ABC of Blogging: Beginners Guide to Starting a Blog Business

ABC’s of Blogging: How to Start a Blog Today

Do you want to know that the ABC of blogging world? A blog can be used in so many ways that you can imagine these days. Some people use it as an online diary to share about their lives, some people use it to teach others stuff that they are good at. Some people use it to earn an income online.


Whatever the reasons, having a blog is a common thing these days, for the purpose of sharing information. People who blog, are also known as bloggers.

Blogging is now the new craze among internet users world-wide and you are not supposed to be left out. If you don’t know what a blog is; a blog is an easy to use (easy as ABC) and free to own website where you can easily make posts on. If you can send an email yourself then you can be able to use a blog.

Making money from blogging has now been made very easy. The first thing you have to do is choose a topic that you’re interested in and begin to blog about it. Alternately, you can find lots of free content on the internet which you can use to create your own content and then post them on your blog.

After you’ve posted these contents on your blog you can then begin running Google AdSense advertisements, Chitika and WordPress on it.

Google AdSense is a type of advertising program run by Google. I won’t go into the technical details of how it works – after all what you only need is to make money from it and not to create your own AdSense (laughs).

For instance, (referencing Google) when you display Google AdSense advertisements on your blog you get paid each time someone clicks on any of the adverts (PPC: Pay Per Click).

And most interestingly the adverts displayed on your blog are dynamic and are targeted to relate to the contents of your blog. What do I mean by dynamic? This means that only adverts related to the content on your website are displayed on it. Hence people are more likely to click on the Ads.

Why You Need a Blog

Having a blog is one of the ways that people can make money online. Having a blog is also a way that people can connect with people on the Internet. In this age of Information Technology, online communication is one of the most used ways of communication. People prefer to type than talk here.

If you are good in something, or maybe an expert, say for example investing, and you would like to share your knowledge with others who share the same interest, you can choose to create a website about investing and upload information on your website. This will enable your knowledge to be shared to the world.

However, most people who start off sharing their interest online may not have much technical knowledge on how to create a website. They may not understand what is HTML. This is when having a simple blog can help so much.

As you share more information on your blog, interested readers will begin to visit and interact with you. As you go along, you may even consider selling something on your blog. It can be an eBook that teaches gardening in a more structured step-by-step manner, or it can be some gardening tools that you think is helpful for your readers.

Having a blog helps in building this kind of relationship as compared to a website, where interaction is lesser.

There are many aspects to what contributes to a successful blog. Blogs that tend to be popular are generally more specific in their topics. A blog that teaches you how to use Photoshop will have more visitors as compared to a blog that teaches you how to use photo editing software. This is because there is a specific group of people who is ready to learn Photoshop and if what you teach is simple to understand, and your visitors like you, they are likely to stick to you for a long time.

How to Get Started

Just head to or and create your first blog, and start by posting information that you want to share. Remember, these are free blog domain. Free blogs usually have an extension in the name like

However, if you want ownership, more options and flexibility, then you can buy a domain name, get it hosted and use the same blogging platform for your blog.

Monetizing your Blog

You can monetize your blog with any of the following four programs:

• Google Adsense.
• Affiliate Marketing.
• eBook Marketing.
• Direct Advertising

Google Adsense: This is where you place Google AdSense Ads on your blog. You get a commission when someone clicks on the Ads on your website.

Affiliate Marketing: With affiliate marketing, you can also place ads on your blog, for products related to your niche. You can also write product reviews or recommendations for products in your niche.

To get started, sign up to be an affiliate for a product and place the affiliate link on your blog in a banner or in a product review.

eBook Marketing: An eBook is a downloadable electronic book, usually in a PDF format that you can write yourself and offer for sale to your readers. Your eBook can be on a variety of subjects. I think it’s best to write on a topic that solves a problem for people.

Direct Advertising: Once you start to get decent traffic and a good amount of readers, you can offer advertising space on your blog. Your target advertisers are people with products or services in your niche that might benefit your readers.

Blogs are fun, bottom line. It’s also a great marketing tool to build your brand, build relationship with your customers and also to build income. These are the basic ABC’s of blogging.

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  1. I want to start an ebook blog. Publishing many good books (eg Financial Freedom for Every Youth: by Ogbo Awoke Ogbo) but I have no smartphone or PC (sobs)
    What will I do?
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