Basic Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook Advantages and Disadvantages – Essay

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook? Are you on Facebook? Are you thinking of signing up on Facebook? I am sure you may have also be told by someone that if you’re not on Facebook, then you are not fit to stay in planet earth. I feel you, I was also told once by my friends.

In fact, I joined Facebook out of peer pressure but today it has been one of the best decisions I made. You want to know why?

The increase in the usage of social media is increasing rapidly with at no slow rate. It has been helping people who had lost their friends due to change of location to connect back and, Facebook is the most used of them all.

Writing an essay about advantages and disadvantages of Facebook 
Facebook is popularly known all around the world as one of the biggest social media platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his partner friends in 2004.

Since the creation of Facebook, the use of social media has increased. If Facebook was a country, it would have been the highest populated country in the world. This exposure influences the advantages and disadvantages of using facebook for business and other purposes.

Facebook allows users to connect with people of their choice, either privately or publicly. Users can also chat with their friends, send photos, play games, watch videos etc.

Facebook has really helped in business and in our individual lives. There is no doubt that having a Facebook account has really helped lot of individuals in this present generation mostly in term of business even in spirituality.

Writing on Advantages Disadvantages of Facebook Advertising
Now, Facebook as a useful tool also has it advantage and disadvantage. If you’re yet to open an account on Facebook in Hindi or English and you are still thinking if it is the right decision, you should consider reading this post so you get yourself conversant to what might finally be the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook

Advantages of Facebook

Here are the reasons why lot of people like using their time on Zuckerberg invention.

1. It Re-activate Friendship

The best way to find your old school friend or any other of your old neighbor who relocated to another city and you have lost his or her contact is through Facebook.

I remembered one time I lost my phone, I could not get in contact with my friends and business clients because I did not save their number anywhere.

What I had to do was to go back to my Facebook friend’s list, check through their profile and copied their number from there.

Those that were not on Facebook were then search for and invited as my friend so I can collect their number and we were back again. If not for Facebook, I would have had to wait for their calls in order to get their number back.

Facebook helps you connect with your family and friends, shares pictures, videos and chat like there is no tomorrow.

2. Facebook for Dating

With Facebook, online dating has been made easy. So many people has gotten married just becoming friends which led to dating and to marriage.

Most college guys and girls sometimes do use Facebook as a dating platform and nothing more. With over 300 million active users on Facebook, finding a date that shares common interest with you is very easy now because Facebook use an algorithm that help link users of similar interest together.

3. Business Purpose

If you are a business person and you are not on Facebook, then you are leaving some money on the table not using Facebook marketing.

Facebook is one of the largest sites in the world where anyone is allowed to market his or her product or services to potential customers on Facebook. This increases the possibilities of making money using Facebook on the internet.

With Facebook fan page, any business person can increase sales, brand awareness and social media presence for their business. With Facebook, you can get client if use properly. This is one of the greatest advantages of facebook for business.

4. Source of Information and News

For education, Facebook gives one the opportunity to get free access to lots of information and news happening in the world and around us.

Sensitive news usually travel fast on Facebook because as one readers reads it, he or she share it with friends and some of their friends will also do likewise and before you know it, it has gone viral. Information is one of the basic advantages of facebook for students in education.

5. Facebook as Personal Portfolio

Facebook can also be used as a personal portfolio for business purpose because most employers check applicant social media profile especially Facebook before employing them.

Facebook can be used your portfolio by updating your profile with job experiences, interest, good photos and clean timeline that shows you’re a good person and can be given a chance to work with.

Disadvantages of Facebook

Here are the bad sides of using Facebook in your life;

1. Big Distraction Tool

As good as the advantages of Facebook and Whatsapp, it is one big distraction tool that can make someone not do what he or she had plan to do before or do well. You can’t be doing something very sensitive while at the same time be online on Facebook.

2. Time Consuming

Facebook is another time waster if you are not using it for business purpose. One can be on Facebook for two hours without knowing it and won’t also feel like going offline.
It is a medium for so many entertainments such as Facebook videos, video chat, playing games like Candy Crush etc.

3. An Avenue for Online Scammers

There are so many fake Facebook profiles of boys and girls using it to extort money from others. There have been so many reports from people who have been fraud of their hard earned money. Boys using girl’s pictures to scam their fellow guys, and girls uploading fake pictures just for guys to believe they are beautiful send them money and gifts.

Many girls has been raped because they went to a guy house who they met on Facebook and were eventually raped alongside his friends.

In conclusion, weighing both the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook commerce, we can conclude that if Facebook is properly used with caution, it can be for our benefits.

To me, the benefits and advantages I get from using Facebook surpassed the disadvantages, so I will say, Facebook is a welcome idea to our generation and beyond.

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