Ways To Earn Money Online in Nigeria


So how can I earn money online in Nigeria? The internet has become a part of our daily lives, and for some people, being online is necessity. With the influx of smart phones, tablets, and internet enabled devices into the country, more and more Nigerians are getting connected to the internet on a daily basis.

Many people in Nigeria cumulatively spend up to four hours or more on the internet daily to do a wide variety of things.

The Nigeria Internet and Telecommunications Report show that over 92 million Nigerians out of over 181 million people living in the country are internet users. This accounts for over 51% of the population according to Internet World Stats. With this large population of people connected to the internet in Nigeria and all over the world, there is a huge market for people seeking to make money online. This article will show you some ways to make money online as a Nigerian.



A blog is an abbreviation of the weblog, which is used to refer to websites or portals by which information can be shared on specific topics or general issues. The contents of a blog are called post and could be texts, videos, widgets, comments, or links to other sites and blogs. These posts usually appear in chronological order i.e., from newest to oldest. A person who supplies content to or runs a blog is called a blogger. Blogging is the act of running or managing a blog.

This is the most important factor in earning money with your blog is through generating traffic. Your site should be able to attract a lot of visitors, and there are a couple of things you can do to make this happen, some of which we will briefly outline.

Quality Content: Your articles or blog posts should be original, relevant, well-constructed grammatically, and optimized for search engine optimization. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.

The Right Niche: Choosing a niche that is popular to questions Nigerians ask, or what interests them and write on this. The niche you chose to focus on should be an intersection of your knowledge or experiences and what people want.

Use Social Media: Social media is the in thing now and lots of Nigerians are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other. You can take advantage of the large membership of these platforms to advertise your blog, thereby drawing traffic to it.

There are two basic ways to advertise on your blog and earn money.
First, is by using a pay per click advertising network such as Google AdSense in which the owner of a blog or website gets paid whenever a user clicks on an advertisement placed on the blog. Google AdSense pays monthly.

Second method is by reaching out to people, companies, or brands to advertise on your blog. This will be effective if your blog is popular, has a wide followership and lots of traffic. The size, frequency, and fee of the advertisement can be negotiated to suit both parties. Popular blogs like Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija make a lot of money with this method.


With the advent of e-commerce and internet banking, online shopping and online stores became popular in Nigeria. Nigerians could stay in the comfort of their homes and order anything from these stores and have it delivered to their doorstep. This also presents a unique opportunity for those seeking to make money online.

You can promote an individual, store, or company’s product online via a link unique to you. The stores pay you a commission for each sale made that was referred by your link. With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create a product or service. All you need is an online platform to sell it on.

If you decide to go into affiliate marketing, it is important that you only refer people to products that you trust and have probably used before and you can guarantee its quality.


There are lots of companies willing to pay freelancers irrespective of location or country of origin. These online freelancing jobs are available in various fields-writing, designs, programming etc. Take freelance writing for instance, you could gain from $50-$120 per article.

Although most of these companies pay using PayPal which is not available in Nigeria yet, you could contact them for an alternative means of payment. You could look up websites online for any of the freelancing you are interested in.


With the increased popularity of the internet in Nigeria, a lot of individuals, brands, organizations, and corporate entities are seeking an active online presence. If you are good with web design, word press (for blogs), and programming, you can easily make a lot of money building and managing websites and blogs for these entities. Most companies employ IT personnel to handle their entire internet related issues, and that could be you if you have the knowledge base.


Almost every Nigerian are fans and supporters of a football club and others watch sports even though they may not be active supporters. The Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, Bundlesliga, are some of the popular leagues in the world, and there is also the Nigerian Football league as well which is indigenous to us.
Sports, especially football is about the most discussed topic among across all age groups. You can make a lot of money online by correctly predicting wins, losses, number of goals, saves, and other parameters related to other sports. You can make up to N100, 000 weekly in winnings with as little as N100.

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