7 Ways to Leverage the Power of Product Labels in Marketing

Packaging and Labeling your products in Marketing

Product labeling is a marketing tool that has proved to be very effective for several businesses even with the rise of the internet. Product labels serve many uses for the modern day business when done perfectly.

Product labels give power to your business in several ways, for instance, it allows your customers to know the basic information about your business through the purchase of your product.

When you know how to leverage your product labels, then you have gotten the key to the power of your business. Product labeling can be from labeling pens and coffee mugs to labeling merchandise on the internet and also labeling food packages.

This is not a market tool that can be dismissed unless you do not want to maximize the potential of your business and also make it powerful.

Product labels help in improving the appearance of your brand which therefore makes product labeling an important part of marketing products. To maximize your marketing potential, there are several genius ways you can leverage the power of product labels such as:

(1) The Basics

Product labels easily give the basics about your business, i.e. provides information that is needed and also will be useful to the public. There are times when you have to add information to your product on a temporary basis which is the one of the ways product labels leverage the power of your business.

An attractive and colorful product label will help catch the attention of shoppers wherever your product is.

Product labels can help your business stand out and more popular than others depending on your products, advertisement and how well the product label is done. Some of the information a product label conveys are; health risks, ingredients used to make the product, warnings, contact information, brand’s image, brand’s name and so on.

Product labeling also helps in inserting creativity into your business and also helps customers to ascertain the difference between a product and another.

(2) Best for Transportation and “on the road” Sales

It is the best in the sense that your product label will not end up on the floor or in the waste bin since it is on the product and not a flyer or brochure. It also does a great job of passing you brand values to potential buyers.

When selling on the road, for instance, you do not need to start shouting telling people what the product is all about since you have your product label that says it all.

(3) Long Term Value

Another way that product label helps in leveraging power is the long term value. This means that product labels can be produced in large quantities which automatically reduce cost and be used in the future. You don’t have to be going to the printer’s place every time you need some copies of the product label.

(4) Greater impact on Product Perception

Product labels has huge impact on the perception of the product it is been used for. Since product labels help sales pitch then it goes a long way in determining if a sale will be closed or lost. Product labels help customers to make their decisions and also prevent legality issues that is, preventing buyers form having a reaction to the product like allergy from an ingredient.

(5) Social Media

It helps in leveraging the power of product label with social media considering the fact that product labeling is a traditional marketing tool and the best way of leveraging it is to use it in conjunction with the modern marketing tools.

(6) Quality Control

Product labeling gives quality control to business that makes it stellar than other businesses. Many businesses fail because there is no quality control and also due to communication error among printers, designers and writers. It is lack of quality control that eventually leads to communication error.

(7) Packaging

The way you package your product and its labels also determines how well you will leverage the power of your product label. Packaging helps a lot in containing, promoting, protecting, and marketing your products in making impact on customers and their environment. If your package stands out well then it gives your product great visibility.

If you want your product label to leverage the power of your business, then you should ensure that:

• Your product label contains the manufacturer’s information.
• It contains the details of ingredients used in production of the product.
• It must also include warnings like the expiry date, manufacturing date and so on.
• It must include direction of use.
• The label must be visible, clear and easy to read.
• Your product label should be creative, use a unique and good label design.

In doing this, you should ask yourself questions like; is the logo clear enough? Is it appealing? Is it communicating any message to the customers? Is it effective in the message being passed? And so on.

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