during your first year of operation, their professional franchise support team will also come to your business location from time to time for assistance and to discuss best practices on how you can run the business successfully.

The reason for their coming is to make sure you are implementing what you were taught in the initial training program into your business. There is also an ongoing support via their newsletter, toll-free line and their website.

Archadeck Franchise Terms of Agreement and Renewal

The terms of agreement for Archadeck franchise is 8 years before renewal.

How Much Does a Archadeck Franchise Owner Makes?

To be able to state how much a Archadeck franchise owner makes depend on many factors which may include business location, quality of customer’s services, strong business and management skills, creativity for designs etc.

How to Join Archadeck Franchise?

To join Archadeck franchise, you have to indicate an interest by visiting their website and filling up the request form you will find at the home page of the site. If they find your application interesting, you will be contacted by their Human Resources representative on the next action.

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