Real Estate Business Marketing Ideas And Techniques

Real Estate Business Ideas and Strategies  for Marketing Online

In this article, we will be looking at some unique real estate business marketing ideas. We will also be considering some of the techniques that would guarantee you a successful real estate career.

Housing is one of the most important needs that everybody looks to satisfying, but second to that need is the need for effective marketing of the houses. Even as housing needs keep maintaining a rising progression, so also realtors sought after techniques and tips to keep them at the fore front of the currently competitive real estate industry.

  1. Get a Website

In this current age where digital information is in dominance, there is the need to adopt strategies that keep you in sync with the trends. Getting a website as a realtor is one such move in the direction of current trend.

It associates professionalism with your business, and gives you some automated credibility. You can verify this point by easily observing that most successful and largest real estate firms of this age have a website to their name. One where potential buyers can look up, and peruse through different open houses in different locations that are available to purchase. Make their bids, and place a contact through to your firm.

It reduces the entire process of house procurement to a few clicks on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Who does not like simplicity?

  1. Hire a Professional Photographer

A photograph speaks a volume of unwritten words; indeed, this is truer in any discipline than in real estate. The potential buyer would want to have a proper look of the structures and content of the house.

Let your photograph help you do just that by hiring a professional in that regard—a photographer. It would cost nothing compared to the boost it would make in terms of converting prospects to leads.

  1. Put your Price under the Traditional Market Value

This would pull in lots of leads immediately but here is the catch. Call it population syndrome or whatever, people like what other people like. The moment a lot of persons are after the house, then more persons are likely to go after it, it’s the Pareto principle.

What does the realtor do? He relaxes and let them do some bidding. Usually, they end up above the usual market price, and you end up marketing more from the simple action of lowering your price.

  1. Hire a Good Writer

This has proven to have improved sales by some 29% for extra cost of not more than 11%. A building is accompanied by a story to tell that sometimes the pictures do not tell with the sweetest words. Who gets to know the brand of the items and wares within the house? The picture never uses words like ‘impeccable finishing’, ‘superior Jacuzzi tub’, and all other fancy and more detailed descriptions of the house that are likely to endear the potential buyer to the house. According to one of the most prominent real estate analysis platform, Zillow, such words boost sales volume by almost 10%. The writer would do justice to all these in your website.

  1. Use Social Media

Every business thrives by promotions. You have to utilize the available means to advance your business to the frontiers of the industry, and what better way is there to do this than by advertisements? Use social media platforms like facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, etc.

Join professional groups in your niche, share helpful, insightful, and promotional contents that keep your readers sucked in your world. Even if your initial reader does not turn out a lead, he is likely to forward the message until you secure a lead.

This does not discount the role of face-to-face advertisement. Talk with friends, relatives, and acquaintances about your business.

  1. Use Videos for Listings

Some experts would recommend that the videos have elements of humor, so as to make it easier for it to become viral. You would end up promoting your listings by getting to as many individuals as far as the video gets. Clients are easily moved by videos as they tell a million more details than even the photo does.

  1. Retargeting

This is one of the foremost optimal conversion strategy in vogue, and it does not work better anywhere than in the real estate sphere. It’s all about installing a pixel in your website that keeps track of previous visitors to your site, and serves them with the same set of ads that they had seen.

What this does is increase their chance of subscribing to such a listing grossly. This traffic manipulation technique is one key technique used by most expert realtors to ensure that they there are not beaten twice by a revisiting prospect.

  1. Maintain a relationship/connection Online

Keep your past, present, and potential customers constantly informed about trends in the industry, your listings, open houses, closings, and other activities. You can do this by sending them occasional newsletters, perhaps using specialized applications like MailChimp. This significantly improves the chances of referrals and turning prospects to customers.

  1. Take Advantage of other Businesses

Experts in the field have learnt how to take advantage of brand names and other businesses to promote their business. How they do this is that they sound more of the names of esteemed brands associated with the house, for example, ‘a quality LG Wall TV set that focuses your spirit’.

You can also use the environment of the house to your advantage, in the sense that you can highlight key features or monuments around the house. Something like, ‘two and half minute walk away from Classic pools and suites…’. It is a way of adding fancy features to the house that you have not paid for.

These are quality techniques brewed from vast experiences in the real estate industry, and they are definitely a compass for any realtor who is after a ‘north of BUSINESS SUCCESS’.



The world wide web has evolved into a powerful platform for generating and executing marketing ideas as well as for other commercial purposes. There are many free real estate marketing ideas on the internet that even traditional firms have no choice but to use in order to promote their business sales. If you are in the real estate business, you should create an online presence for your restate business. Developing a real estate business website is very important and this can be done through outsourcing to professional web design and development experts or using free resources available online.

Local Search Engine Optimization techniques are very necessary to promote your business website to the very front page of search engine results page related to the sales you are trying to optimize. SEO is crucial to the success of any online real estate marketing campaign as most people use search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google to find facts and information about the property they are interested in buying.

Online Advert

Real estate business promotion can be achieved through the creation of online ads which could either be static or dynamic. Static ads help build your brand over a number of years but as it gets outdated quickly, clients may misunderstand this to suggest lack of creativity from your real estate firm. Based on your marketing budget, there are several online ad options available to you as a real estate investment company to attract tenants to your commercial properties.

Free Seminar

Setting up a periodic open house is one of the most effective and free marketing ideas. This is because such interactions between a real estate firm and potential customers carries the potential to generate sale in the nearby future. Put up directions to guide people’s movement, decorate the interior and exterior of the house to attract attention and run ads about the event to gain the needed attention. Ensure you check with local ordinances so as to find street signs location regulations easily.

Other Free Real Estate Marketing Ideas

  • Paste fliers on bulletin board erected in or around local grocery stores
  • Run a free advert in the newsletter or magazine for association of home owners
  • Deliver handbills to neighbours and ask if they have friends and family members that may move into the community
  • Invite local office property brokers to gatherings and lunch to your asset the required commercial recognition
  • Marketing or online address should be clearly inscribed on the yard sign


Social Networking As A Free Tool For Real Estate Marketing

You can set up marketing campaigns via social media websites. Social networking is not only about personal relationships. Many social media networks such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google plus continue to witness increasing traffic and subscription on a daily basis and so real estate firms have developed marketing strategies to tap into such potentials. A decent profile furnished with the necessary information is essential before promotion is initiated.

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