Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today on Aboki Forex?

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Have you heard about Aboki exchange rate in Nigeria today and you are wondering what it is? If you are a Nigerian or a foreigner, resident within or outside Nigeria’s shore, you will most likely be affected by the Exchange rate of the Naira to other world currencies most especially Dollar.


                                                                        BUY                                        SELL

    20/11/2017                                                  363                                          366

    21/11/2017                                                  ***                                             ***

    22/11/2017                                                  ***                                             ***

CBN/Official Exchange Rate of Dollar to Naira Today

Buy = N305.85

Western Union Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today

Receiving: N355.00

MoneyGram Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market

Receiving: N353.23

Dollar to Naira Bank Rate for GTBank and Other Banks Today

Rate = N367.00

How Much is Aboki Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today? – NOVEMBER 2017

This will assume critical importance when you, either as a Nigerian or foreigner, engage in business such as the importation of goods, a traveler seeking PTA or BTA or a student who needs to settle the tuition fees of a university abroad.

If you happen to belong to any of these groups, you will require on the-spot information about current exchange rates between the Naira and other currencies, especially the Dollar. Aboki fx exchange rate is a one stop site that gather legit exchange rate between currencies around the globe.

Providing real-time update on currency exchange rate values, Aboki Fx exchange rate has become a force to be reckoned with in excellent service delivery in the currency markets. This is especially so due to the fact that apart from providing the exchange rate values for the day, further quotes on the currency values for morning, afternoon and evening sessions are made available. This enables accurate and updated knowledge on happenings in the currency markets.

It also has an app which makes available exchange rate updates on the parallel market rates of the naira vs the major currency pairs such as the US dollar/Naira, the Pound/Naira, the Euro/Naira exchange rates. This app was introduced due to the wide gap between the interbank vs the parallel market rates which have continued to widen with no clear end in sight.

Critical information is made easily accessible by this app due to the naira dollar fx regime which has made the importation of goods and services, the payment of tuition, online shopping and the sourcing for Basic Travelling Allowance (BTA) conversion very challenging.

Before now the most employed methods of getting this information were through newspapers, banks and through the CBN. All these methods prove to have an Achilles’ heels in that you could not obtain instantaneous rates to help with your decision making.

Utilizing the power of the internet, Aboki fx has cut its teeth as arguably the most authoritative voice in the dissemination of news regarding the foreign exchange sector in Nigeria.

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Aboki fx Exchange Rate Stylish Website

One of the things that immediately catch your attention when you visit the Aboki fx website is it professional and straight-to-the point format/structure. You will at once appreciate the fact that you are presented with relevant information regarding the foreign exchange ecosystem in Nigeria.

The layout is such that you can navigate your way to various interpretations of the forex situation in Nigeria, where you can make informed and unbiased decisions with objectivity.

The website is currently amongst the premier destinations for exchange news/information due to the relevant tabs that give you detailed and compelling content in the Foreign exchange scene in Nigeria.

a. Analytics

This feature presents you with graphical and annotated representations of the Naira and other currencies’ interaction and synergy. This will prove handy for professionals and stakeholders to predict with some level of accuracy, the future price movements, based on the strengths, weaknesses as well as the volatilities of the respective currencies.

b. Apps

Aboki fx website can help you download the most compatible version of its mobile app for use on your phones, tabs as well as other smart devices. The Aboki fx apps come in two variants: Android and iOS. It features steps you can take to download the apps on your phone and how to navigate through the features on the application.

c. Contact

Aboki fx makes it possible for you to make targeted/specific requests concerning the foreign exchange regime in Nigeria. The various contact handles for Aboki fx include:

• info@abokifx.com- You can make general enquiries through this medium.
• atm@abokifxcom-  For access to the current rates you can get via ATMs.
• marketing@abokifx.com- You can enquire about marketing opportunities from the administrators at AbokiFx.
• research@abokifx.com- Here you can request for insightful and analytic findings and research papers on the past, present and future prospects of the foreign exchange sector in Nigeria and around the world.

Transaction Edge of Aboki Fx Rate

Making available to Nigerians what is currently obtainable in the forex market, the Aboki FX exchange rate app stands out among its peers in the provision of precise and updated information.
It even goes into details as providing locations and also providing a plethora of transaction channels to its users. With the Aboki FX exchange rate app, you are sure to enjoy premium service for free.

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Aboki Fx CBN Official Rates

Aboki FX exchange rate app makes available to its users a feature for direct connection to the official Central Bank of Nigeria CBN rates. While checking the parallel market rates, users are able to keep tabs on what the official CBN rates are and empowered through this flexibility to make informed choices, all from one platform.

