Agriculture Business Ideas and Opportunities in Nigeria

Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas in Nigeria

There are many lucrative business ideas in Nigeria in relation with agriculture. Are you thinking of venturing into the agricultural sector and start an agricultural business? Agribusiness has a prominent part in the Nigerian’s economy. Nigerian is popular for its supply of agricultural products in the country and the world at large because food is very important to man.


To make money from agricultural business in Nigeria, it is important that you have knowledge of agriculture and if possible, experience. For any agriculture business, you need a large piece of land and equipment’s. Agriculture businesses always have a huge profit turnout when done well.

You as a business man or woman should be able to use this advantage to your benefit since there are many opportunities in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. Some of the agricultural business ideas in Nigeria are:


(1) Poultry Farming

Rearing chickens and turkeys is a thriving business due to the high consumption of chickens and turkeys by Nigerians. Operating a poultry farm has been made easier with technology; for instance, there are several cleaning equipment that can be used in a poultry that will make it odor free to the extent that the next neighbor won’t be disturbed by odor coming from your poultry.

Poultry farm can be small, medium sized or large depending on the cash you have at hand. Poultry farm can be started in a room, abandoned property and so on; therefore, you do not have to wait till you have a very large space before starting a poultry farm.

(2) Fertilizer Production

Fertilizer is a major component of agriculture business in the country. Starting this business does not require a very high capital. One of the fertilizers that is popularly used is Vermicompost, this is the use of different species of worms to create a decomposing vegetable/food waste, vermicast and bedding materials. This compost contains more micro and macro nutrients than garden compost.

Under this, you can also produce weed killers since every farmer in Nigeria has the problem of getting rid of weeds (unwanted crops) in their farm. Nobody has been able to meet the demands of weed killers in Nigeria which still makes the business open to investors and entrepreneurs.

(3) Crop Cultivation

This is an agricultural business that is also known as “urban agriculture”   where foods are cultivated, processed and distributed in villages, towns and cities. This agricultural business sometimes also involves animal husbandry, horticulture, aquaculture, agro forestry, etc.

This business basically contributes to food safety and security because it increases the quantity of food available to those in the country/city and also provides fresh vegetables, meats and fruits which are the best.

(4) Flour Milling

You can also have your own flour mill in Nigeria. This agricultural business has to do with converting grains into flour.  Some of the grains that are converted are: wheat, cassava, millet, corn, etc.

This business is a thriving one in Nigeria because about 80% of the population consume flour and also bake including baking industries. The business can be started at a low level and later turn out as a big business. Some of the things that are done in flour milling includes; cleaning, grading, separating, tempering and grinding.

(5) Tomato Farming

This is another profitable business in Nigeria especially in this growing industrialization period. Huge quantity of tomatoes are imported into the country on daily basis, if you can produce healthy and good tomatoes in the country then the market will shift towards you and definitely become yours.

It is important that you get good seedlings i.e. healthy ones to plant when starting this business to maximize harvest and also to avoid breakage of crops and other forms of diseases. It also requires a large piece of land which is a challenge in the country because you need an open land and a warehouse where the tomatoes will be processed and packaged after harvesting them.

Nigeria is the best place to plant tomatoes because of the good soil and weather which is quite favourable to tomatoes. If your business goes well, you might even consider exporting tomatoes to other countries. Tomato farming is an easy business to start once you are prepared and have adequate knowledge of a tomato farm.

(6) Fishery 

Having a fish farm in Nigeria is also a good business idea because more than half of the population feeds on it. It is a popular agricultural business in Nigeria for many good reasons.

There are two major forms of fish farming which are: catfish farming and tilapia fish farming. It is more advisable to get trained before starting this agricultural business in order to achieve topmost success and satisfaction. In starting catfish farming, you either use a plastic tank or concrete pond.

If you have the cash and space to do both catfish farming and tilapia fish farming then you can go on with it but it can be quite demanding and stressful than focusing on one of the two forms of agric businesses in Nigeria.

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