How to Address an Envelope to a Married Couple

How to Properly Address an Envelope to a Married Couple

Do you know how to address an envelope to a married couple with different last names? Is it Mr and Mrs on an envelope? How do you address a wedding invitation to a married couple when the woman is a doctor?

There are a lot of scenarios that may result from improper address to a married couple. If care is not taken, your later may be taken out of context. Some couples may have different titles, and would prefer to be addressed by these titles. Still yet, others may use different surnames and would love these differences to be captured in your address. Hence, knowing how to address an envelope to a married couple is essential to successfully completing a letter writing or invitation process as the case may be.

Although this is not always the case, some married women may feel marginalized by a general address of Mr. and Mrs. There are solution available solutions to these types of scenarios. Here is how to address an envelope to a married couple and family:

The Traditional Form of Address – Addressing an Envelope to a Family

Traditional forms of address have been widely used over the years, and these have been generally accepted. However, there is now a shift from that form of address as an increasing minority are beginning to oppose the traditional method of address. These changing times have led to several adjustments being made to capture some of these preferences.

One of the most common forms of address is the use of Mr. and Mrs. His FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME. Another option includes the use of both names of the married couple; Mrs. FIRSTNAME and Mr. FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. Today, it really doesn’t matter whose name comes first in the address, the exception to this being when one a couple outranks the other. In this situation, the ranking couple comes first before the other. Here is another addressing envelopes etiquette:

Addressing a Married Couple with Different Last Names

There are married couples who may choose to use different last names. In this scenario, knowing how to address an envelope to a married couple in such situation is important. In such situations, you can address the envelope to the person closest to you. However, if both of them are, you may address the married couple in alphabetical order.

Addressing a Married Couple with Distinguished Titles or Honours

This is another perspective which requires capturing these titles rightly on your envelope. There are cases where both of the couples have distinguished titles, while in other cases, one of couples will have the distinguished title. In a situation where one of the couple has the honorary or distinguished title, write his or her name and title first. In an instance where both couples have distinguished titles but use different last names, the names of both couples should be written on the outer envelopes.

Any of the couples having a distinguished title is listed first on the envelope. This may either be the woman or the man. In a situation where the woman outranks her husband in the Military or elected office, such a couple may be addressed as “The Honourable Sarah Price and Mr. Edward Price” it is important that you write the names on one line. If it enters a second line, then it should be indented. Knowing this guides you on how to address an envelope to a married couple.

Couples Using the Same Last Name and Having Educational or Professional Qualifications

In a situation where both couples have professional as well as educational qualifications, and prefer to use the same last name, the address written on the envelope should take any of the following forms; The Doctors Price (omitting their first names); Drs. Sarah and Edward Price (which can be used alternately; Drs. Edward and Sarah Price); and Dr. Edward Price and Dr. Sarah Price (or Dr. Sarah Price and Dr. Edward Price).

  • Having Same Qualification but She Sticks to her Maiden Name

This is yet another unique situation found the above scenario. When addressing a married couple having the same educational or professional qualifications, yet she prefers using her maiden name, it will take the form of Dr. Sarah Smith and Dr. Edward Price or Dr. Edward Price and Dr. Sarah Smith as the case may be.

  • Addressing a Letter or Invitation to a Business

There is a way of addressing a business envelope to a married couple. The envelope should have any of the format; Dear Edward and Sarah Price; Dear Mr. and Mrs. Price or Dear Sarah and Edward Price.

Common Mistakes that Must be Avoided

Over the years, there have been several mistakes made when addressing an envelope to a married couple. Any other usage outside the “Mr. and Mrs. (surname)” used, should have the woman’s name coming first. Outside the usage of “Mr. and Mrs. (surname)” some mistakes being made include using the man’s name first. Examples of the right form it should take include; Mrs. Sarah Price and Mr. Edward Price; Dear Sarah and Edward; and Sarah and Edward Price.

Addressing an envelope to a married couple requires having the right knowledge on proper address which is provided by this article. How to address an envelope to a married couple is a skill which can be learnt and applied to any situation. There are always events or businesses which require you sending invites. Without having the knowledge of properly conveying your invitation or letters, you may end up misrepresenting your good intentions.

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