How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

7 Ways to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

How do you make money on Amazon without selling your own goods? Amazon, also referred to as Inc., is the largest internet retail chain in the world by sheer volume of trade facilitated and by market capitalization. Amazon initially began operations as a book store but presently offers a wide range of consumer goods for sale including DVDs/CDs, physical and audio books, video games, electronics, furniture, toys etc.

In addition, Amazon also manufactures electronic consumer goods such as Amazon Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Fire TV.

Amazon also offers clod computing services and infrastructure. While it has its headquarters in Seattle, in the United States of America, Amazon also runs and operates retail websites for places such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In 2015, Amazon reportedly surpassed Wal-Mart as the biggest retailer, by market capitalization.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon achieved this feat, in part, due to its affiliate market program. Millions of people spend handsome sums purchasing goods on the websites of Amazon. Amazon offers the opportunity of marketing affiliates to take a cut from revenues generated from its global sales, when these affiliates draw people to click on links that direct to Amazon websites.

The commission structure begins at 4 percent of total sales. The sales commission continues to increase as the affiliate continues to engender more sales. Depending on the volume of sales generated and also on the type of goods that are purchased, the commissions that an affiliate could earn could be as high as 25%.

In order to begin to make money as an Amazon marketing affiliate, the following steps should be considered and carried out:


1. Create and sustain an Online Presence

The most rewarded Amazon affiliates are bloggers and/or website owners. These websites/blogs usually include links to Amazon, as well as have quality and relevant content on the site or blog, that can attract traffic and engender a purchase.

The intending Amazon affiliate can start a blog and write about issues and topics that he/she is knowledgeable on and that can guarantee traffic to the website. Then the blog or site can then look for products along the line of what the blog/site expounds on, in order tore-direct traffic to the Amazon website, in order to engender a sale.

2. Post Quality Content.

The blog/website owner can only attract and keep an audience, when the content of the website is engaging and relevant. In addition, the website /blog must be seen to be active; hence articles and materials should be posted at regular intervals.

3. Earn the Loyalty of your Audience.

In other words, do not come across as a desperate sales person, who just wants to make a quick buck or two. Such a mindset or stance might actually cause your audience to leave for other websites. It is important that your build the loyalty of your audience by providing relevant content that helps them with whatever issues they want to resolve.

On way of going about using a website or blog is to include affiliate links as recommendations or create list of preferred vendors or sellers and bargain price products.

4 Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

The intending Amazon affiliate will need to register for the program at. It is free to join. The rates for each region in the world are stated on the parent website and they do not differ in all cases. The account approval process usually spans 24 to 48 hours.

It is also very important that the intending affiliate marketer goes through the terms and conditions, knows what product(s) offer eligibility for the earning of amazon affiliates commissions, and knows how to post and how commissions will be paid before setting up an account.

5. Stick to products related to your niche or area of specialty.

This boils down to what products the website/blog owner should promote. It is advised that the affiliate sticks to amazon products that are closely related to his/her niche area. In order words, if the website talks about compact cameras, do not be tempted to foray into underwater cameras because they cost more and they could earn you a bigger commission.

Remain focused on your niche and readers who visit and are find value for their time through the content you post, will probably be inclined to make a purchase of a compact camera through the links on the website.

6. Increase Your Earning

Increase your chances of earning by regularly posting links to the products that Amazon sells. It is also important that the reader considers your website/blog a helpful guide and navigator.

7. Diversify Your Niche

Overtime, the website/blog owner should build as many links as possible to different products, all based on your recommendation and guidance. These are the fastest ways to make money from Amazon affiliates.

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