Best Business Ideas to Start in Alabama – Small Opportunities

Profitable Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Alabama

Here are some new small business opportunities in Alabama that can really generate high returns if you take action. Starting a small business in Alabama is not an easy task but it is worth it if there is a focus and readiness to face the challenges that comes with it. The process is really rocky. It requires much time, patience and extra effort.

Doing business in Alabama
Alabama is a state in the southern part of the United States of America which is also referred to as the heart of Dixie. Alabama is a state that is blessed with so many natural resources such as timber, water bodies, wide life and a very good soil for agriculture and 70 percent of the state is covered with forest and it is the second largest commercial forest in the United States of America.

Alabama is also called the cotton state because in the 80s about five million acres of its landscape was used to plant cottons. Alabama is the 30th largest of the 50 states in the United States of America. The rivers in the state include Chattahoochee, Tombigbee, Tennessee and Alabama River.

The natural resources found in a particular area determine the type of viable business that with strive there. With Alabama natural resources, it is automatically a home for tourism due to wildlife in the area and a home for hunters too and fishermen. Getting a business license in AL is also easy and straightforward.

Huntsville, Bessemer, Auburn, Alabaster, Dothan, Prattville, Opelika, Decatur, Florence, Enterprise, Hoover, Montgomery, Gadsden, Mobile, Phenix City, Madison, AL, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Vestavia Hills,


1. Farming: The soil is a very fertile for crops like cotton, vegetables, fruits, peanut etc. people must eat no matter how poor they are the raw materials for industries can also be produced through farming. Farming is a very good agriculture business that will strive in Alabama. Farming natural agricultural products is 100% profitable in Alabama because people are now more conscious of the health risk on consuming industrialized products.

2. Industry: Building a cloth making industry will strive in Alabama due to the presence of cotton in large quantity. They can easily be processed into different types of clothes such as jersey, underwears, socks, t-shirts, velvet. Though it can be capital intensive but it can be done and there is great profit in doing this. Timber is another crop that can be processed into different finished products such as furniture, condoms and lubricants, hampers, papers etc. processing timber into those finished products is an idea that can generate a lot of money.

3. Fishing and livestock: Due to the presence of large water bodies in the state, fishing is a very lucrative self employment business in Alabama. Fish for human consumption and fish can also be processed into canned food, foot wares, swimming goggles, fish leather, belts, toothpaste, dental products etc. livestock business in Agriculture such as cattle reserves and poultry can also strive in Alabama.

4. Freelancing: People are now aware about the advantage of advertising their business online. It attracts customers. People don’t go from place to place to look for product anymore; they just search through the internet so business owners in Alabama make sure that customers find them. Therefore low cost internet businesses such as web designing, social media managing and search engine optimization strategist are good online business ideas that will succeed in Alabama.

5. Buying and Selling Smartphones: This is a business idea that will strive very well in Alabama. With the invention of smart phones, tablets; i-pad etc. people have been relieved of the burden of carrying heavy gadgets around. Business and life evolve around the internet this days therefore selling and fixing smart phone devices is an idea that will boom in Alabama even for you as a student.

6. Restaurant Business: Running a restaurant is a type of food based business idea that will succeed in Alabama because people hardly have time to cook their meals and cooking nice meals make life easier for them. All they need to do is safe time by eating in a restaurant and make more money with the time they would have used to cook at home. You can also key into franchise opportunities around.

7. Pet Care Center: Americans loves dogs generally and see dogs as part of their existence. Citizens of Alabama spend a fortune on feeding, training, medication and veterinary services. Therefore establishing a pet care company in Alabama is a very good animal related business idea that will succeed

8. Dry Cleaning Business: Dry cleaning is a good home based business that will succeed in Alabama. Due to the fact that people in Alabama always want to look good and have little or no time to do their laundry, they look for an alternative to cover up for their demanding jobs. Having a laundry service that will help make life easy is a very good idea for both men and women.

