Best Apps To Send Anonymous Text Messages to Anyone in The World

Top Free Mobile Apps To Send Anonymous Text Messages Online From Your Cell Phone, Your Android and Iphone, Your Computer PC (Free + Paid)

How to send anonymous text messages
Technology has been changing the whole earth with the introduction of different applications. It is so easy today that with anything one want to do in this life concerning business, life and relationship, there is an app for that including apps to send anonymous text messages. I was watching a movie when a man just divorce using a mobile application. There is a mobile app for almost anything that one needs in life including sending anonymous text messages on your mobile phone over the internet.

A mobile app (application) is a software application created purposefully for use on small, wireless computing gadgets, rather than larger devices such as desktops and laptop computers. Mobile apps are designed, taking into consideration certain factors such as the demand and constraints of the device, as well as being able to utilize whatever special functions or capabilities the device possesses.

Mobile apps are sometimes classified according to the environment in which they operate.
They are web-based apps that can be downloaded from the internet, native apps that come pre-loaded on the smart device and hybrid apps, which feature elements of both Web and Native apps.

The creation and development of mobile apps have opened up a world of possibilities, in how effective and efficient tasks are carried out and in how people communicate remotely. So much so, that there exist mobile apps that can send and receive anonymous text messages online and communicate with others, with identities concealed. Is there an app to send anonymous text messages?

The following mobile apps serve that purpose:

What are the Best Mobile Apps To Send And Receive Anonymous Messages?


Truth is a mobile app, that enables one chat/talk anonymously with numbers on ones contact list. The icon conferred on all users on the app’s platform is the owl. One spectacular thing about Truth is that, it allows you to send anonymous messages online to your contacts on your phone. If the receiver don’t have the app, it only display part of the message and also give a command with a link to download the app. If the receiver has the app, it just display the message just like a whatsapp message.

Popcorn Buzz

Popcorn is a mobile messaging app that permits chatting and exchange of information within a 1 mile radius of the sender’s location. Usually, one communicates with just friends within that radius. It best serves persons on campuses and other enclosed areas. It’s own by LINE corporation, a free call messaging application. If you’re an already user of LINE, you just need to download the App and synchronize your contact list.


This mobile messaging app allows users to anonymously chat with other users. The criterion for use is that users share common goals and objectives. The app can be downloaded from the Google app store.


A mobile messaging app that not only permits users anonymity but also leaves no trace of the conversations and no history. The many appealing features of Psst include message encryption and instant deletion of messages marked as read.


This mobile messaging app is unique as it allows users to specifically share secrets and embarrassing instances, in an anonymous manner. In addition to the above, the app can be downloaded for free, from the Apple Store.


A major appeal of the mobile telephone messaging app is that it creates a convivial atmosphere for users, who can anonymously send chats and free text messages online to other users on the platform. Another exciting feature of RoomVine is that the app permits the live viewing of happenings in and around the vicinity of the user, with his/her identity covered.


This is another popular telephone app that enables users to send events and happenings at it occurs immediately from their cell phones, while still maintaining that desired level of secrecy. This app is available on Apple app store.


Wondr is a mobile app that enables anonymous conversations among twitter users. It permits multiple chats of up to ten people at a time, who can follow and be followed, with revealing the identities of the users.


Have you heard of this application? You will love it. Whisper as a mobile telephone app, has the unique feature of permitting users to dicuss, chat, share stories and experiences under the cover of a meme. It’s a free App that allows it users to send and reply messages privately or publicly. The messages being sent among user’s is called ‘Whisper’.

Moustache Anonymous Texting

This telephone app enable users on the platform to send text messages to telephone numbers, without the originating phone number being revealed. It’s a free app. This app allows you to send messages to your friends anonymously as text messages. As soon as you register you will be given a phone number which your receiver will see whenever they receive your message. This app is the perfect app you can use to prank your friends and family members anytime. It allows only 5 free messages after which you will need credit to send but receiving is free.


This is another popular telephone messaging app, that permits the anonymous sending of messages to other users on the platform. At present, it functions only on android phones.


This is messaging app that commanding increasing patronage amongst the youth and young at heart. It allows the anonymous sending of messages on the burble platform.

Yik Yak

This messaging platform ensures that users can share their most profound and deep-seated thoughts and secrets, under the cover of anonymity. The attraction of this telephone app is that it combines GPS and text messaging, such that only friends with a certain radius, are able to chat together.


Threema offers users the complete anonymity experience, for mobile text messaging applications. Created in 2012. This is an app that’s competing with Whatsapp in terms of increasing it user’s base. Though it’s not free. It cost $1.99 to download the app. Threema has gotten over 500,000 downloads according to Google Play Store. It’s one of the most popular apps to send send anonymous text messages from your cell phone in Germany.

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