Abokifx Economic News and Updates

Under this feature tab, you will get to receive information regarding policy and fiscal decisions made by monetary/financial regulatory agencies, trends and forecasts in Nigerian and global financial markets, insightful analysis and commentaries as well as other tidbits/information. The AbokiFx News is structured on a month-by-month basis.

Aboki FX exchange rate and portal provide news events on the current economic realities and also in-depth analysis that covers happenings in the currency exchange market and the global economy as a whole.

The news sources it connects to are usually diverse, some of which include Bloomberg, Thisday Newspapers, Reuters, Business Day, Proshare, CNBC, Daily Trust, Vanguard Among Others.

These provide different perspectives to users to make informed choices and accurate economic and financial decisions.

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In-depth Coverage of Parallel Market FX Rates on Aboki fx website

With the parallel market being the major destination for most Nigerians for sourcing of their foreign exchange requirements, the Aboki FX exchange rate app shields its users from making mistakes due to uncertainties or insufficient knowledge, its feature of providing the currency quotes for morning, afternoon and evening is a first and eliminates any misinformation that may arise.

Such innovations are applicable to all the major currency pairs on offer such as the Pound, the Dollar and the Euro rates against the dollar.

Aboki Fx Western Union FX Rates

The versatility of Aboki FX exchange rate app is so tremendous. It goes on to even provide the rates for Western Union for those who would like to receive or send payments through this medium. Its Western Union FX rates feature is unique and gives insight into the transaction or exchange rates of major global currencies in relation to the Nigerian Naira.

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Abokifx Exchange Rates

You can access the latest information regarding price movements between the Naira and other currencies, previous rates, rates set by the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), rates charged by international money services firms like MoneyGram and Western Union as well as parallel market prices.

Aboki.com Exchange Rate for ATM

ATM rates will give you a working idea of what exchange rates banks in Nigeria give their customers, under the close supervision of the CBN. If you desire to know the rates by currency as well as the monthly rately postings, then this tab will serve you just fine.

Aboki FX Black Market BDC Rates

Bureau de Changes in Nigeria form an important part of the foreign exchange ecosystem in Nigeria, hence AbokiFx allows you the freedom to know what the businesses sanctioned by the CBN to feature in the forex market, have to offer you.

Is There More on Aboki Forex?

Of course there are other great advantages of using the Aboki FX exchange rate app. Once of such important advantages is arming the user to beat the usually ridiculous ATM bank rates. Usually, naira denominated debit cards are charged higher whenever international transactions are performed. And the most annoying part is that no fore-knowledge of these charges was actually made available to the user who in this case has no domiciliary account.

This leaves the user of the naira denominated credit/debit card with little or no option than to be charged in some cases as high as double the actual transaction amount because he/she has no domiciliary account.

But Aboki FX exchange rate app bridges this gulf by making available daily ATM rates of all the major banks in Nigeria and even separates them by the most expensive and the least expensive rates in the market. These rates are always provided in a timely fashion.

Other features such as the Nigerian and global oil markets and also analysis on the Nigerian economy are found on the Aboki FX exchange rate portal made available for its users.

How to Use Aboki FX? 

Simply logon to its web portal on https://abokifx.com there, you will be able to take advantage of a wide variety of services. For android users, there is a download page for its android app for different android types and screen sizes for optimal user experience.
There is also an app for apple device users. This is to accommodate a wide variety of users to its premium services. With these services on offer, it is little wonder that there is a growing user base of its products and services.

The above services offered by Aboki FX exchange rate have shown to be all-encompassing and users are most likely to have all the answers to their questions answered. The site and app have been designed for the investor, the currency buyer and for those just interested in knowing how Nigeria’s currency is faring compared to major global currencies.

Unique Selling Point(s) of Aboki fx

Aboki fx exchange rate is a big hit of consumers of foreign exchange because it not only highlights the daily price offerings and movements of foreign currencies against one another; the Aboki fx platform carries out this task with an enabling segregation along popular locations and transactions available.

In addition, Abokifx keeps you in the loop of the dynamism that is the hallmark of the foreign exchange market in Nigeria and abroad. In this light, Abokifx gives updated price schemes for currencies in three critical time periods: morning, midday and evening. Hence, you are able to make time-based as well as instantaneous decisions regarding your foreign exchange needs.


Aboki fx is a platform that is serving the need for precise and up-to the minute data/information on the dynamic foreign exchange market in Nigeria and beyond. The many insightful features of the platform mean that Aboki fx dollar rates website will continue to lead and redefine the ways and means people are able to receive, interpret as well as utilize information regarding currency prices and interaction.

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