These are great work from home business ideas in Alabama that one can venture into and stop relying on monthly paycheck. Go online, you will discover several business for sale by the owner in birmingham, gulf shores, mobile, orange beach, montgomery, fairhope, north, huntsville, alabama and other regions of AL that you can buy.



Do you want business ideas in Alabama of the United States of America? Or you want franchise opportunities that are lucrative? With a teeming population of almost 5 million people, Alabama has constantly been ranked as one of the places businesses can survive in the United States of America.

Alabama is also called the Cotton State and “Heart of Dixie”. The state is located in the southern region of the United States of America. Some of the industrial businesses thriving in the state of Alabama are; mineral extraction, automobile manufacturing, production and fabrication of steel amongst others.

Also, education, banking, healthcare and aerospace are other factors that make Alabama a good place to carry out business activities.

Here are some good cities to set up a business in Alabama;

Dothan, Madison, Alabaster, Prattville, Auburn, Bessemer, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Opelika, Florence, Huntsville,Birmingham, Mobile city, Gadsden, Phenix City, Decatur, Montgomery, Enterprise, Homewood,

Although, the state houses so many global brands and large businesses, it also favours the growth of small businesses. Below are list of 20 businesses that can be done in the state of Alabama;

1. Fitness Services:

Obesity is one of the common health problems in over 30% of adults in most countries of the world. The issue of obesity is also a major problem in Alabama according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is mostly a result of the inactivities of people during the leisure.

Since people living in Alabama are more aware of various health risks associated with obesity, they have resulted to getting fitness products and services which would enable them control weight gain.

Thus, it is highly profitable to delve into the sale of fitness products and services to meet the needs of the weight-sensitive residents of the Alabama community.

2. Online Marketing:

Majority of consumers are now internet savvy and they surf the net for information on various products and services before making a purchase.

As a result of this change in consumer behaviour, most businesses are adopting different online marketing strategies to make their brand visible to customers on the internet.

This also reflects why experts in online marketing business are experiencing boom in the services they render to their clients.

Online Marketing is a good business idea that can be done anywhere in the world, as long as internet connection is available.

3. Seminar Brokerage:

It is important to know that people source for different information on ways to make life better. Enquiries are made on business ideas / growth, retirement, healthy living, job and business prospects amongst other topics of interest. Conducting seminars helps people to make informed decisions and discusses its application to real life issues.

This is a profitable business idea that can be done in the state of Alabama and the prospects are high because of the industrialized nature of the community. Seminar brokerage requires little capital for a start.

The basic requirements to start this business are; conducive lecture room and internet facility. As an alternative, you can decide to provide seminars on different topics as requested at the location of the participants.

4. Pet Care:

Just like the Americans, the people of Alabama are pet lovers. They love dogs. An average dog owner spends thousands of dollars yearly on his or her dogs in Alabama. Most of these expenses are on veterinary services, dog walking, food, obedience to training amongst others. An aspect of this pet care services requires no capital to start.

For instance, one can venture into dog walking services, which involves taking the dog(s) for long walk till they are exhausted. This simple service is an easy way to generate income in Alabama.

5. Tablet / Smartphone Repair Services:

Due to the rapid advancement in technology, people now surf the internet using tablets and other smartphone devices. This is unlike the previous practice where people use desktop computers for internet transactions.

As a result of the booming demand in the purchase of these mobile devices, it is expected that the demand for various repair and maintenance services will also occur. Thus, the repair services of mobile devices is also a viable business in Alabama.

6. Adventure and Tourism:

This business idea is profitable in most states like in the Alabama community. However, the adventure and business tourism business requires moderate capital, as one would need to adopt different marketing strategies to encourage influx of tourists to the location of interest.

7. Candy Production:

This is a good way to turn hobby into a small scale business that will generate money. Candy production is a business which is also suitable for stay-at-home moms, as it requires low capital. Home-made candies are popular in Alabama. Thus, you can make money by venturing into this business.

