ACFN, the ATM Franchise Cost Price – Fee and Startup Opportunities

ACFN, the ATM Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

ACFN, the ATM franchise is a business which was founded in 1996. The company is a national ATM provider which basically offers its services to several clients all over the United States. This article is focused on providing you with the available information regarding the ACFN, the ATM franchise, and so if you are an interested entrepreneur who wants to invest in this franchise, then I would implore you to keep reading.

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In this article, efforts have been made to provide you with sufficient details concerning the ACFN, the ATM franchise. You will learn the general information about the franchise, you will also learn details about how much an ACFN, the ATM franchise costs, the required franchise fee, the required total start-up cost, available trainings and supports, the franchise term of agreement and renewal, and how to start-up an ACFN, the ATM franchise.

About ACFN, the ATM Franchise

Founded in 1996, and started franchising in 2003, ACFN, the ATM franchise is a business which offers their ATM services and other financial related services to more than 2,000 properties spread all over the United States.  ACFN, the ATM franchise is a national company with a very strong presence in the United States.

Basically, they render their services to all travel and entertainment oriented businesses such hotels, sport bars, theatres, nightclubs, hospitals, etc. They are the only national ATM provider in the United States which does not make use of third party companies in servicing their ATMs. The company is located at 255 W. Julian St., #600 San Jose, CA, 95110, United States. The current Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of ACFN is Jeffery Kerr.

Absentee ownership is very much allowed in ACFN, the ATM franchise. As an ACFN franchisee, you could operate and manage your business from home without requiring any physical office. Also, you will not require more than only one (1) employee to fully run your business.

To become one of ACFN franchisees, you do not necessarily need to have any sort of prior experience of the business or the industry. Everything you need to know about starting the business and fully operating and making profits will be taught to you by the franchisor’s team at start-up. In fact, they will literally hold you by hand to make sure your business fully stand and succeed.

This opportunity is for people who are searching for a franchise opportunity which offers them the opportunity to make side income while sacrificing only a few hours a week, without having to handle the hassles that come with managing employees.

How much does an ACFN, the ATM Franchise Cost?

A minimum liquid capital that amounts to US$60,000 is what ACFN, the ATM franchise costs. This amount will be required together with the other financial requirements needed to start up the business.

ACFN, the ATM Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee required as part of the franchise financial requirements amounts to US$25,000. Veterans have a US$1,000 discount from the franchise fee.

ACFN, the ATM Franchise Start-up Cost

To start up an ACFN, the ATM franchise, you will require anywhere between US$60,000 – US$75,000 as the start-up cost required by the franchisor.

ACFN, the ATM Franchise Training and Supports

The following trainings and supports are what you will enjoy once you become accepted as one of ACFN franchisees:

  • Immediately after sign-up, an initial programme will be provided at the head office for franchisees which will expose them to all the various areas and operations of the business. This training programme will last for a period of three (3) working days, totalling eighteen (18) hours.
  • You will be able to manage and run your business from the comfort of your home.
  • The business is very flexible, and you get to decide your own schedule.
  • You will benefit from the franchisor’s business model which has been able to stand the test of time and yield immense success.
  • You will also benefit from the continuous support which will be provided to you in almost all areas of your business.

ACFN, the ATM Franchise Terms of Agreement /Renewal

The franchisor offers an initial term of agreement which lasts for a period of ten (10) years. Subsequent agreement renewals also last for the same period of ten (10) years if the franchisee is found to have met the franchisor’s requirements.

How Much Does an ACFN, the ATM Franchise Make?

To be able to have clue as to how much an ACFN, the ATM franchise can make annually, you will have to request this information directly from the franchisor when you contact them. However, how much you can make in a year will have to depend upon several intervening factors such as size of business, location and territory, amongst other things.

How to Start an ACFN, the ATM Franchise?

Having read everything about the ACFN, the ATM franchise and you have fully made up your mind to proceed with the start-up process, quickly contact them by visiting their website at to request for more information and start the sign-up process, or call their telephone line on 1.888-794-2236 for more information.

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