Accelerated Nursing Programs: Best Schools, Degrees, Program In The US

List of Top Accelerated Nursing Programs, Schools And Online Degrees By State in the US

Accelerated Nursing Programs are available to adults that have already had a previous degree or being a graduate of a non-nursing program, and will like to get a license as a registered nurse. Accelerated Nursing programs offer the fastest means to acquire these nursing license through fast-tracked curriculum and well articulated lectures that take between 11-18 months.

There at a point in time came the need to have more registered nurses in the United States. And the burden eventually fell on the Nursing schools spread all across the federation. One of the strategies developed to meet up with this eventual need is the creation of accelerated nursing programs, most especially for non-nursing graduates. These cheap accelerated nursing programs are offered at the Masters as well as the Baccalaureate degree levels, and present an opportunity for previous degree holders who have had strong academic experiences to transfer into nursing programs.

Accelerated nursing programs are available in about 46 states in the United States of America as well as in Puerto Rico. As at the year 2012, there were about 255 accelerated bachelors programs with 71 master’s programs taught at the different nursing schools across the federation.

To achieve the standard already laid down in the nursing curriculum, accelerated nursing programs students are subjected to intense forms of learning with few breaks in between lectures, which are run on a full time basis. Students are as well exposed to the actual number of clinical hours compared to their colleagues in the traditional nursing programs.


There are different types of accelerated nursing programs available to fast track your transition into the nursing profession and it will interest you to know that there are quite a number of different programs you can choose from. You have to determine which of the affordable accelerated nursing programs is right for you, in terms of the availability in your local state, financial capability, and the availability of time at your disposal. We will take our time to highlight for you the most available types of accelerated nursing programs in order to assist you in making the right decisions about which of these programs will work out into your plans.


It is a wide believe in the work force that individuals with a second degree are smarter and can easily adapt to any work environment through their exposure, especially the wide curriculum they have been exposed to in their various course of learning.

If you have had a degree order than nursing, you can as well enroll for an accelerated program to achieve your aim of having a degree in nursing. Your previous credit received in your already had degree will be applicable in your accelerated programs. And within a short period of time, say 12 – 18 months, you can as well become a registered nurse and recognized in the practice in every state in the United States of America and even other parts of the world.

But you will also need to be reminded that not all colleges accept previous credits acquired. And they also vary in the application of these credits.


This program is available for registered nurses that will want to further in their knowledge of the nursing practice. Your skills will definitely come into utilization for this and you can leverage of the knowledge you have possessed in practice to acquire your new program, which could be in another aspect of nursing or an advanced aspect of your specific field.

In this kind of program, your curriculum are streamlined to achieve your goal in a very short possible time, since you will not be delayed taking non-essential courses.


This program is available for students that want to pursue an advanced degree in nursing after they have had a previous bachelor’s degree in nursing. The number of graduate classes that count towards the achievement of this degree are a continual or advanced aspects of the previous bachelor’s degree and the total number of acquired credits are summed up for both degrees for the final award of the Master’s degree.

The number of classes although vary according to the school’s curriculum and some schools will require that you have had previous experience as a registered nurse for sometime after acquiring your first degree.

Graduates that pass through most of these cheapest accelerated bsn programs nursing are often times advised to take up employment as nurse educators due to the fact that they have had advanced training in the nursing field and could as well be of benefit in the dissemination of nursing training to other people.


In order to be considered for an accelerated nursing program, interested candidates must posses
a first (Bachelors) degree or a second (graduate/advanced) degree obtained from an accredited institution.

3.0 GPA minimum


Interested applicants into any accelerated nursing program should also be aware that they are required to have completed the following prerequisites before application or must have completed them by the start of their program after being offered admission

General Prerequisites

• English Composition and Summary
• Normal Nutrition
• Development Psychology
• Family concepts
• Statistics
• 2 different social sciences ( It is mandatory that courses should have been taken in the following fields: Anthropology, psychology, sociology)
• Electives

Clinical Science Prerequisites

Candidates should note that all clinical science courses must have been completed by them within the past 7 years in order to qualify for program credit

• Anatomy and Physiology
• Pharmacology
• Organic-Biochemistry
• Pathophysilogy (6 Credits: In a situation whereby candidates do not have 6 credits in pathophysiology, they must posses credits in microbiology and/or genetics in addition to pathophysiology to achieve a cumulative summation of at least 6 credits)


Financial aids for accelerated programs are quite limited, as it is widely believed that since it is a fast tracked program, students should be ready to take up the responsibilities of funding. Although many organizations are partnering with schools and offering tuition repayment schemes to graduates to encourage learning and to as well increase the total work force in the nursing field, which seems to be diminishing over the years.

Stakeholders in the health care industry such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies have been encouraged to go into partnership with schools offering accelerated programs, so as to at least remove the financial burdens the program impose on the students to some extent. This will ensure a steady flow of new nurse recruits by the year and as well encourage prospective students in taking up courses in accelerated nursing programs.