8. Landscaping:

This is also known as lawn care. It is a business idea that requires moderate investment in the acquisition of equipment. Lawn care also involves the use of various marketing strategies for awareness and growth of the business. Do not forget that landscaping is one of the thriving businesses in the state of Alabama.

9. Martial Art:

This is a profitable business venture for martial art professionals. For a state like Alabama, these professionals offer various products and services to clients who wants to learn art of self-defence and attack to protect themselves. It is advisable to start this type of business on a small scale and with a single item.

10. eBay Selling:

Especially for sit-at-home moms, selling on eBay is another profitable business idea in Alabama. The good thing is that it can be done without leaving the comfort of your home. Make a product and sell on eBay. To make more money, you can also source for wholesale buyers from the site.

11. Clothing Industry:

The state of Alabama is known as the “Cotton State” due to the presence of cotton in large quantities. Thus, having a cloth making business will thrive in the state. This type of business can be capital intensive but it is usually profitable. The wools can be fabricated into different clothing materials like; underwears, t-shirts, jerseys amongst others.

12. Fishing:

Fishing is a lucrative business in Alabama. This is due to the presence of large water bodies in the community. Fishes are mostly used for different delicacies and can be processed into swimming goggles, fish leather, canned food, dental products amongst others.

13. Freelance Business:

The world of freelancing has made it easier for businesses to survive with less cost. People now take the advantage of advertising their businesses and services they can render online. They do not move from place to the other in search of products and services anymore. The freelancer can register on any of the numerous freelance sites available online. Due to the developed nature of the Alabama community, freelancing will thrive. This freelancing business idea requires little capital and its most important work tool is internet connection.

14. Smartphone Business:

Due to the advancement in technology, most people have shun the use of desktop computers to acquire mobile devices like; tablets, smartphones, iPad amongst others. As business life revolves around internet these days, more people purchase these light – weight devices in droves. Thus, it is highly lucrative to engage in the sale and purchase of mobile devices in Alabama.

15. SEO Consulting:

If you are skilled in the use of platforms like Google Analytics and search engines, then you have just found a good way to generate income. A lot of small companies do not know the importance of search engine optimization on their businesses.

In an industrialized state like the Alabama, you can educate business owners on the use and benefits of the SEO in transforming their businesses to an SEO – friendly property.

16. Social Media Consulting:

In an industrialized state like the Alabama, a lot of companies hire full-time staff member or engage the services of an agency to manage to manage their social media handles. Due to the many responsibilities of managing a business, companies can hire a social media consultant to manage their social platforms.

As a social media consultant, you help these companies post contents and schedules for their target audience and ensure followers count grow on the social media platforms. Also, the basic requisite to start this business is a steady internet connectivity.

17. e-Book Author:

In a civilized state like the Alabama, authorship is easy and lucrative. Many households have e-readers and self-publication has been achievable for many writers on various e-Book platforms.

A good marketing strategy needs to be employed by the author to ensure readers buy the e-books. It is important to always write on subjects that sells. For instance; one can write on real estate, weight loss, business and a host of other topics.

18. Technical Support:

This is another business idea that can generate income in Alabama. It is a known fact that many small scale businesses do not have budget for full-time IT employee. They engage the services of a remote technical support personnel when there is a technical glitch.

With good experience on networks and computers, you can provide technical support for these companies.

19. Livestock Farming:

Cattle reserves and poultry are one of the numerous agricultural businesses that thrives in the city of Alabama. Although, about 60% of the agricultural production is generated by production broilers, which are reared for sale or consumption. However, cattle reserves account for almost 11% of the livestock production in Alabama. Thus, it is highly profitable to venture into livestock farming in the city of Alabama. Availability of land is a requisite to start this business.

20. Personal Chef:

Yes, you can turn your hobby to money. This can be done by men and women alike. The work of the personal chef is to prepare home-made meals and delicacies for families, then do the clean up while he/she gets paid for the services rendered.

This can be done on part-time basis or as preferred by the chef. This is a profitable business in Alabama, as it generates income for the personal chef and increases family bonding.

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