Agriculture Business: 25 Best Businesses to Start in Agriculture


What is Agribusiness?
Are you interested in the starting new small business ideas in Agriculture? Agricultural business is one entrepreneurial establishment where you can make your cool cash without much stress. Have you be racking your brain on how you could start your own agricultural business? Below are tips on how to start a low cost agriculture business today!

There are different classification of successful agricultural business ideas, which are;


Most practical agriculture ideas can be divided into; planting productions and rearing of animals. Planting production can be in any of these forms depending on what you think,it soothes you.


1. Production and marketing of livestock feeds: You can hit the nail on the head by grinding grains like maize,corns to start up.These can be for poultry and fishing feeds.

2. Peanuts production: Countries in south American plant pea in making treasury as they export to industrial and agribusiness companies manufacturing it all over the world.

3. Vegetable farming: After tilling,you can reach out for vegetable seeds to plant, spinach and okro among others are good to use.

4. Juice production: Chivita, Viju started somewhere not as large as they were today but  they start the squeezing right from the passion they had,you can become more than them someday.

5. Nursery and Florist: You can meet experienced florist to get more knowledge adding it to yours,until then you can beat the reach as a flower entrepreneur.

6. Pesticides mixing: You can start by collecting specified and examined plant that’s dangerous and harmful to pest. Start locally and you will be move to step high.

7. Herbal mixture cultivation and production: You can also grow plants that can cure disease. Most medicine outside there are from plants

8. Hand Craft: Palm tree is a Lucrative tree for you, brooms, basket and other furniture are made from it,take a move now.

9. Spices production: ‘Gino’ in started locally as a tomato preserver now,she is know throughout the world, curry, thyme, peppers, tomato and the like can be your specialization.

10. Forestry: You can start planting trees in your home and help the society with oxygen, you can also sell by transplanting.

11. Cashew nut production: Though this crop production business in agriculture industry involves some special machinery to perform the task but you can start under your roof before being globalize.

12. Flour production: You can expose the bald,by grinding grains like, wheat, millet, corn, maize to make powdered food,i .e semovita.

13. Agricultural equipment leasing: You can but as much as capable local farm implements and start leasing (lending) to farmers and agriculturist for token.

14. Soya beans plantation: There are cogent nutrients in soya beans, it’s used for milk and soya beans cake.

15. Agricultural researcher: You can help farmers and other agricultural personnel to solve there years of problem with the advent of Science and technology.

16. Keeping farm record: You can be a farm recorder,you can become knowledgeable through keeping farm inventories.

17. Agriculture blogs and websites: You can give updates on a particular agricultural topic,since internet reaches the rural and urban settlement.That could be chip of approach for them, since they can visit anytime.

18. Fertilizer production: You can match up different examined ingredients together to become a brand in this innovative business


You can partake in raising livestock like;

1. Keeping rabbit
Rabbit is cunny and burrow animal,they fetch cool cash,i diligently ventured in this animal production business in agriculture sector.

2. Piggery
You can meet entrepreneur for this to make knowledgeable starting an agricultural business because you’ll engage in rearing pigs.

3. Cattle rearing
Northern Nigeria values the rearing of cattle, it’s a source of money to them.Make a start with a token you can stand out owning your own ranch and start this profitable agriculture related investment idea.
4. Sheep’s and goats rearing
Though they are different in specie but many make mixture rearing to meet market demand.

5. Poultry
This lucrative agriculture based business involved the rearing of local birds.many homes today can boast of keeping petty poultry, toda.They  are kept in cages and fed day by day to become valuable on sales,birds like hen, cocks, chicken, peacock, pigeons and the likes.

It’s basically rearing of animals in water which are fishes, snails among others.

1. Fishery
This involves the keeping of fishes in aquarium for consumption and selling purpose.

2. Snails keeping
Snails are 100% nutritious to our body,they involves gradual growth and any one can venture into it,so far you have the passion.If you lay your hands on any of the fore listed ones,you will surely be the next successful and distinctive entrepreneur.

That’s not all,there are some certain virtual steps you need to take as a vision bearer. Dedication, Discipline, Determination, Dedication, if you can put all this into your purse of vision,you will surely attain flying colours.

Thomas said”The secret of success in agriculture and agribusiness is Timing, Fencing and Certified “.Though the start might seems tedious,hard and harsh but the end is success’blessings in disguise”.


So following these steps will really globalize your commercial agricultural business management. Hope this list of lucrative agribusiness and food business ideas has been a great help to you in going into small agricultural business to become your own boss. To get agricultural farming business plan and proposal, click here: agriculture business plan

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