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 ABC Seamless Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

Are you thinking of starting ABC Seamless Franchise? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of surfing through the net in search of the necessary information about the ABC Seamless Franchise? Do you wish that there is a resource where you can get all the necessary information about the ABC Seamless Franchise?

Well, your wish has come true; this article is that resource you are wishing for. In this article, you will find all the available information that you need to know about the ABC Seamless Franchise.

Some of the information this article will talk about are; the history of ABC Seamless Franchise, the cost of starting up your own ABC Seamless Franchise, the required franchise fee; the terms of agreement and renewal; the available trainings and benefits; and other necessary things you need to know about the franchise.

About ABC Seamless Franchise

ABC Seamless Franchise is a subsidiary of a company called ABC Inc. which specializes in the manufacturing seamless steel siding, seamless steel log, seamless steel gutters and home siding. The company also offers the installation metal roofing, metal soffit, fascia and windows on commercial and residential buildings.

ABC Inc. was founded in 1973 by Jerry Beyers in Fargo, North Dakota, United States. Initially, it started as ABC Services and Construction, a company that provided the services of remodeling home, straightening gutters and installing seamless steel siding to the people of North Dakota. In 1976, the company started the sale and installation of seamless steel and siding. And in1978, the name was changed from ABC Services and Construction to ABC Inc.

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That same year, the owner of the company, Jerry Beyers, franchised out ABC Inc. to one of his workers and that was how ABC Seamless Franchise was born. Today, ABC Seamless Franchise has expanded with over 150 franchises all over United States. Not only is ABC Seamless is the world’s largest seamless siding company, its franchise is also one of America’s largest home improvement franchise system.

Also, the Entrepreneur Magazine once ranked ABC Seamless Franchise as the #1 in its industry.


The average total investment that ABC Seamless Franchise will cost you is $158,000.


The ABC Seamless Franchise fee is between $18,000- $24,000. However, there is inventive for veteran franchisees. The incentive is up to 50% off the franchise fee.


It is important that you know the financial cost of starting an ABC System Franchise so as to make adequate preparations. The cost of starting ABC Seamless Franchise ranges from $99,800 to $231,500. This is what you will need to get the license to operate an ABC Seamless Franchise. Apart from this, you will need to pay an ongoing royalty fee which varies between 2-5% of gross revenue and ad royalty fee which is 0.5%.

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ABC Seamless Franchise sees their franchise as an extension of the company and believe that the success of their franchisees will determines their overall success. Because of this, ABC Seamless Franchise offers comprehensive training and support to help their franchisees business grow.

These are some of the training and support that ABC Seamless Franchise give to their franchisees:

  • There is sales training team available to help franchisees develop a business model suitable for them. They also guide franchisees in creating their business plan.
  • ABC Seamless Franchise has on ground business launch team to take new franchisees through the step by step process of setting up their business.
  • Apart from the business and sales training, ABC Seamless Franchise give their franchisees installation training and supports. They have team of experts available to put franchisees through installation tips and techniques and answer their questions about different installation processes.
  • Also, ABC Seamless Franchise offers their franchisees a comprehensive hiring design to assist them in hiring and retaining the best people into their workforce.
  • They also provide a marketing team to help their franchisees with effective marketing strategies and marketing campaigns that will help generate leads and customers.
  • Even after equipping their franchisees with the necessary training and support that help them launch out successful, ABC Seamless Franchise still continue to provide ongoing training and support. There is 24 hours support system to attend to their franchisees in case they encounter any problem. They also organise monthly sales training class and bimonthly conference call to monitor the progress of franchisees.
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The term of agreement between ABC Seamless Franchise and their franchisee lasts for a period of ten (10) years. After the 10 years period, if the franchisee wants to continue with the business, he can renew the franchise for an additional ten (10) year period.


There is no formal way to ascertain how much ABC Seamless makes. But since it is one of the franchise America’s largest home improvement franchise system, we can deduce that ABC Seamless Franchise makes good profit.


The information provided so far will help you in deciding if ABC Seamless Franchise is something you want do or not. If your decision is to start it, just go over to their website at  to get the necessary details on how you to apply.

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