Top 10 accelerated nursing programs in the US, Ohio, St Louis, DC, Boston, California, Kansas City, MD, NYC, NY, Indiana, Houston, Dallas Texas Tx, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, New Jersey NJ, Los Angeles, New Orleans, CT, Michigan, Florida FL, Okhlahoma, Florida,


This is a private university that specializes more on research based teaching. It is located in Maryland, USA and the training program has been on since the year 1889. This top top accelerated nursing school is one of the oldest schools in the United States and also offer one of the best facilities in terms of learning and health care service delivery through their teaching hospital.

COST: Tuition at the Johns Hopkins University is in the tune of $74,000


Duke University actually opened its school of nursing in the year 1931 and currently only offers the accelerated program. The school is based in North Carolina.

COST: The cost of tuition at the Duke University runs into $52,900 and also comprises of additional fees.


This is a private University based in Henderson, NV with a primary focus on health sciences. They provide quality, innovative undergraduate nursing education which is designed to meet the diverse health needs of the individuals, families, communities and societies.

COST: Cost of tuition is $58,500


This is a public university situated in Charleston. It was founded in the year 1883 and they have been involved in the provision of quality based nursing trainings in an environment that encourages innovation and adaptation to the latest nursing practices.

COST : The tuition at the school is based on 4 full-time semesters. In state: $30,000 and out of state: $44,000


The school is a private based in Connecticut. They offer high quality academic programs, a student-oriented environment and a strong sense of community.

COST: The tuition is $40,670


Simmons College is a private based institution located in Boston, MA. The school of nursing was founded in the year 1906.

DURATION OF COURSE: 18 months and 3 years for advanced practice MSN
COST: The cost of study at Quinniplac University is though on the high side, but the delivery is of the highest quality. They charge $119,646


This is a public state University based in East Lansing, Michigan.

COST: The cost of study is split into two types: Residential and non-residential. The annual cost for resident students is $14,000 and that of non-residents students is $35,558.


• Do not get involved in frivolous activities way beyond your scope of study. These affordable accelerated bsn programs will leave you not much time to engage in other activities, so it is advisable to focus more on your academic priorities and leave the less important dramas, and distractions that usually go with a learning environment.

• Be in a good note with your clinical instructors. They go a long way in giving a good reference of you despite how awful they may be in their relationship with you and other students. They are always a boost to your resume in this extremely competitive market.

• Focus more on your own productivity and not on what others achieve especially in their examinations. As it is widely known that we all posses different abilities to understand and assimilate work activities.

• Be less concerned about points in class from test. As they are mostly forgotten after you must have graduated.

• Be specific about how you understand the most important topics in your courses. It will be so unwise to understand every topic in a 500+page material. Get the most important topics as related to that particular course and focus your energy on achieving the best results based on what you have understood. A better understanding of your topics will do you more good than memorizing sentences in preparation for your final semester examinations.

• Every tasks assigned in clinical (start foleys, IV’s, blood draws, vitals, repositioning and changing patients, admission paperwork, injections, etc) should be done with all diligence and concentration as the practical experience acquired will stay with you for the rest of your life.

• Get a definite plan of your activities for the semester. Write out your class work schedules, practical, tests and tick them against your own personal plans for that period and be sure that you set priorities as to what activities you will engage yourself in outside of your academics at that point in time.

• Do not be afraid to take time off your schedule to relax yourself and be in tune with nature. Reminisce about your past and your plans for the future and always remember to have your academic plans at the back of your mind.



Roseman University

Roseman University of Health Science is a private institution located in Nevada and is dedicated to providing students with a quality education in the healthcare field. The Nursing college has been awarding bsn and accelerated second degree nursing programs online since the year 2006

Marian University

Marian University is a private Roman Catholic university based Indianapolis, Indiana. The school was founded in the year 1851 and at the moment enrolls close to 3000 students.

Marian University offers one of the best accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs, designed for students with bachelor’s degrees in subjects other than nursing. The accredited online accelerated nursing program has the facility to allow students complete accelerated BSN nursing programs online entirely online

Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing has been educating nurses for more than 123 years. The school has a very comprehensive online teaching schemes that allow students complete the required curriculum in the shortest possible time. Students are given the liberty to work at their own space and can graduate in a space of 3 semesters.

Utica College

Utica College was founded in Utica, New York, in 1946. Students are allowed to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees in 16 months. Apart from the online curriculum, students are as well given the opportunity to acquire more experience in a clinical setting through this affordable accelerated nursing programs in ny.

University of Texas at Arlington

The school was founded in 1895, and it is a research based institute with well over 33,000 students. They have students from the United States and 116 different countries. The school’s online program is highly comprehensive and students are as well allowed to participate in well articulated clinical in a very conducive learning environment.

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