Africa Needs To Develop Technology For Africa

Why Do Africans Need To Develop Innovation and Technology For Africa

It is very obvious now that technology has taken over our daily routines. Everything you can engage in in this present era has been taken over by technological innovations and advancement. Gone are the days when the bulk of our activities are been done manually. We can simply imagine the time and energy wastage in those past years. It is now a relieve to have discovered that those activities are now replaced to some extent, by technology.

We are presently in the information era, where knowledge can be acquired right off the internet in the comfort of your room. All you have to do is log onto the internet and start a constructive research about whatever information you want to gather. Technology, I must say, has made things so easy for almost everybody.

The advent of the Mobile Phone in Africa is a big revolution in the communication aspect of our lives. The mobile phone is truly a savior. It changed our lifestyle totally vis a vis easy and fast communication, money transfer, internet connectivity and so on. And as well other modern inventions such as the ipods, palmtops, hoverboard, mobile phone applications and so on. All these are part of what makes life so easy. I read of a particular phone application that could allow a 3rd party access your phone through your consent and then assist in trouble shooting some problems on your phone , even from another country.

But in all of these, how many of the technological inventions have been developed in Africa for Africans. They are mostly exported down here by other nations, most especially Asia that seems to have overnight, taken over the modern innovations in technological advancement. And likewise the Americas and Europe.

Technological innovations are a solution to problems. These problems abound in all societies and to make life easier for all, every country has the responsibility of getting a solution to these problems. The Western World has taken it as a responsibility to solve their daily issues through the development of different gadgets that will assist in this respect, and eventually export the solutions to Africa, but not until when it is certified that it has been able to meet the needs of their society.

Every society has their specific technological need, which I want to believe is peculiar to each society. What we consider as problems in Africa might not be in other parts of the world. So Africa should be so much aware that majority of the problems we have here will not be solved totally by the rest of the world, most especially if they see no commercial value in the solutions to the problem. Even if they present a solution, it tends to be quite high or expensive to get economically, which if Africa has taken her own effort in deploying resources towards finding the solutions to the problems, the reachability or affordability of the technology will be so low.

Now is the time for Africa to begin to find solutions to technological problems peculiar to Africa. We have the resources in both human capacity and energy. Natural resources as well abound so much all across Africa. These are what should be explored and innovations developed from them to ease life for the inhabitants of the continents.

I will be discussing the possible technology that Africa could develop by herself on a large commercial scale that will be quite affordable for Africans. These technologies could be readily available by now, but I am of the opinion that if Africa could invest further in them, then we will be less dependent on the rest of the world to meet our daily and long term needs.

After it has been highlighted that Africa needs to develop her own technology. It will be quite more interesting to itemize the possible technologies that the African governments can see a possible means of developing into large commercial scales. This will not only provide employment for Africans, it will also result into a wide reduction in our dependence on innovations from the rest of the world and the cumulative effect will be overall development and modernization of the whole continent.

The average environmental condition of most African countries is quite harsh due to the tropical placement on the earth. There is a widespread of high temperature in most times of the year. Hence the need to find a solution to the hotness on the inhabitants of the continent. Most Africans are always on the move and so the creation of a mobile air conditioner will not be a bad idea. It will be a device that will be installed in a cap and the cooling effect will be felt in the upper part of the body mass.

This is another form of technology the government or other private individuals could look into. Africa has a problem of power generation, hence the need for alternative source of power. Science makes us to understand that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Definitely, heat energy can be converted to electrical energy to charge our small devices. What will be needed will only be some device that will do the conversion and the heat that is generated domestically from cookers and burners could be utilized and recycled to generate electricity.

This also still bothers on micro-electric generation. Dynamos are used to generate electricity on a moving bicycle to power its heap lamp at night. The same mechanism, even advanced can also be utilized to generate power to charge our phones, ipods, music and video devices on the move. And this could be attached to motor bikes with higher wheel revolution for greater results.


With the slow development of most African towns. This has made the environment so prone to dust as the major roads of most towns and cities are not tarred. The effect of this is having most houses being repainted with dusts being stirred by human activities. The dust repelling paints can be handy is these situation. Mass production and publicity will encourage its acceptance and the problem is solved.

This is another device I want to believe Africa could develop on its own without waiting for the western world to do that. As power supply is quite erratic, an alternative to the electric pressing iron could be utilized.

With the high sunlight intensity and the consequent heat pressure it exerts. This is a device that could ease the discomfort caused by heat on Africans. Mass production and competition among manufacturers will make it readily available and the heat problem solved.

Mosquitoes are a major problem in tropical Africa and this has been a serious hindrance to development as lots of funds is being diverted into Malaria projects and research. The source is the vector of the disease, which is mosquito and Africa could focus more on eradicating this with the inventions of affordable mosquito repellant that might not even need to work on electricity.

More research could be done in this area for the production of more affordable solar cars. This will definitely reduce the pressure and dependence on petroleum products and as well reduce the adverse environmental impact of the usage of these petroleum products.

This is another device that could be developed massively in Africa. About 60% of African Inhabitants are in the rural areas with little or no access to electricity. This device will come in handy and since its solar powered, there will be no need to rely on electricity to get it recharged.

The access to potable water is a major problem in the whole of Africa. Most communities have to rely on either stream waters or well water that are not purified. With the production of a water purifier device that can be accessed by everyone, the issue of water borne disease will definitely be sorted.

These devises are just a few of what Africa can develop for Africans. It is not that the devices are not available, but more research concentration on them will definitely result in a mass production that will make them readily available to the common man. Enough of outright dependent to innovations coming from the rest of the world. Let us begin to find solutions to our own problems.

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